flawless british men

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(part 1) i think we as shippers read way more into the relationship than what was really there. i have been looking through archives and reexamining the timeline of the relationship lately, and it is pretty obvious to me now that taylor was not as serious about tom as he was about her. i think taylor just wanted to have fun last summer, after the miserable last months of tayvin. she seemed to start withdrawing from the relationship in august, when she returned to nyc. continued--

(part 2) and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with how taylor acted; we were all just projecting onto the ship, we don’t know how compatible they really were in private. the problem here is people acting like taylor is a villain for not being as into tom as shippers and his fandom thought she should be. fans have built tom up as some flawless specimen of intellectual british men. Taylor, “shallow american popstar”, dumping him and moving on like she dgaf is a major blow to that image —-

(part 3) so now his fandom must believe there is something horribly wrong with her to explain this away. plus the fact that tom was obviously still hurt by the break up in his GQ interview is making his fans feel defensive. anyway this is getting longer and more ramble-y than i intended, just thinking. i will say that i think the only way we can shake off the hiddletoxics at this point is by tom going public w/ a new woman—(ugh continued, i hate the word limit on asks)

(part 4) but when tom and taylor are out w/ new people i feel like the toxics are going to make it into a pissing contest over whose love is more authentic.

I don’t know how into Tom, Taylor was or wasn’t. They just wanted different things. And I think as fan we can be very defensive of our favorite. But Tom’s fans take it to the next level, and I’m sorry, it’s a problem if you view them as completely perfect. First it’s unrealistic to think that someone else is always the one doing harm, and second when he does mess up, it’s going to make the fall absolutely unbearable. And really his relationship was a perfect example, they took it so badly, and to the point where they reduced him to a teenage boy who was seduced and manipulated by a cruel, calculated woman. 

I think it will blow over with Tom over time. But I do agree that even if he steps out with someone else, it will turn into a pissing match for the fans. They just can’t let Taylor go for some reason.