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AfterTaste: 3 More Epic Garlic Bread Flavours

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(For the description thing) I'm a struggling student at a university I can't afford. I love cats. I'm pan as fuck. I wear a hat with a alien on it everyday. I chew extra gum (bubblegum flavoured). I only smoke cigarettes when it's 3am and I'm sad. The shoes I own are off-brand timberlands and sparkly wedges. I'm prone to depression and I love to read.

im in luv plEASE come off anon if ur comfy w/ it

the color i associate with u is maroon or burgundy!!!

Munday meme

1. Sexual orientation ?
2. Relationship status ?
3. Any piercings ?
4. Favorite food ?
5. Are you still a virgin ?
6. How many friends do you have
7. Describe your crush
8. Ever been catfished ?
9. How many relationships have you been in ?
10. Favorite colour ?
11. Favorite bands/singers
12. Favorite ice cream flavour ?
13. Smoke or drink ?
14. Any Tattoos or body modifications ?
15. Where do you live ?
16. First kiss ?