flawed superheroes


So, tell me. Think a girl would fall for that? 

Just as long as it’s the one standing in front of you. 

Breaking Point

Episode 15 made my heart break when Adrien said he was nothing compared to Marinette. :( And @yaushie and I were talking about Marinette’s and Adrien’s flaws (Adrien’s being that he puts everyone first and self sacrifices himself alot). 

Also, I watched this and Cassie’s genderbent babies called out to me. So blame her.

Rating: T for blood

Summary: Genderbent dark!LadyNoir. Our Parisan superheroes have flaws, and Chat’s catches up to her.

(Not beta’d and done quickly so sorry if it’s a mess.)

You can find it also on AO3 here, and fanfiction.com here.

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