Desk partners in crime

Call me rekindle the light

Because I like to live my life out at night,

These heights my dreams love to fight.

Want to go with me to the coast?

It boasts freedom, free from smoke,

Instead mist and boats.

My thoughts choke

But my throat tightly holds the stone.

Still, some feelings work better swallowed alone.

Lump gone, deep down I’m stoned.

How I’ve grown over a year,

Port to starboard I got lost pier to pier.

The truth is- it killed me

The idea of living, working and breathing in this building,

Death just seems like a quick end to the evening.

I got high once or twice, on the same day

The sticky fingered green days are the best to waste away

I stopped loving the taste, just didn’t stop to explain.

I got high on the blame culture

Its your fault I’m up on this

Pop culture gave that a miss, can someone please explain who Maverick Sabre is?

Which flavourist will give this a lick

I got a little dishie when the money came in

But dirt dished out knew I was never going to win.

Still tangent held high

Is any of it good enough?

Got a dragon to chase light, thinking the end was full of love.

Thinking head above clouds, silver linings’ my drugs

Look on the bright side-

At least I don’t have to worry about the cost.