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First Impressions

Summary: pastel!Dan has to sit next to the new student on the coach on their journey to a school field trip. cue jealous boyfriend punk!Phil. There’s also a food fight and protective!Phil.

Word count: 1600

Warnings: miniscule violence.

“Daniel, come here” Mr Lewis said as the year eleven students began to make their way on to the coach.

Dan walked over to the teacher. He was stood with a rather nervous looking person who he’d never met before. They were looking down at the hands that they kept lacing and un-lacing.

Mr Lewis began to explain, “this is Christopher. He is a new student here and I thought that you would be the perfect person to introduce him to the school, especially as we are taking a field trip today. I would like you two to sit together on the coach”.

Dan smiled at Christopher in an attempt to make him feel less nervous, however the boy didn’t smile back but just stared blankly at him. Almost a scowl. That didn’t effect Dan’s attitude towards welcoming him though, he just needed someone to warm up to, Dan thought.

They entered the coach where most of the students were sitting in the seats towards the middle and back. Christopher decided to sit right at the front, so Dan just followed and placed himself in the seat right next to him. It was a pity that the coach didn’t have a side with three seats, Dan thought as he watched other students file in. What was Phil going to think?

It was just as he thought of Phil when the said person stopped abruptly beside them, causing a few people to bump into each other behind him. He placed his hands on the top of the seats either side of him and exclaimed “is this some kind of joke?”.

Dan looked up, now slightly anxious about the seating arrangement. He put his hand on top of Phil’s (which was on his seat). Phil’s harsh expression faltered for a second as he brushed his fingers against Dan’s hand, holding it delicately. His voice a contrast to his previous actions, Phil aimed his question at the boy sitting next to his Dan “who the fuck are you?”.

“Phil, this is Christopher. Mr Lewis asked me to sit with him as he’s a new student” Dan explained, more confident now that he knew that Phil wasn’t too angry with him. He just gets very jealous.

The people that were stuck behind Phil were all watching the scene unfold. Some were whispering things; ‘looks like Phil is gonna punch the poor guy’, ‘unlucky, being on Phil’s bad side on his first day’. A teacher at the front realised that there was a hold up and shouted “come on, sit down now everybody. We’re going to be late”.

Phil whispered something to himself about talking to Mr Lewis later. He knew that Dan was just trying his best so he lent down and kissed his nose, then the top of his head. He whispered “I’ll see you later, sweetheart” to Dan then walked to the back of the coach to join his ‘gang’ mates.

As soon as everyone was seated, the coach started to move out of the school car park and they were on their way. Christopher turned to Dan.

“Hey” Dan said a little apprehensive as he was embarrassed about the whole Phil situation.

“Who was that guy? Your cousin?” Christopher questioned bluntly.

Dan blushed. Did this person think that Dan was not good enough to be Phil’s boyfriend? And anyway whos cousin calls them sweetheart? “Urm, no. Phil is my boyfriend”.

Christopher just looked him in the face. He looked somewhat shocked.

“That’s okay isn’t it?” Dan asked. Oh God, what if this boy was homophobic?

Christopher shook his head and quickly answered “oh, yeah of course. It’s just. Well. You’re-”



Dan looked down to what he was wearing. A grey long sleeved t-shirt and white skinny jeans with lavender coloured ‘vans’ shoes. He also had a small pink hairclip in to keep his fringe from annoying him in the journey and matching pink circle earrings.

This was very different to the first impression that Christopher had had of Phil. The leather jacket wearing guy who had a dyed blue fringe and black eyeliner. The guy who had almost punched him in his first encounter with him.

“You know, he isn’t as scary as he seems”, Dan attempted to defend his boyfriend.

Christopher laughed, “sure, tell me that again when I’ve seen him and he doesn’t look like he wants to knock me out”.


It was about twenty minutes through the hour journey when Phil went up to Dan again. He wasn’t stopped by the driver who was too focused on the road, and the teachers were all chatting amoungst themselves.

He was taking Dan some food as they weren’t allowed any on the coach, so he figured Dan hadn’t brought anything. “Here you go, love” Phil whispered as he dropped two packets of Dan’s favourite flavour crisps (chips, for you Americans) and a twix on to Dan’s lap.

“Don’t worry. You can eat them now, no one will notice. And if they do then you can come to me”. Phil spoke the last few words loud enough for Christopher to look away from them and gaze out of the window.

“Thank you” Dan said, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck so that he would kiss him.

“Alright, make sure to tell me if you want something else. We have loads more. And if you want to come and sit down here I’m sure someone will move” Phil made sure to tell Dan, even though they were only a few meters away from each other.

“Love you” Dan said happily, opening the twix.

“I love you too” Phil replied, starting to walk away. Although he couldn’t help but glare at the back of Christopher’s head when Dan offered him half of his twix.


It was another twenty minutes later and the back few rows of the coach had delved into a food fight. Empty wrappers of sweets were thrown. Half full packets of crisps were having their remaining contents emptied onto people’s heads. Even drinks bottles and cans were being thrown. Somehow the teachers had managed to remain oblivious to the whole scene.

Some of the more obnoxious people were throwing things to hit students that were sitting in the middle and front of the bus. One bottle knocked a girls glasses off, to which she looked back angrily at them.

In a rather unfortunate circumstance. The moment that Dan decided to stand up to straighten out his shirt, was also the moment that a guy decided to throw a full can of coke in his direction. And of course, it was  just his luck that it hit him right in the back of the head.

It wasn’t quite enough to knock him out, but it was a hard hit and it hurt like hell. It caused a few people around Dan to turn and mumble to their friends; 'isn’t that Phil Lesters boyfriend?’, 'who threw that? Well they’re in for it now’.

Dan closed his eyes, putting his hands over his ears that had started ringing. The back of his head was pounding, but it also felt numb and weird. Christopher was sat next to him attempting to gather his thoughts on what he should do.

A few tears slipped from beneath where Dan had his eyes closed. Christopher placed his hand on Dan’s shoulder, Dan moved a little closer and mumbled “Phil”.

Christopher moved a hand from Dan's ear to whisper “do you want to go to Phil?”

Dan nodded his head, to which he immediately regretted when it made him feel even more dizzy. He tried to open his eyes but the light seemed blinding, so he shut them again. Christopher held his wrist as he led him to the back of the coach which was still in chaos.

When Phil saw the state that Dan was in, his eyes widened but then narrowed a few seconds later. “What the hell did you do?” He directed at Christopher.

“It wasn’t me, one of your mates threw a can of coke at his head” Christopher answered defensively. He handed the can over to Phil.

Phil looked turned around and shouted “who the fuck was this?!”, effectively ending the food fight. He held the can of coke and pointed at Dan who was now whined 'oww’ at the loud noise Phil had made.

A boy called Tom seemed to recognize the can that he had thrown. He mumbled “oh, Shit” when he saw who it had hit.

Phil noticed and walked over to grab the front of his jacket. He said “move, now. And don’t think this is over”. Tom quickly got up and tried to find a seat that wasn’t occupied.

Phil also made the two people that had sat either side of Tom move so that he, Dan and Christopher could take their seats. Phil between them. “You okay now, baby?” Phil asked Dan.

“Better” Dan happily mumbled.

For the rest of the journey, Dan leant on Phil, wrapped up in his arms. Phil slipped his hand under Dan’s t-shirt so that he could rub circles into his tummy. Phil’s hands were warm and relaxing, paired with the quiet hum that could be heard from the coach, making Dan feel more and more tired until he eventually fell asleep with ten more minutes of their journey left.

Phil decided to make conversation with Christopher, who he found out was actually pretty cool. He made great jokes. He’d also been the person to bring Dan to him when he was hurt.
Maybe first impressions weren’t that reliable.


A/N: I’ve been wanting to write one that is set on a coach for a while now. And I got a really great reaction to the last pastel/punk fic that I wrote so here’s another! Thank you so much for nice comments and all of the reblogs! It really motivates me :)
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Just A Regular Hang Out - Dylan & Cole Fluff

Request: A nice Dylan and Cole one with the reader, a fluff moment of simplicity where their just hanging out, and things are normal? Maybe their debating what to watch on TV. Or for some drama the reader is sneaking them out of a public place so they don’t get bombarded with intrusive fans.

Warnings: Mild language

NotesI have never in my life said crisps 😂

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess @kindfloweroflove@katshrev @itsbee63 @lost-in-wonderland-x @princessal @love-darren-criss1234 


A laugh escaped my lips as Dylan snatched the tv remote out of Cole’s hand.

“We’re not watching the fucking discovery channel,” Dylan huffed as he flicked the channel for the 100th time. 

“Ooh, Orange Is the New Black is on. Can we please watch it?” I asked, as I saw the title appear on the tv screen. 

“It’s just a repeat from a few weeks ago - there’s no point if we’ve already seen it,” Cole whines, slumping further down the couch, that we were all sitting on. I was in between them with my legs were to my chest and arms were crossing over my legs, as I shared a blanket with Cole. We’ve all sat on the same couch for about an hour - debating what to watch. We flicked from Netflix to regular tv, but still found nothing we needed to watch.

“Fine, how about we just settle on ‘Once Upon A Time’?” Cole suggests as the title of the show appeared on the screen. 

“Ooh yes please,” I smile, looming over at Dylan, who still had the remote. 

“Fine, only because this one’s a good episode,” Dylan finally gave in, leaning over and placing the remote on the coffee table, that was situated in front of the couch.

“Right, who wants food?” I ask as the adverts start up, pushing off the blanket and getting up from where I was sitting. 

“Me!” they both shout, causing me to laugh at them again and walk to their kitchen. I searched in the pantry and found a bag of flavoured crisps, as well as a bag of M&M’s. 

“Okay, so we have crisps and M&M’s. Which one?” I call out from the kitchen. 

“Crisps,” they both reply, in their cutesty American accent. Coming back in time for when the show started up again, I sat back in my seat and opened up the bag, to which Cole snatched it and took a handfull of them. I just giggle and shake my head at him, paying my attention back to the show. 

Originally posted by mallverine


The show finished, and it was getting quite late.

“Hey, do ya’ll mind if I crash here for the night?”

“Of course not! You don’t have to keep asking,” Cole laughs, getting up and stretching. I smile and thank him, making my way to the guest bedroom. A few minutes later, Cole knocked on my door;

“Hey, I - uh - have a few spare clothes from last time you were here,” he smiled, walking over to me and handing my my clothes. 

“Thanks, Cole. I completely forgot that these were here,” I laughed, and so did Cole.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then,” he smiles and walks out the room, closing the door behind him.  

Lady Madonna (Overdub Track)
The Beatles

February 3rd + 6th, 1968 (Studio 1, EMI Studios, London): The Beatles record overdubs for ‘Lady Madonna’ - including George suggesting Marmite-flavoured crisps, John, Paul, and George vocalising a brass combo through cupped hands, and John and Paul playing around with the last mee-eet

genre: angst, smut // word count: 6.3k // oneshot

summary: “You belong to me every Thursday. I wait for you. I’ll be beautiful for you. Every Thursday. I exist only on Thursday.” You have it all, and you’re Jimin’s lonely star

a/n: sugardaddy!jimin and the third part to the series of oneshots, onsra. this isn’t too angsty & is based off the song lonely star by the weeknd. also, I can’t write short fics rip. -tia

» onsra: 1. wicked games // 2. shameless // 3. lonely star

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Who is behind ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’?

So I don’t exactly have a theory of my own for the whole Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series, I have seen many theories and my brain is a whole mishmash of all these smart philosophical people’s ideas and stuff like that.

One thing I believe however is that Roy, the yellow guy (sometimes known as Manny)’s father is behind all of it.

Since his first appearance in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2: Time, ‘Roy’ has somehow always made an appearance in each of the episodes in the series. Here he is seen wearing one of the ‘brainwashing helmets’ as I like to call them, and the pan on the yellow guy’s head with jewels decorated to look like the one that Roy is wearing. This can be seen as Roy is somehow influences the yellow guy, linking back to the brainwashing, which I think is what the whole message of the series is about: kids being brainwashed through children’s media.

Here is a screenshot from the Kick-starter video released between 2 & 3. In this video there is a scene at the beginning where they have all been kidnapped and are confused as to where they are-well, all except the yellow guy who says ‘Why are we in my dad’s house?’. His question is quickly dismissed by the red guy (aka Harry) who says ‘I don’t think this is your dad’s house.’ and the subject is ended there and spoken of no further.

For the rest of the series, Roy makes no prominent appearances. He is, however, always there. Hidden almost. Watching. Here in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 3 Roy is seen to appear for a moment just after Malcolm, the King, appears…

…and here, along with appearances from past ‘friends’ like the notepad and the clock. Just like I said, always watching.

And this is where I first noticed something strange. The credits. From the 3rd episode if you look at the credits right at the end, Roy is the last name to be mentioned. The only ‘puppet’ or character to be mentioned in the credits. At first I thought it was just like a sort of jokey thing, something DHMIS funny.

Okay, take a look here. When things start to go bad for the red guy in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4, look who appears in the corner. There, in the back, at the right. Roy. R O Y. Okay so I’m guessing you’re also starting to see some sort of weird trend here too right? Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway he always seems to appear when things go wrong. Interesting…

And there he is again. Roy’s name right at the end of the credits. Credits. That means he had something to do with it. He has something to do with this.

And now, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 5 comes out. I watched this the day it came out and I found it, well…unnerving. Especially the fact that one of the trio is missing and another ends up gone at the end of the episode. Anyway as I watched this and read through the comments, someone said that they could see Roy at one point and I kept pausing and playing until I got to this really bad quality screenshot. Oh well. Anyway this is the point when the green duck guy says that he doesn’t want to do this any-more, knocking over the camera. Now, when the camera is knocked over you can see glimpses of little things, and one is where the set ends. And who is looking over the top, or should I say watching over? Roy. The fact that he is looking down from above could mean that he is higher up and the person in control. I don’t know, call me crazy.

And that’s when me and some friends, whilst freaking out over the meaning of the video on WhatsApp, stumbled across the possibility of Roy being the director. Being the main person in charge. In control. Brainwashing his own child. Brainwashing society’s children.

And there it is again, that sneaky ‘& Roy’ at the end of the credits. Hey maybe I’m wrong but that’s my theory. I hope you enjoyed. :)

Plus I’m really sorry its sooooo long I know.

cool fun ask meme

1. what is your name?
2. how old are you?
3. what is your middle name?
4. what is your zodiac sign?
5. opinions on other zodiac signs?
6. what is a fun fact about you?
7. where do you live?
8. were you or any of your family born somewhere else?
9. what countries have you been to?
10. what countries would you like to go to?
11. what place within your own country would you like to go to?
12. what songs have you been listening to?
13. what are you listening to right now?
14. what is your favourite song right now?
15. what is your favourite album?
16. what languages can you speak?
17. what languages are spoken where you live?
18. what languages are you learning?
19. what languages would you like to learn?
20. write something in another language.
21. do you like to sing?
22. do you like to dance?
23. can you play any instruments?
24. what instruments would you like to learn?
25. what are you reading right now?
26. what is your favourite book? book series?
27. what books would you recommend?
28. standalone book or book series?
29. have you read the harry potter books?
30. what was the last film you watched?
31. do you prefer watching films are the cinema or on dvd?
32. what do you get to eat at the cinema?
33. what is your favourite film?
34. favourite ice cream flavour?
35. favourite pizza topping?
36. favourite crisp flavour?
37. favourite kind of chocolate?
38. favourite food from another country?
39. what are some stereotypes about where you live?
40. talk about the culture/traditions/history of your country?
41. talk about the food in your country?
42. do you know the words to your national anthem?
43. are you religious?
44. what are you scared of?
45. what makes you happy?

Perfect (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: For the lovely anon! Hope you’ll feel better!!!

Request:  Can I get a Barry Allen imagine where reader is really sick and in a lot of pain because she’s on her period too and he takes care of her? I’m in bed like dying right now and this could do some good.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: swear words

Originally posted by olicitys

             I was dying. I knew I was dying, and I was prepared for the end. Millions upon millions of small knives were constantly digging into my abdomen. I was prepared to welcome the darkness that was slowly edging on my vision. I was so tired, my head was pounding and I was pretty sure I was slowly bleeding out. That was how I died. Not because of some rogue metahuman, not because of car crush, not even because of failed bank robbery. My own body was failing me, the sickness overwhelming any reasonable thought that could appear. Not only I got my period earlier this month and didn’t really have time to psychologically prepare myself for the pain, but also my piece of shit body, decided to get sick. Well done. Fucking perfect.

‘Barrryyyy… I’m dyyying’ I whined into the phone.

             Not five minutes later my boyfriend was standing over my dying body, looking really, genuinely worried.

‘Are you kidding me, Y/N?’ he asked, kneeling by my side ‘I was really worried…’

‘You should be. I am literally dying.’ I said, showing him my belly.

             Fresh tears sprinkled on my cheeks and I knew that wasn’t going to help with my runny nose. I might have been a little over dramatic, but since my hormones were all over the place I couldn’t bring myself to care.

             New wave of crumps hit me and I moaned in pain. That was it. That was what was going to kill me.

‘Cut it out, Barry, I BEG you cut it out!’ I screamed.

             His worried expression really didn’t help. I knew he couldn’t imagine the pain I was in, nobody really could, but he tried so hard. He tried so hard to understand me in the times of pain and I was grateful for that.

             I felt the wind in my face and my boyfriend was gone. Great. He left me. He left me to rot in my own pain and I really couldn’t blame him. I was over dramatic, I was sad and I was angry at the same time. Who would put up with that mess? Nobody would. And though Barry was the kindest person I knew, he also had his limits. And I was so worried I crossed his long time ago.

             Few minutes later Barry stood before me, his hands full of groceries.

‘Please don’t leave me’ I whispered, feeling suddenly sad.

‘I would never leave you, silly’ he said laying a kiss on my forehead ‘There was a queue at the registers.’

             My eyes widened and I saw him taking out all my favourite things. Favourite flavoured ice cream, crisps, chocolate bars and few kinds of pain killers. It was so nice I couldn’t stop the tears. I knew all of that were hormones, but I felt so touched that he would do that for me I couldn’t stop. Sobs rocked my body and I couldn’t stop them from escaping my lips.

‘Y/N… Is everything alright? Did I do something wrong?’ he asked, his expression worried.

             I wailed harder, not really comprehending how he could think that he did something wrong. He was so perfect and I cried partly because of that.

‘You didn’t do anything wrong, Barry’ I said, looking into his eyes ‘You did everything right. And I love you so much, how can you be so perfect?!’

             He chuckled quietly, running to get hot water bottle and laying it down on my belly. In few seconds I was a blanket burrito, with warmth spreading towards my pain and enveloped into his strong arms.

‘I love you, Y/N’ he said, laying a kiss on my cheek ‘I would do anything to make you feel better’

             He switched the TV on, putting on my favourite show and I knew that I could never let him go. He was perfect and I knew that he loved me. Him putting up with all my dramatics during my period, was a clear sign of his love. The best thing was, he not only put up with them, he found them adorable and tried to do anything to keep me comfortable. If that wasn’t a perfect boyfriend, I didn’t know who was.

‘You are adorable; you know that?’ he asked looking into my eyes.

‘Let’s get one thing straight, I am over dramatic and sad and I don’t understand why you haven’t dumped my messed up ass’ I said quietly.

             He laughed shaking his head, like he couldn’t believe that I would actually say anything like that. But that was the truth. He was kind, handsome and smart, plus he was a superhero, so that was like plus infinity in hot guy terms. And somehow he ended up with me, simple, normal Y/N. That didn’t add up in my head, my anxiety telling me that there was something big I was missing.

‘For such a smart person, you can be silly sometimes’ he whispered ‘You are wonderful, you are smart, funny and beautiful and it pains me that you can’t see it. I love you with all my heart and I hope that one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you.’

             I couldn’t speak. I didn’t want to cry again but his words were filled with so much love that I felt warmth. I didn’t feel bad anymore, his words and pain killers finally working.

             He got up and in few minutes came back, chicken soup in my hands. He was taking care of me and I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.


Requests are still opeeen! My Masterlist. And Prompts and Prompts 2

anonymous asked:

There's also ketchup flavoured chips here. Here is Canada 🤠🤠🤠

Ah, we have ketchup flavoured crisps too. They taste like Irish ketchup tho, which is refreshing 

Some 00qad fluff...

Danny is at home again.

Since his spies all earn money easily into six figures they insisted that him continuing his menial word at the warehouse was pointless and it was so dull that Danny had to agree. He loves that warm curl in his chest that comforts his heart when he knows he’s being taken care of. Still, it means he has a lot of time on his hands.

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Coffee Pen
6 Basque Rd, Eden Terrace, Auckland, NZ

What made you fall in love with coffee?
My first cup of espresso in Australia, about 17 years ago.

What’s your go-to coffee preparation method?
The Hario V60. It delivers the most accentuated and crisp flavours, in my opinion.

Who’s the most fascinating person coffee has connected you with?
Probably all the local baristas I got to meet in Sydney when I worked there.

Outside of making coffee, what are you passionate about?
Music. Just about any kind of music, really - post-rock, jazz, ambient, break beats, techno, contemporary, noise (except pop), gangsta rap, punk, metal etc.

Where do you get your caffeine fix on your days off?
My favourite cafés in Auckland are Be Specialty, Camper and ARK.

What was the idea behind Coffee Pen when you started?
The idea was to create a space that people find necessary. The same way that speakers don’t work without amplifiers or doors without doorknobs - I wanted Coffee Pen to be that in people’s everyday lives.

How does New Zealand’s coffee industry differ from other cities you’ve worked in?
In the USA or Japan, people tend to choose cafes by their name or brand, but here in New Zealand, people have identified and are loyal to their favorite cafes or baristas.

If you could have coffee with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Definitely Steve Reich. I want to know what makes him tick.


A/N Just what could’ve happened that night in the caravan. 

Finn sat on the grotty settee of this stupid caravan, his elbows resting on his knees. He was chewing on his lip agonising over and analysing the past few minutes. Things had been going really well, he could tell she was impressed by the caravan he longed to impress her. It hit him like a freight train the mood changed when he started fumbling with her buttons. Jesus, you didn’t give her time to settle down first, Finn thought to himself. Finn had been so excited about his caravan surprise all day he just couldn’t control his puberty addled body when she was around him.

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What I Ate Today (Anastasia)

So I started my day at 7am on a train from my mums house back to London, which meant my breakfast was pretty rushed but I managed to grab a bottle of water and a banana. Bananas are awesome and I eat one every day (at least!)

After arriving in London I went to my class and picked up a ready made salad that contained SO many tasty vegetables and fruit - pomegranate, peppers, spinach, etc. plus plenty of grains and seeds. It left me feeling full and v. happy. It’s called the ‘rainbow vegetable’ salad and is available to buy from Marks and Spencer for around £2.50. I visited a local vegetable shop near my school and got a little fresh fig and plum to keep myself focused and full while studying.

Later on I had a nap and caught up on my missed sleep from all the travelling, watched some Simpsons and wrote my lists for the week. I had picked up this adorable gingerbread man from Sainsburys Free From range for 99p - he’s gluten and dairy free! I love gingerbread so it was nice to see Sainsburys stocking such a sweet treat that didn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients.

For dinner I prepared some fresh tomato and basil soup and ate it with a couple of slices of Rye bread with added sunflower seeds - my favourite. I love the texture of rye bread and much prefer it to the squishy kind. My eating patterns are a little sporadic and I prefer to eat little often rather than large meals so after finishing the yummy soup I baked three medium sweet potatoes in the oven for about 35 minutes, halving the raw veg reduced the cooking time and I simply marinaded them in olive oil, parsley and a bit of cinnamon. I ate the potatoes with hummus and they tasted awesome! Sweet potatoes are one of the best foods and so easy to prepare, I got over 1,300% of my recommended daily Vitamin A intake from those lil guys. Crazy but great for hair, nails and skin.

Right now I’m in bed pretty stuffed with all of that lovely food but sipping on Copella Apple Juice. It has a really crisp flavour and is especially nice on a warm night like tonight (Spring is here!) as it’s super refreshing!

My tips for eating more positively would be to drink lots and lots and lots of water, aim to always have a bottle with you to promote rehydration throughout the day. You will see the difference in your skin and attitude immediately! Food wise I try to stick to vegan / vege options but understand that cravings are natural. Not one human is perfect but it’s always great to attempt to reduce animal content within our diets, or to try out new vegetables and fruits!

More food diaries coming soon

Love & Light

Anastasia x

ah, yes, october …. leaves falling from the trees .. pumpkin flavoured everything ….. crisp chilly mornings …….. taylor swift fans losing their shit … warm fuzzy gloves and scarves …..