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101 mission briefings for Conspiracist:

  • A German-style garden gnome with the left eye removed
  • A USB thumb drive containing a single photo of an orange kitten with an American $100 bill in its mouth
  • A black fedora with a plastic fork in the hatband in place of a feather
  • A High Priestess tarot card (from the Marseilles deck, if the players think to ask) with a moustache and goatee scribbled on in black felt pen
  • A box of Boston cream donuts, one short of the full dozen
  • A pair of pre-1983 Barbie dolls, bound together at the wrist with a pair of tiny plastic handcuffs
  • A self-sealing freezer bag filled with mouse bones
  • A V2-brand vape pen and a half-litre bottle of vanilla rootbeer float flavoured vape fluid
  • A pair of casino dice with faces numbered 0-5 rather than 1-6
  • 144 cases of frozen English muffins (72 muffins per case), delivered by express courier

(Clearly we’re well short of 101 - feel free to add your own!)

The April Fool

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Based off of this artwork by lintufriikki

Josuke had been harboring his feelings for his best friend for a couple of months now and he was tired of saying he would confess, but then chickening out each time there was an opportunity. He decided that the first of day of April would be perfect. A new month, a new beginning.

Be gentle with me I don’t write fanfiction alot ;w;

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My kind of home food: Salmon Tartare with Rosemary Lentils

Yesterday on a whim my mother let me invite my friends over for a casual dinner in our house, and since we had leftover salmon, my mother decided to wow everyone with her signature salmon tartare with rosemary lentils. Healthy, gluten free but knee-weakeningly delicious and oh so filling, the salmon is marinated in a yogurt rosemary chilli and herb-crushed sauce, whilst the lentils are slow-cooked in equally herby and equally flavourful stock before being paired in the dish. It’s quite a complicated recipe so I may post it another day! 


The breakfast food I wish I’d always known: Vegan, Gluten-Free Breakfast Vanilla Cinnamon Quinoa 

With Kiwi, Soymilk, Soy-yogurt, Raisins and walnuts. I can’t believe I’ve never tried breakfast quinoa before, because it is amazing: the texture is better than that of oatmeal and the slightly nutty flavour of the quinoa pairs so well with pear (hehe), and it’s so delicious and filling. It tastes like the most simple, guiltless dessert, and can be prepared beforehand - it’s absolutely perfect! For the five-minute recipe, click the Read More. 

  1. Firstly, rinse a quarter cup of quinoa and then bring ¾ cup of water to boil. Put the quinoa in and let it cook for around 15 minutes, until the quinoa expansd and the white rind shows. Drain the water and fluff up the quinoa with a fork. 
  2. Add a drop of vanilla flavouring to ¾ cup of soymilk or any kind of milk. Then add this to a bowl of quinoa with cut pear or apple (and kiwi if possible- the fresh sweetness tastes so good!) and then sprinkle with cinnamon (optional but would probably taste good: add maple syrup too!).
  3. To serve, add a dollop of soy-yogurt or yogurt, raisins, chopped walnuts and a final dusting of cinnamon!