flawed characters are the best characters

“but I like the Boruto kids!”

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Ok… But if Orochimaru was dead, there wouldn’t have been Mitsuki… and I love Mitsuki so… xD

This is actually an objection I feel deserves a response. I more usually hear it in regards to Sarada, but the basic principle is the same: the new generation is so cute and great, therefore we have to allow the actions that lead to their creation.

Let me give credit where it is more than due: Kishimoto is an amazing character designer. He creates wonderfully different characters, both in their art and personalities. He makes beautifully flawed characters, characters that are rounded and practically jump off the page and into your heart within a few panels of their introduction. He even makes gimmick characters that are so much more than their gimmick–Might Guy is one of the best “gimmick” characters ever IMO.

If everything about Naruto was as bad as its ending, nobody would give a shit. It’s because the characters are so great that we want to see them having an ending worthy of them!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the new generation Naruto characters are endearing. This is Kishimoto’s strength. But you know who could have been just as fabulous? The child of any of the following:

  • Karin
  • Suigetsu
  • Juugo
  • Yamato

None of whom get to have independent existences because the plot requires them to serve Orochimaru.

Hell, Mitsuki could be Kabuto’s kid, given all the craziness that’s already occurred to Kabuto and his genetics and chakra! No further child mindrape required.

  • what she says: avatar is one of my favorite shows.
  • what she means: avatar: the last airbender is one of the best shows i have ever seen. words cannot describe how much this show means to me. every single one of the characters were diverse, three-dimensional, and well-written, with arcs and character development that were all beautifully orchestrated. the characters were all so human, with flaws, and ambitions, and compelling back stories and motivations. it even shows how the antagonists weren't evil and heartless monsters, but how they were just as human as the heroes. the stories the show itself followed were just as beautiful, mixing humor and playfulness with important, hard-hitting life lessons that have shaped me as a person. the show stressed the importance of friendships and familial bonds, and how everyone is not only deserving of redemption, but can achieve it. it showed the strength in kindness and humility and forgiveness, and how you aren't defined by your past. it showed that just because you're related by blood to someone doesn't mean they're your family, and how friends can be your family too. the show even depicted how animals can be like family. it showed how unhealthy relationships and abuse work, and it showed how you can move and work past those things. it taught how to deal with grief and pain, and how those things can help you grow as a person. it showed that even if everyone is telling you something is right, it doesn't mean it is, and that you should stand up for what's truly right. the visuals were absolutely stunning, and the soundtrack is the best soundtrack of any show or movie i've ever heard. the stories and the characters of this show have resonated with me deeply, and are still affecting me today. to me, nothing will ever compare to avatar: the last airbender.

Honestly Pitch is one of the best shows currently on air and it breaks my heart that I don’t see many people watching/talking about it, because:

  • It has a black woman as lead.
  • A black woman is the protagonist of the story.
  • In the story, she’s the most important person in the world. The first female playing in Major League Baseball. 
  • She is a full, three dimensional character with a complex background, complex personality, flawed, completely relatable to everyone. 
  • And not only her, but there are other major female characters who are just as complex, three dimensional, relatable characters.
  • It shows POC in positions of power.
  • It shows POC who are three dimensional, complex, relatable characters.
  • It’s diverse, it discusses important issues each episode, it’s empowering not only to women (through not only the main character but through every single character on the show) but to every person, really.
  • It’s fun! And you don’t even have to know/like baseball because honestly, it’s the less important thing on it.
  • It shows women having each other’s back. It shows women helping other women, being kind to other women; women being friends; it shows women being assertive, women taking no shit from anyone, women in pain, women having panic attacks, women falling and then getting back up, simply women being women

I mean there’s a lot more that I could possibly talk about but these are the main points I wanted to make and hopefully get more of you to watch it/discuss it with me because I am in love with the show and I think it is really worthy of your attention. 

How to love female characters

All fandoms struggle with sexism towards female characters. These are just a few tips I’ve come up with to help you enjoy and appreciate female characters more!

  1. Rewatch/read/listen to the original content from the female characters’ perspective: Often the best way to engage with characters is to immerse yourself in the actual canon content. Try and watch that show, read that book, listen to that podcast/musical again but this time around, focus on the female characters you’re having a hard time with. What’s their story? Did they get character development? Did their actions make sense in context? What are their strengths? What are their flaws? How would you define them? You might find that they have more complexity and are easier to understand than you initially found.
  2. Forgive female characters: This one is the toughest. It is ingrained in us that women’s flaws are gaping, that they have to be perfect and hyper compassionate and always at other people’s disposal, and when a female character doesn’t fit that narrow model of the ideal woman, we tend to hate her. In addition to that, particularly in fandom, we tend to ignore female characters who we don’t deem as interesting as male characters by default. If you think poorly of a female character, try to look at her actions from her perspective, understand why she did them, and forgive her for it. Forgive the female characters for not being perfect. If a female character did something, has a particular trait that you wouldn’t mind on a male character, forgive her for it. If a female character has a quirk that you would love on a male character, love her for it.
  3. Headcanon around female characters: In fandom, we tend to express our love for characters by expanding our perceptions of them through headcanon. If you’re struggling with loving a particular female character, try to think further than what canon gives you. What are her hobbies? What are her favorite things to do when she’s on her own? What are her relationships to other people like? Describe her past, her future. What does her room look like? Try and gain a full vision of the character based on what canon gives you and how you perceive her.
  4. Expand your shipping horizons: Often, we tend to consider that women’s relationships are less deep than men’s relationships, that their feelings are more shallow and less interesting to explore by default. If there’s a pairing in canon with a female character you have a hard time loving, try and see why the other part of the pairing loves her. If all your ships are between male characters, try and find a female character that a male character is close to and imagine what they would be like in a pairing, or even try and imagine two female characters in a relationship. You might find dynamics you really enjoy!
  5. Consume fan content around female characters: If you’ve found a pairing with a female character (or two!) that you enjoy headcanoning around, try to find fanfiction or fanart of that particular pairing. Fanartists are usually very emotionally involved in the pairing they’re producing content about and will be very receptive to your comments and appreciation. Leave comments on the fics centered around female characters, reblog the fanarts, find other fans to talk with about the female characters. Partake in the community.
  6. Create fan content around female characters: Now that you’ve reached this point of getting invested in the female characters of the media content you consume, appreciating the ships they can be part of, engaging in the fan content, why not make your own? If you can draw, try to doodle a few sketches of the female characters. If you can write, try to write a drabble or two about female characters, just to give it a try. If you can’t write, yes you can, give it a try. You might be really into it and want to create even more. The only limit is your imagination. Give the female characters some love!

These are just a few ideas on how to give female characters equal space in fandoms! Please give female characters a chance.

Death of the Huss

So I started writing a quippy post about Hussie’s fucking with the traditional “classic author” archetype, but it turned into an essay on authorial intent, because what’s the use of Advanced Lit Studies if you can’t apply it to internet comics. So here’s my thoughts on la mort de l'auteur, vis-a-vis Homestuck.

The vast majority of complete character arcs (meaning “complete” in the sense that there is clear and reasonable character development, not necessarily good development), have a degree of complexity that I have never found in other media besides … I don’t know, probably classical literature? Dave, for example - a struggle with heteronormativity and heroic ideals exemplified by a deeply flawed role model. Terezi - conflict with self-doubt and the paradox of choice in a universe where both multiverse theory and determinism are confirmed. Roxy - overcoming substance abuse and emotional distance, not to mention perhaps the best “growing up young” arc in the comic. These are fucking fantastic. I could write papers on any of these characters and break a 2,000 word limit easily.

Hussie is arguably the Eugene O’Neill of internet comics (and how’s that for a weird sentence): he writes real, raw people. He’s not much for floral language or poetic turns of phrase, but when he writes a person, he’s writing a person. The dialogue and the arcs and the people are all ripped from things that happen. That’s why the fandom has persisted, in part; these characters only become more compelling on the second, third, fourth read, instead of becoming flat after you know how their story ends.

The thing is, when you contrast it with plot and other storytelling devices, the character quality is almost jarring. Homestuck is rife with contrivances. There are plot holes. Some of the twists are … pretty dumb. (The problem with giving your main characters God Tier powers is that you have to be really fucking careful to design problems that gods couldn’t solve, and in doing so, Hussie has to invent a few deorum ex machina to avoid contradiction. See: inserting himself into his own webcomic.) Frankly, I can’t say for certain that the depth I see in Homestuck’s cast doesn’t come from reading a lot of analysis by other people instead of the text itself. Fanon interpretation probably influences my read more than I’m aware of. Vrisrezi is a great example: there’s tons of testimony as to the accuracy of Vriska and Terezi’s arcs as ones about heteronormativity, which I think is a perceptive, compelling read of the characters. But most agree that Hussie didn’t intend that. When he started Hivebent wrt the Scourge Sisters, he wasn’t thinking, “this is gonna be a bangin’ arc about comp het and societal expectations,” he was probably thinking, “I’ve got four more goddamn trolls to introduce after this, god fuck.”

Normally, this wouldn’t matter. I generally agree with Barthes on the whole “authorial intent” shenanigan, in that if your text can’t stand on its own without biographical knowledge of the author, it’s not a great text. But I’m fascinated by the idea that Hussie might not have intended to write the arcs that he did. Is it possible to write some of the most compelling characters in multimedia literature, unintentionally?

I don’t know. It would certainly break the “classical author” archetype, or one who plans out each sentence of their masterpiece before ever laying pen to paper. But then, breaking archetypes has always kind of been Homestuck’s thing.

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what is skullduggery abt? would u recommend it to just anyone or would certain readers enjoy it more?

i mean, it’s about a skeleton detective and his partner, valkyrie cain (who’s twelve when the series begins, but eighteen when it ends). it’s magical realism, so they live in a world where magic also exists, and they go up against forces of evil together. it’s really difficult to encapsulate why it’s so good without having read it because it seems childish and simple, but it isn’t at all. the best aspects that i’d drive home to try and convince someone to read it would be: 

  • the themes they explore with regards to the nature of good and evil and how people fit into that
  • valkyrie cain, who is such a well developed female protagonist, she’s flawed and wonderful and her character arc is so well executed
  • the other characters! are amazing! i love them so much, they’re all fleshed out incredibly, you’ll get attached to characters within a page of meeting them just because of how they’re described
  • the team dynamics, i’m a sucker for teams
  • the plots, the plot twists (no one does plot twists like derek landy does plot twists)
  • all of the villains have their own distinct motivations, which makes them really interesting and stops them from being repetitive.
  • these books are hilarious, and consistently hilarious, the dialogue is witty and biting, it’s been a long time since i’ve read such a genuinely funny series that also manages to be dark and serious when it needs to be

i want to recommend it to everyone because it’s wonderful but i understand it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. the beginning of the series can be a bit slow because it’s aimed at kids, but it’s not necessarily juvenile (i mean, i made it through at age twenty), plus it starts moving into darker stuff by book three. it’s probably most reminiscent of harry potter, and other fantasy novels of that era, but completely different in what makes it up. anyway, i’m so glad i gave it a chance because i love it, a lot.

Why Historia Reiss Deserves More Appreciation
  • She’s an interesting, multidimensional, intelligent, strong, sympathetic character. She’s one of the best parts of Isayama’s writing 
  • She’s beautiful! Look at her!
  • Yumikuri!! Lesbian representation!!
  • She’s devoted to Ymir but she’s still her own character
  • Her relationship with Ymir! They both love the other for the person they really are in their entirety, even the flaws. And they would both go to the end of the earth for each other with only mild complaining.
  •  She punishes kleptocrats and seizes their resources to use for the good of the people like orphans and poor farmers
  •  Leadership skills!! She really understands people. She could be a Padme Amidala level queen in the making.
  • Graduated in the top 10! And if it really was because Ymir got a lower score on purpose then she still would have been in the top 1%
  • She’s a forgiving person. She remembers her abusive mother in a sympathetic way. She forgives Levi for hurting and terrifying her and makes him smile! 
  •  She was the one to make Levi smile! 
  • She’s a good friend! The inseparable Shiganshina trio all love her.
  • Remember the time she made Reiner, Jean and Armin stare at her in awe? 
  • The fandom still owes her a big apology for the way they treated her especially after chapter 65. But she would understand and forgive them because she is a very kind, empathetic person. God Save The Queen! 
My Ultimate 40 Question Character Sheet

Disclaimer: I made this up by looking over a few different sheets and taking the questions I felt I most needed to answer. I decided to share because it really helped me out. This in no way came from my own brain.

  1. Describe your character in a few words.
  2. What do you know about your character that they don’t know yet?
  3. What are your character’s major flaws?
  4. What would your character give their life for?
  5. What is your character’s greatest asset?
  6. What would completely break your character?
  7. How does the image your character tries to project differ from the image they actually project?
  8. What is your character afraid of?
  9. Where would your character fall on a politeness/rudeness scale?
  10. If your character could choose a different identity, who would they pick?
  11. In what or whom is your character’s greatest faith in?
  12. What was the best thing in your character’s life?
  13. What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
  14. What is your character’s biggest nightmare?
  15. What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character?
  16. What is your character’s secret wish?
  17. What is your character’s greatest achievement?
  18. What is your character’s deepest regret?
  19. What is your character’s deepest disappointment?
  20. What is your character reluctant to tell people?
  21. What is your character hiding from themselves?
  22. What makes this character angry? What calms them?
  23. List situations in which your character would not have control over themselves.
  24. How strong is your character’s emotions? Controllable? Uncontrollable?
  25. What wakes your character up in the middle of the night?
  26. Describe a recurring dream and/or nightmare.
  27. Describe your character’s family.
  28. Name your character’s favourite person and why.
  29. How many friends does your character have?
  30. How many friends does your character want?
  31. How would a friend or close relative describe your character?
  32. Who depends on your character? Why?
  33. Who does your character most want to please? Why?
  34. How does your character feel about sex?
  35. How does your character feel about romantic relationships?
  36. If your character had to live in utter seclusion, what six items would they bring?
  37. What is your character’s most noticeable trait and most noticeable physical feature?
  38. How does your character feel about work?
  39. Write one headcanon.
  40. Write one additional thing about your character.
Fandom Fridays: American Dad

If you’ve ever wondered how fiction writers make conversations in their stories sound natural, watch an episode of American Dad. This cartoon has some of the best realistic dialogue, even though the plots are often bizarre. Seth Macfarlene is a master of character development and displays what makes a T.V. show relatable.    

Originally posted by mysharona1987

American Dad doesn’t make a character say something ridiculous just to get a laugh. The characters’ personalities are consistent, so what makes them funny is seeing their flaws come through in everyday conversation. All the characters have quirks but they still speak to each other about personal issues, judge each other, and get caught up in the mundane struggles of life like anyone else. Another thing  that makes the show funny is when characters debate about the semantics of language. We can all relate to petty arguments and misunderstandings because of ambiguity in language.  

Originally posted by drugsandtvshowsallday

American Dad knows when to utilize one-liners to naturally give information about who a character is. Also, the show’s  dialogue doesn’t just advance the plot but establishes the intricacies of the characters’ relationships. Seth Macfarlene understands getting an audience invested in a show is more than just writing wacky stories.   

Originally posted by vivalasgomez

The show takes small life issues and shows the complexities of them through the characters’ dialogue. Likewise, through the show’s diverse characters we see simple issues from multiple perspectives. Every writer will have their own biases come through in their stories, but Seth Macfarlene is open to sharing opposing opinions too. Good dialogue in a show or a novel allows room for an audience to debate.     

Originally posted by kristenschaals

American Dad also creates believable characters through their mannerisms. What makes characters fleshed out is the little nuances reflecting their personality. American Dad sometimes exaggerates a character’s body language. However, the exaggeration makes the characters relatable because it makes them diverse like humans are, instead of being robotic.   

Originally posted by mrmcdoogie

Finally, American Dad is an excellent example of natural conversation through its honest dialogue. The show doesn’t try to sugar coat life struggles but reveals the flaws of being human. American Dad displays what makes dialogue believable and interesting to listen to. 

Originally posted by kristenschaals

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Random silly person : Who is your fav Miraculous character ?

Me : Chloé, I think she’s a great character with a lot of potential.

Random silly person : bUT SHE IS M EAN AND/

Me : I said GREAT CHARACTER not GOOD PERSON. She’s a bully, a spoiled brat, and she deserves a puch in the face sometimes. I aknowledge her flaws and I am not erasing all the bad she did. It doesn’t mean she is not a great character tho, well depicted, and I think, knowing she will probably have a redemption arc, that her mean side add some spice to her story. I think she is on of the best Miraculous character, well created and she’s my future not-so-mean BBY AND I HOPE HER EVOLUTION WILL MAKE CHILDREN/TEEN BULLIES WHO WATCH MIRACULOUS REALIZE THAT THEY CAN CHANGE AND STOP HARASS THEIR CLASSMATES/

                                          Ruby and Sapphire.

Okay to be honest they only appeared in two episodes but we saw a lot about them.

We learned that Ruby is not just impulsive, she’s extremely easy to anger and she tends to hold grudges for a long time until she burns herself out. I honestly can say that Ruby is the character I relate the most to. I am just like her.

Sapphire in the other hand is very cold and calculating but that makes her ignore others’ feelings sometimes so she can look into the future where everything is okay again.

But even though we’ve seen their flaws that only makes them more interesting characters. You really can see how these two complement each other so perfectly. Fire and Ice, anger and calmness, a conversation. 

Their origin story was heartwarming and had me hugging myself so much. They are the best tiny lesbian couple to ever exist.

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Do you have any book recs like the song of achilles or tfc?

not sure what parts of these books you like best, but if you liked reading about a group of characters that grow to care for each other I suggest reading six of crows by leigh bardugo and the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater (like tfc these series have flawed characters). 

if you’re more into the historical fiction side of tsoa, I know a lot of people who liked tsoa liked captive prince (not historical ficiton per se but it is based on roman civ). I personally did not like this series, but some people did so give it a try?? On a more positive side, try Deathless (based on Russian mythology), The Wrath and the Dawn (retelling of One Thousand and One Nights), and An Ember in the Ashes (based on roman civ)

for more recs  check out these lists 

- books like tsoa 

- books like tfc

Me: I recognize the flaws Jaune Arc has as a character and how some characters were used, mainly pyrrha, as hos development, and thats shitty. I still think Jaune has some quality traits that make him a good yet very flawed character.
Yall: Fuck Jaune Arc he ruined the show, hes the worst character. However Raven? The abusive mom? Yeah shes the best let’s try to redeem her and her qualities.
Me: ?

Here’s the thing; I am not saying that Pokeshipping is perfectly flawless.

I am saying that Pokeshipping is perfect because of the characters’ flaws.

Because both characters have them, persevere through the introduction of each others’, call each other out on them in some manner, cause development in each other with the use of their extended time together and their bond as best friends.

And that’s what a life partner is about. Knowing the worst about you and letting you see the worst in them and sticking around while you work through those problems together, growing together, building together. Life isn’t all sunshine and daisies and preteen crushes and candy hearts. At the end of the day, if you have learned about your partner and trusted in them your secrets or flaws, if at the end of the day, you’ve caused something to change for the better in each other, then it’s a good day.

Pokeshipping is representative of the realistic life between two life partners.

What Ash and Misty have is natural and realistic. Those who say they wouldn’t be good together have not watched the canon (or else have forgotten it) because the canon literally proves how good they come to be together despite starting off so badly.

Reasons to get into Evillious Chronicles

  • Great storyline spawning thousands of years and dealing with political unrest, human emotions and magic beautifully.
  • Story arcs based on the Seven Deadly Sins (Bonus: Lust is not female!)
  • Contracts with Demons
  • Every character has flaws and problems. And in the villains case, a tragic backstory explains their actions, but doesn’t excuse them.
  • Canon LGBT characters that are portrayed positively.
  • A cross-dressing god
  • Mixing science fiction and magic to explain the origin of the world.

Reasons not to get into Evillious Chronicles

  • Multimedia series. Listen to nearly 7 hours worth of songs, read the novels, short stories and a short manga series to get all the information. And all of it is in Japanese.
  • Don’t know Japanese? The Wiki is your best bet on finding stuff, and it’s so much you’ll be there a while.
  • The fandom is only really active during updates, then we enter a deep slumber until Mothy releases a new song/novel/what have you.
  • You will have a favorite eventually. And they will suffer. Badly. You’ve been warned.
Reasons why Robb Stark was one of the best characters in Game of Thrones.

When it comes to GoT we all have our favorite characters who have their flaws and good traits, but when it comes to name the characters that are truly good the list is quite short. Well, one of these characters is Robb Stark. And here are the reasons why:

- Firstly, Robb has always been described as a very good and caring brother in both the books and the show. He always looked after his siblings and loved them very much.

- Speaking of sibling love, he never, ever, called Jon bastard or even looked down on him, even though he could. Nor was he ever influenced by his mother’s distain toward him. On the contrary, he spent time with him trainning and pranking their younger brothers and sisters, treating him as a true brother.

- Also, he was a good and loyal friend to Theon despite the fact that he was a rebelion’s son and somehow a hostage to his family. Again, he trusted and believed in him.

- When he became The King in the North he did not changed his behavior toward his banners and his soldiers. He respected, consulted with them and even showed mercy to his prisoners and enemies ( 1x09 the Lannister spy ). 

- Unlike other characters in the show like Stannis and Renly, he did not declared himself King, his men did. Even though there were more experienced and older lords, they chose him. He became the first Stark King after 300 years in the north, something quite impressive for a summer child :D . 

- He managed to not only have Tywin Lannister aknowledge his abilities in war but had Kingslayer tricked and imprisoned in battlefield. He put them all to shame when he was winning battle after battle thus making him a great warrior and commander.

- Was one of the few men in the show who loved, cherished and respected the woman he married ( and who married so that her honnor would not be ruined ). * I added this after someone pointed it out, thank you for doing it :) *

- Lastly, he was probably the only one of the Kings who did not want to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Danny, Joffrey, Stannis, Renly and many other lords and commom people alike wanted to sit on the Iron Throne and rule all Westeros. Robb did not wanted it. He wagged war to save his family, not for glory, personal ambition or so that people sing songs about him. He just wanted his family and home again.

So, for all these reasons, and many more that I am most likely forgetting about right now, Robb was and always will be one of the best characters this series ever had. It was a terrible thing watching him go away in such way, but I am greatful that he existed. 

P.S: I would like to reapeat that I am only refering to Robb’s good traits without diminishing any other character. This is my personal opinion and you do not have to agree with it if you do not want it. Thanks for reading and good day :)



OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ACKNOWLEDGING TORIEL’S MISTAKES!! It always SUPER ticked me off when I’d see people treating Asgore like he’s the only the only one who made massive mistakes but treat Toriel like she’s an infallible fairy godmother. Thank you! 😄

Ahhh character flaws are the best part of characters though! Like the crispy fried fiction batter to a character’s chicken nugget.

Toriel and Asgore are both two of my faves precisely BECAUSE they’re nice people who are deeply flawed. That’s what makes them so interesting.  

You can acknowledge that a character has made mistakes, but still like them and think they’re a good person. Hey, you can do that to real people too!

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You post your own original stories, right? Do you have any tips for people tossing around the idea of horror writing? Specifically with coming up with concepts and characters?

Well I used to write my own originals but there weren’t any good I’m afraid! So I’m not exactly the best person to ask for tips but I’ll do my best: 

If you’re intending to write something long, make sure you have enough plot development to sustain through the entire story. This may sound something trivial but I’ve read many potentially good stories that start off great in the beginning but fizzle off in the middle because the author simply did not plan his plot properly ahead of time. Same with character development - the most memorable and famous stories are the ones with realistic and relatable characters (e.g. Borrasca). Make sure your characters/author have proper personalities and flaws and that you develop them in a consistent pace. 

I’ve read somewhere that the scariest monsters are those that aren’t overly scary. Rather, creatures that look completely normal but possess an oddity (like extremely long arms, or abnormally big smile) are the ones that creep readers out the most. 

When coming up with concepts, try to avoid the usual cliched stuff like “it was a dream”, “author was the killer”, “author was eating the cannibalized victim all along” etc. Most readers would probably pick up on the twist in the early part of the story which isn’t what you want at all. If you have trouble coming up with an original concept, don’t fret though (it can be very tough!). An alternative to this is to take a simple and long-used concept and, hoping that you have decent writing skills, turn it into something of your own creation. For example the Penpal series took the simple concepts of stalking and obsession and turned them into something that no reader had ever read before. Another example is Room 733 which made other stories about room hauntings to be downright pathetic. 

The other tip I can offer now is to describe. Don’t get lazy! Your character is in the forest? How does the forest look like? What is the character hearing and seeing? What is he feeling and thinking? What are the considerations going into his next actions? Lay it all out for your readers. Make them feel like they’re with your character in the story. The depth and sophistication of descriptions have always been a key difference between good stories and piss poor ones. It also makes the readers feel like you, as a writer, really care about the story, which also helps people stick with your work. 

So that’s about it I guess. If you’re looking for other more sophisticated advice may I direct you to @unsettlingstories or to established horror writers on Reddit like The_Dalek_Emperor, manen_lyset, MechDog2395Elias_Witherow, whoeverfightsmonsterPippinacious, LeoDuhVinci, IPostAtMidnight, QueenofscotsCymoril_Melnibone, EZmiserysleepyhollow_101, and Lord_Bronte among many (many) others. 

Good luck with your writing and feel free to submit in your stuff whenever you want to!

undertale: Bad Fandom Interpretations edition
  • sans is now the main character. he is the only character that matters and all the other characters and events revolve around him. he is the most powerful, best scientist, biggest hero and no one is better than him but he’s also tortured and angsty
  • papyrus has no character other than being a helpless baby that sans has to valiantly protect at all times and he dies a lot and sans gets angsty.
  • toriel also has no character outside of being sans’s love interest, and also dying a lot and making sans angsty. also she makes no mistakes has no character flaws and you can’t possibly hate her.
  • frisk becomes a side character and is essentially the same as papyrus except with determination.
  • asgore is a creepy sad stalker ex-husband to toriel and did everything wrong and is meant to be laughed at and/or hated.
  • alphys is just a walking anime joke and also she did everything wrong and should be hated, and also all her scientific accomplishments are now sans or gaster’s work instead
  • gaster is a spooky ghost and another reason for sans to angst but that’s it.
  • undyne is loud. thats it.
  • mettaton no longer has his calculator form, he is always in ex form, and every line of his dialogue is about legs
  • flowey has no personality other than evil.
  • asriel has no personality other than sad goat child.
  • chara has no personality other than evil.