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f/f - favorite flavor

Y/N had just applied her f/f chapstick when she felt a breeze go by as well as quick pressure to her lips. She blinked in surprise as Pietro stopped a few feet away from her and licked his lips.

“Hmm… I like it but I think you’d taste sweet either way.” He said as he smirked at her.

“I’m not trying to taste sweet.” Y/N said as she ignored the colour rising to her cheeks.

“Then why do you put it on?” Pietro asked as he tilted his head.

“Cause my lips are dry and chapped.”

“I could always help you with that.” He said before he licked his lips again with a wink.

i think its kinda cool that the protag of undertale isnt referred to using pronouns and their gender is ambiguous so its one of those things where they can be anything you want because the source material enables it..really nice, super great flavor

i named my dude goku tho

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wait, what does 'UY pumuti ka! mas gwapo!' mean? If you want to say that is.

“you’ve gotten paler- you look a lot nicer like that!“

it’s a thing I hear a lot from aunts and relatives when I don’t go out for long periods of time and my East Asian genes take the spotlight. sometimes it comes in the “kahit ano babagay sa iyo pag ganito ka kaputi/anything will look nice on you if you keep yourself looking this white!“ flavor

I used to think they were compliments [and they were probably well-meaning] but now I just get really uncomfortable, like- is the color of my skin the sole measure for how attractive I am- why is it even a valid criteria? Are you saying that the majority of the Filipino People with naturally tanned skin can never look hot?

don’t me, mga bes. don’t me

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Okay but can we talk  about this?

This italian Ice cream shop made an  Il Volo ice cream flavor.

I’ll say it again


I just have alot of questions… what does it taste like?… what’s it made of?

I’d love to hear your theories cause I have no idea… STILL DYING TO TRY IT THOUGH LIKE YES BRING ME TEN POUNDS OF IT