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AJA NAOMI KING GIF HUNT; There are around #120 high quality (small to medium) GIFs of flawless actress Aja. I’ve collected them for roleplay purpose only and if you see your work and would like me to remove it, feel free to message me! The full credit however belongs to the makers. A like or reblog if you found this useful would make me quite happy. Enjoy and happy roleplaying!

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Other Voltron Fics I Really Want to Read

- The one where Shiro can’t take any more of Lance and Keith’s bickering and, in a misguided attempt to use logic on his idiot sons, bribesconvinces Keith to shower the blue paladin with attention and compliments until Lance can finally drop this “rival” business and become a little more chill… which (of course) backfires spectacularly, because the only thing Lance is worse at handling than an insult is a compliment, Keith is maybe a little too addicted to his newfound power to make Lance blush and stutter, and good lord, the will-they-won’t-they betting pool now literally spans eight planets (thanks a lot Pidge!!). Shiro did not sign up for this nonsense.

- The one where Hunk realizes how lonely it must be on Team Voltron for Keith–Hunk, Lance, and Pidge were all team members before Voltron and Shiro is swamped trying to lead, leaving Keith about as alone as he was in the middle of the desert–so Hunk goes out of his way to become friends with Keith, something that he actually thought… would be a lot more difficult? Keith is just… kind of awkward but really nice?? Maybe only a B- listener, but super helpful guy, who knew??? Except this is fanfic, so no good deed can go unpunished. Hunk’s efforts actually end up dramatically upsetting the fragile balance Team Voltron has managed to form–Lance feels like he’s been replaced as Hunk’s best friend by filthy Keith and how the hell did Hunk get hugging privileges with Keith so fast anyway, nobody but Shiro is supposed to have Keith hugging privileges what the Quiznak, Pidge doesn’t like asking for a wrench and finding no one there to pass the right one over, Shiro realizes he hasn’t been paying much attention to Keith and tries to overcompensate from the guilt, and Keith is just really sick of everybody else’s drama. Mostly it’s about learning the difference between being a team and being real friends, which is somehow almost harder than saving the universe.

- The AU one where Pidge comes clean about being Katie Holt to Lance and Hunk right from the get-go, and they form a rag-tag team of investigators trying to get to the bottom of Garrison’s secret cover-ups and what really happened on the Kerberos mission. Only in the process of hunting for Takashi Shirogane and the Holts, they actually discover that Garrison has been covering up a hell of a lot more, from a giant blue robot lion–to an actual living, breathing furry purple alien boy who calls himself Keith and deserves a lot more than spending the rest of his life as Garrison’s guinea pig.

- The Shallura one where Shiro’s outer persona and inner self do not match at all. Outside: Calm, cool, collected, flawless leader, and picture of natural responsibility. Inside: MASSIVE NERD who is actually cripplingly shy and has no idea where he got the skills to fake so much confidence, let alone where he gets the courage to function in the same room as Allura, the most flawless being he’s ever set eyes on, the 20,000-light-years-out-of-his-league princess who can 110% crush him like an aluminum can. Shiro thinks his mature exterior has him covered. He’s got his feels on lock. Picture of professionalism. No one will ever notice his crush… Too bad for him, Allura just takes what she wants. tl;dr: Allura romances the hell out of a unspeakably flustered Shiro while four adopted children and one adopted uncle watch in morbid glee.


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