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Round four of Otakon pictures because jOJO’S CON. Here are the individual shots I got from people floating around the Saturday shoot

Round one - jjba individual shots (outside the shoot)

Round two - jjba Saturday shoot (part ½)

Round three - jjba saturday shoot (2/2)

Round four - yer here!

As before: if you spot yourself, shoot me a message or lemme know with a reblog and I’ll make sure to tack on the credit!!

Trish Una (first photo) - stoned–free

President Valentine - a-trex

TEQUILA JOE - roadroller-da

Giorno with the arrow - stephachan

Bruno (who really wishes Giorno would stop stabbing other things and themselves with the stone arrow) - kishibewave

The perfectly purple Joseph - happyun-birthday

Trish (behind Okuyasu, seventh picture) - dolflamingo

Giorno (in front of Okuyasu, seventh pic) - czeppeli

Stone Ocean Dio - lorddio

Mista (final pic) whose shoes I wish to steal - hotgiraffes

Epic champion Fugo (I couldn’t even think about wearing my Hermes platforms and you are superior to me) - gloriouslily