flawless french beauty

True albeit Strange Love

(Okay so this is a mixture of the 1960s TV series, the 1990s films and the musical)

Once upon a time in an old mansion in New York, lived a handsome, albeit eccentric young man named Gomez Addams. One day, a beautiful, pale and mysterious young woman came into his life and turned his world upside down. Her name was Morticia Frump.

Despite being engaged to her sister Ophelia in an arranged marriage, it was love at first sight for Gomez and Morticia. She loved his quirky interests and he was bewitched by her occasional slip into flawless, beautiful French. On the day Gomez was to be married to Ophelia, he instead married Morticia. (Ophelia eloped with Cousin Itt but, unfortunately the relationship was shortlived.. turns out Itt is a playboy).

That day, they became Mr Gomez Addams and Mrs Morticia Addams.

A couple of years later, their family had grown with the birth of their two children. To say that Wednesday and Pugsley were unlike any other children would be an understatement. But that is why their parents loved them.

Over the years, the Addams’ lived in blissful, macabre harmony….

However, that all changed when Daddy’s Little Ghoul, Wednesday Friday Addams… turned the dreaded age of 18. With the arrival of the estranged Beineke family, Gomez and Morticia began to question their relationship.

Seeing her daughter fall in love at such a young age, Morticia began to worry. What if they had wasted their lives? What if all the good times were behind them? What if Gomez would not find her desirable after all these years?

Luckily, Gomez Addams is not a man to let something as trivial as slight worry to put a wedge between him and his beautiful wife. He reassured her that they will be together until they die… and long after death.

All fairytales have an ending, don’t they? I’d say no in this case. It doesn’t matter whether it is the most recent

The films

Or the classics (by that i mean the tv series, no disrespect to the cartoon

The love of Gomez and Morticia Addams will be immortal. There is no ending to love such as this. And that is why I classify this is my absolute favourite couple in all of fiction.

“Are you unhappy, my darling?” “Oh yes… yes… completely”