flawless chicken


@athenatheamazon this reminds me of what we were talking about the other day if i run into LL and AT LEAST IM NOT LIKE THIS GUY (i know its just a comedy sketch but still) 

How to Get Along With Your Ravenclaw Friend

From a Fellow Ravenclaw’s Experience

• Everyone loves books. Even if they say they don’t they do

• somehow they are the most photogenic people without trying to be???

• Handwriting is either flawless calligraphy or chicken scratch no In-between

• they can get along with everyone pretty equally if they try

• Not all of them follow the rules - that means if you see one breaking the rules SHUT UP ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL

• They like flowers a lot

•most of them are pretty quiet and introverted people who like to be alone sometimes so please respect that

• don’t worry about what to get them for Christmas or whatever because BOOKS

• If they ask for chocolate don’t give it to them because chances are they’ve already had like two bars that day trust me


last but not least, L.Joe’s audition.

GREAT audition if you ask me. just like the leader he had the swag, the attitude and that beautiful voice. I can totally see me fangirling over him since predebut.

and one thing… I will never NEVER get over his“CALL ME!… WHY/WHAT?  maybe is just me but it makes me laugh so much  lololol. 

Also that face OMG. he looks like a baby! well he was. I mean it is just different from the still flawless face he has now; he was so cute ><!!! and I wanna take him with me and pet him forever and omg LOL.

ok, on the other hand he composed that “Call me gansta” song so I’m really looking forward to the day TeenTop will start using songs composed by him.