flawless beings

I’m confused

by the idea that Daisy is unrelatable because she’s flawless, and therefore not like us non-fictional lesser mortals who definitely are all flawed…

Because that implies that you can’t relate to someone who’s not like you - and that implies that people who don’t share your race/sexuality/gender/religion are unrelatable. And we all know where that leads… 

Also, Daisy may be (no, she IS!) flawless, but she’s still vulnerable - she’s biracial, she’s been homeless, she has little formal education, AND she’s a member of a threatened minority group - don’t those things make her relatable even if she is flawless?

(Honestly, this fandom’s never happy unless it’s dragging Daisy down. If she was a white male nobody would give a fuck about her being flawless. After all, no one gives a fuck about the ‘flawless’ Steve Rogers - HE is totally relatable.)


loving this concept

  • twenty one pilots performing during concerts: gods among men, no one can touch their talented greatness
  • twenty one pilots performing on live t.v shows: two weird potatoes ready to be boiled

k but whatever you do don’t think about iwa just staring at oikawa and being like “i want to fuck up your hair” and oikawa’s like ??? is this a sex thing or??? 

but no, iwa just sits down with a bunch of bobby pins and rubber bands and makes oikawa’s hair look utterly ridiculous and he’s fucking giggling the whole time too and oikawa’s just sitting there like ???? what is going on ???? and at the end iwa just stops and stares at him with the goopiest smile

and he’s like, fake sighing and like “i was hoping if you didn’t have all that nice hair you’d finally look as dumb as your personality, but…” and he squishes oikawa’s face into the weirdest face while shaking his head very seriously “… you’re cute whatever i do”

and then he bursts out laughing and kisses oikawa’s nose gently

oikawa is still so bewildered but he’s like “this is the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me” and lets iwa take a picture of him looking like a dipshit with his hair in shambles


“During that time, others called you tone deaf. But now, everyone is calling you the best male solo in Korea. This is an extremely huge reversal, how did you do it? From a state where no one believes in you to the current state of everyone praising you?”

bangtan at school


  • the head of the gang of boys who sit at the back of the class and like to mess with the teachers
  • is very intelligent and has good grades but doesn’t like to obey the rules
  • talks really loudly in class
  • likes to make lame jokes during lessons
  • teachers hate him but secretly love him
  • likes to tease other ppl but when they cry, he panics
  • answers teachers’ questions in class before they even get to finish their sentence
  • teacher: “if a is 7, then b-”
  • namjoon: “10. pfft, this is so easy. can you teach us something more challenging?”
  • is the best english speaker in his class
  • has a soft spot for jin


  • the pretty boy of the class
  • girls love him because he’s caring and gentle
  • is really quiet and shy
  • is the only one in class who laughs at namjoon’s jokes
  • his grades aren’t that good but he always does his homework
  • makes food for the teachers on teacher’s day so they love him
  • eats alone at his desk during lunch
  • sometimes the girls in the class would sit with him and he’d share his food with them
  • sometimes namjoon sits with him and buy him drinks because he “wants to ask about homework and the drink is just to say thank you”


  • sleeps all the time in class
  • brings a pillow to class every day
  • teachers used to try waking him up at first but now they’re just used to it and let him be
  • but there are rare moments where he wakes up just to laugh at hoseok’s jokes
  • aces all his tests even tho he never does his homework like how???
  • pretends to not know they were assigned with homework
  • teacher: “min yoongi, where’s your science project?”
  • yoongi: “what project?”
  • teacher: “the one due last month? you promised to finish it by the following month which is today”
  • yoongi: “i swear i’ll have it done by next year”
  • hates PE, tries to get away with it using stupid excuses
  • “i had my fortune told yesterday and the fortune teller said if i do any physical activity, i’ll die”


  • happy virus of the class
  • is always there to lend a hand
  • when he notices someone is sad, he tries his best to cheer them up
  • is always smiling
  • his laugh is contagious
  • laughs for like 10 minutes even tho the joke isn’t funny
  • at first the other students are like dude wtf?? and then a few seconds later they’re laughing with him
  • english lessons are his favorite
  • the teacher loves him because he’s always eager to speak in english
  • his grades aren’t that good but he’s quite popular at school because of his dancing
  • he often performs at school events on stage so everyone knows him
  • yoongi, who usually sleeps during school events, always screams the loudest when hoseok is on stage


  • really flirty
  • girls everyone loves him because he’s sweet
  • randomly compliments ppl because he likes to
  • “Y/N, you look pretty today.”
  • but then he gets flustered and blushes a lot when ppl compliment him
  • someone: “woah, jimin, nice body”
  • him: *blushes, can’t stop smiling, slaps jungkook’s back and shoves a few classmates* tha..thanks
  • likes to draw
  • doesn’t pay attention to class often
  • doodles on his textbooks instead
  • sometimes jungkook shares his earphones with him and they listen to music during lessons
  • teacher: “you should be listening to me teaching and not to music. keep those away!”
  • jimin: “i’m listening to music with one ear and to you with the other. i’m multitasking.”
  • teacher: *sighs and continues with the lesson*


  • him and jimin are the popular beagle duo
  • taehyung is much more playful than jimin tho
  • is easily distracted, especially during lessons
  • *suddenly tries to climb out of the window during biology class*
  • teacher: “kim taehyung, get down from there!”
  • tae: “i found a butterly!” *points outside, smiling at the teacher like a puppy*
  • also likes to throw paper airplanes at his classmates during lessons
  • tae: *paper airplane hits yoongi* “oh shit” *runs out of the classroom*
  • likes to doodle too
  • but his drawing skills are no where near jimin’s tho
  • likes to draw on his homework
  • also likes to pretend he can rap during lunch break
  • but then yoongi wakes up just to scream and throw things at him
  • jungkook is his only supporter
  • he sits there and waits for him to finish his “rapping session” before the both of them go to the cafeteria to have lunch
  • sometimes he raps with him
  • until yoongi threatens to jump off the school building


  • teachers’ favorite student
  • also a chick magnet
  • good grades, athletic, talented, HAWT
  • is basically perfect???
  • doesn’t talk much
  • when him, jimin and taehyung eat together during lunch
  • it’s usually just them talking and him giggling at their jokes
  • often performs with hoseok and jimin on stage
  • even tho he’s rude and sexy on stage but then off stage he’s a shy lil bunny
  • girls try hard to get close to him but then it’s impossible because he’s too shy
  • *a group of girls begging to take a photo with him*
  • jungkook: *stares at them awkwardly*
  • taehyung: *pretends to be his bodyguard, pulling him away from the crowd slowly* quiet down now, girls. mr. jeon has a lot of plans today.
  • he only has eyes for ji eun, a pretty and talented senior at his school
  • she’s the only girl that jungkook is comfortable with