flawless bedroom


Genji X Mercy (Gency) Oneshot. Fluff.

(The wonderful @princesspeepo​ drew art for this fic)

The final tap of the enter key brings completion to the reports that were needed to be sent off before five A.M. Dr. Ziegler beat it by two hours.

Leaning back into her chair, she lets her fingers rub the corners of her eyes. The lack of sleep she has endured evident underneath her ocean blue eyes. A headache pounding against both temples like a hammer.

She finally stands up and shuts her computer off. Looking around her lab, it’s been deserted of her team many hours before. There are several papers and files that still need to be organized and set in their proper place.

A soft sigh escapes the doctor as she walks towards the next assignment. Her legs moving slow and unsteady as she gets herself to the table. Instead of sitting down, she places her sprayed fingers on the table, using it as support. Dr. Ziegler suddenly fearing that if she sits down she won’t get back up.

There’s a gentle knock at the door that causes her to turn away from the support, barely managing to balance on her own two feet before seeing the body she built standing in the doorway. Then, seeing the similar green lined mask, she smiles.

“Hello, Dr. Ziegler.” He says softly, his accented voice like hearing raindrop during a drought.

“Genji,” The smile on her face barely tugging at her lips.

He tilts his head two degrees to the side. “Doctor, are you well?”

She pulls in a soft breath, letting wisps of white gold hair cover her right eye.

“I’m fine. It’s just been a long… couple of days. Come, Genji.” She beckons for him to come inside the lab. The ninja’s footsteps aren’t heard as he walks across the space. He could have easily snuck up on her, but if her mind is working correctly at the moment, he’s always knocked for her.

As his gracefully form comes to her, her trained eyes goes over his body, looking for any faults or injury.

“Was your mission successful,” She asks, satisfied that he’s not harmed.

He gives a slight nod. His missions usually being the stealth kind, late at night. They hardly ever get the chance to speak, especially with Dr. Zeigler being the head of Overwatch’s medical research team. Meeting’s at three A.M. aren’t unusual, and, highly awaited.

“Dr. Zeigler, you seem weary. You should sit down,” he suggests softly.

She shakes her head quickly, her hands now gripping the back of the table.

“I have a few more things I need to do, Genji. I can’t rest.” Dr. Zeigler insists.

Turning around, she immediately sets to gathering files. It’s common for when Genji wanders into her lab for him to watch silently as she wraps up. His presence very calming and welcoming on these late nights when she’s alone.

Papers slip through her careless fingers and fly across the table. Dr. Zeigler is a patient, stable women, but she lets out a huff of frustration. She is not clumsy, nor reckless. This behavior is unacceptable for her.

“Dr. Zeigler.” A cool metallic hand covers hers just as she reaches for a sheet. She turns, finding him close enough to smell the steel and slight hint of husk on his body.

“When was the last time you slept?” his calm voice asks.

She breathes out, speaking softly, “Two… no, three days? Three days, now. But I’ve had breaks in between.”

She watches his visor dim at this, the light betraying his emotions.

“Doctor, you need rest. I must insist. These papers can wait until tomorrow.”

His hand hasn’t left hers.

“I need to get this done,” she argues weakly.

“And you will.” His cool voice reassures. “Tomorrow.”

Glancing away from his visor, she overlooks the paperwork before closing her eyes for just a moment.

“You’re right. Going 36 hours without proper sleep will cause high blood pressure and increased heartrate. Also dampening your memory, ability to focus, hearing and hand-eye coordination.” Dr. Zeigler realizes she’s rambling on, and shuts her mouth.

A soft laugh slipping from her former patient surprises her.

“Let me walk you to her room, Doctor.” Letting his hand go, he turns and offers the crook of his arm. Easily giving her the chance to turn him down.

As if she would do that.

“You don’t need to,” She murmurs, letting her hand slip into the nook of his elbow.

“I know.”

Turning off the lights, and locking up, they leave the lab. They travel down to her bedroom, located in the living quarters of the building. Their strides match each other’s, and they slowly continue along. Dr. Zeigler knowing that the half man half machine is going at this slow paces for her benefit.

They reach her door, and Genji opens it without a word. She doesn’t move though, both staring into her flawless bedroom. Dr. Zeigler still clinging to his arm.

“Thank you,” She finally breathes, knowing he has to leave.

“You saved my life, Dr. Zeigler. I cannot begin to possible repay that debt to you. Walking you to your room isn’t anything to thank me for, but I swear, I’ll find ways to give back what was given.” He promises.

A tired smile tugs on her lips. Genji still struggles with who he is, but he is grateful for his life. He tells her that every day.

Slowly, she lays her head against his shoulder, before once again whispering, “Thank you.” The cold metal welcoming against her hot cheek.

Then, she moves away. Not turning to look back at her former patient as she closes the door.

Alec loses a bet.

(So I did a fic about Magnus losing a pushup contest and wanted to do something similar for Alec. So here you go.)

-Alec sat on the bed holding the large, designer shoe box in his lap. With quivering hands, he lifted the top off of it and bit his lip, feeling a blush warm his cheeks. He should’ve known better than to make a bet like this.
-He pulled one of the black leather boots out of the box and studied it. It wasn’t too bad, he supposed. Simple, compared to Magnus’s usual taste in shoes. Just a straight up black leather boot, knee high, no embellishments or glitter, zippered up the side. The heel was only a few inches high and thick.
-He sighed and resigned himself to this. He had lost the bet and he refused to be a sore loser. But next time he would remember not to agree to something like this if he lost. He put the boots on, not surprised that they both fit perfectly.
-Standing up, he was however surprised to find out they were actually comfortable. He walked over to the full length mirror Magnus kept in the closet. Studying his reflection, he had to give Magnus credit. He knew what he was doing.
-Magnus had styled Alec’s hair, using a bit of hair gel to give it what Magnus had described as a “flawless ‘I don’t care’ bedroom” look. And he had added subtle streaks of blue to his hair, but refrained from adding glitter.
-Magnus had also taken care with Alec’s make-up. Alec was sporting a very nicely done smokey eye and subtle, shimmery lip gloss.
-Alec nervously straightened his clothes. His long sleeve, silk button up shirt matched the shade of blue in his hair and was covered by a remarkably simple black waistcoat. And finally, a pair of black skinny jeans completed the look.
-Overall, Alec knew Magnus had shown restraint in dressing him for their first night out in months. Bet or no bet, Magnus wouldn’t do anything to make Alec so uncomfortable that he never chose to do this again. He just wanted to help Alec get a foot out the door of his little box.
-He was still fidgeting in front of the mirror when he heard the bedroom door open. Seconds later Magnus was wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist and resting his chin on Alec’s shoulder. He smiled at Alec in the mirror.
-“You look absolutely ravishing, Alexander.” He kissed Alec’s cheek. “Jace and Clary just got here. Little One is in bed. Whenever you’re ready to go, we can go.”
-Alec nodded. “Thank you for not going overboard with this.” He nuzzles Magnus’s cheek. “I might be willing to do this again, depending on tonight.”
-Magnus chuckled. “Aren’t you glad you were wrong about who won ‘America’s Next Top Model’ now, darling?”
-Alec blushed. “Yeah, I am. I love you.”
-Magnus kissed Alec’s cheek again. “I love you too.”