27. End

You tasted like death
Robbing my every breath
As I relished on your flavor
I thought you were my savior

You were magnificent
Wrapping me with your scent
You took me to the skies
As I savor my demise

You’re a dangerous delicacy
Destroying me is your legacy
With my tongue, you’re intertwined
This wasn’t love but I was blind

You’re a mouthful of wrong
My favorite forbidden song
But I could no longer sing along
This affair, I should not prolong

And no, I wouldn’t miss
Your every lethal kiss
This is the last poem
My lips is no longer your home

Domestic fem!klance is my shit. *tosses some headcanons*

- Keith probably never uses the pillows, “just sleep on your lover’s chest” 

-  Lance most definitely has a night routine. Like I’ve heard that some people have a hard time sleeping/settling in new places, like when they travel? and they say that having a routine before you sleep (in this case his skin care routine) helps you feel more at home and sleep better in general. I like to think that his skin care routines help him feel more settled and less homesick ;—; if that makes any sense?? idk im just rambling at this point. but YEA sticking with the fem! theme, have some fem!lance brushing their teeth and face masking.

- Fem!keith prolly has super thick fluffy hair that tangles really easily and when she does comb it, it’s a workout. (speaking from experience)

- I headcanon keith and lance as more of coffee type of guys (lance is extra so he likes his coffee 1% coffee and 99% syrup and artificial flavoriing and whipped cream and keith is basic so he’d prolly drink it black- iced/hot.), so have have fem!keith with a mug of black coffee. 

- Also another headcanon: Lance probably likes those dessert flavored teas. Both are suckers for flavored milk tea (Keith: plain and rose maybe? Lance: plain and his favorite is prolly subject to change bc there are so many milk teas holy sh-)

Don’t Shtup the Babysitter Pt. 5

Summary: Reader and married!Jensen have a one night affair.  She becomes the au pair.  Will it happen again?  Is Jensen guilty? What is everyone hiding? Find out. NSFW gifs under the cut.

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Daneel, Jared, JJ

Pairings: Reader xJensen, Jensen x Daneel, Jared x Gen

Warnings: cheating, extramarital affairs, sex, guilt, angst, swearing


JJ was right, Jensen’s food was the best mac and cheese she had ever tasted.  Creamy, sharp, cheddar, and the pasta was al dente; just right.  Not that she’d say so, but her orgasmic eye rolling did not go unnoticed by Jensen who happened to smirk her way, “You like it, huh, YN?”

Before you could censor yourself, you confessed, “it’s better than se-,” Jensen let out a loud guffaw feigned by a cough.  You both looked to JJ but she was too engrossed in licking the cheesy mess from her fork.  “I’m so sorry, Jensen,” YN felt the heat rise in her cheeks, but Jensen just shrugged it off, looking at his daughter.

“Look at her, YN, she’s in la la land,” he thumbed towards his little Bug.  She was smacking her pouty lips and her tiny tongue continued to lick at the cheesey fork.  It was adorable, yet…gross.  YN sniggered, reached for JJ’s chin, and wiped it, “there, all better?”

“Tanks, YNN,” JJ’s blue eyes blinked up at her.

“Sure thing, buttercup,” YN winked causing her to giggle.

“What’s a buttercup,” she asked innocently.

YN tapped her button nose twice, “you, you’re a buttercup.”

“Let’s get you in the bath, what do ya say?”

Jensen watched the interaction between you and his daughter and he could see why the agency highly recommended you- you were a pro at this whole child care thing.  If only Daneel was at least half the woman you were, as a parent, but no, her photoshoots, movie auditions, God knows anything else to do with her outings, when he was off on hiatus.  He couldn’t remember the last time the three of them had a family dinner.  He cringed at the thought.  YN noticed the forlorn look in his eyes and excused herself from the table,

“I’ll clean up when I get the little princess bathed,” but Jensen shook his head.

“No, no, it’s okay, I’ve got dish duty,” Jensen shook his head of his reverie.

After Mr. Bubbles and JJ were prunes, YN got her dressed in rapuzel pajamas, braided her long blonde hair, and got her ready for bed.  JJ asked for a story which you were happy to read and you heard heavy footfalls on the stairs.

“Where’s my Princess?” Jensen called from the hallway.

“Daddy!” she raised her arms out for a hug and he kissed her goodnight.  She blew you one and grabbed a stuffed unicorn and snuggled into her father’s side.  He looked up at you as you were unsure of where to continue to sit.

“I usually sing to her when I’m home,” he motioned to the door, “meet me downstairs in a few?”

“Sure, yeah,” you backed out of the bedroom, closed the door over and as you walked away you heard him start to sing and your breath hitched in your throat.  He was singing what sounded like a lullaby but it was the song, Angeles, and his voice was bringing tears to your eyes.  “Fuckin’ A, YN,” you swiped at the tears, “get a freakin’ grip on yourself.”

Seriously though, you thought to yourself, what doesn’t this man do well? He’s a gentleman in bed, his voice is like vanilla flavoried ice-cream with chocolate chuncks to make it just gravel like enough, and those fucking freckles you wanted to lick constellations across.  While you pictured yourself doing just that, you found yourself examining framed photos on the mantel, picking up chotskies, and your eyes landed on a large scrapbook on the livingroom table.  Jensen told you to meet him down here, so you figured, you might as well get comfortable. 

“Might as well entertain myself,” you sighed, grabbed the ornate book, and sat with your legs under yourself on the couch.  Flipping it open you saw familiar eyes and those damn freckles, and that goddamned adam’s apple, but he was so much younger in these photos.  He was in another photo with a man, a head taller, hair longer, and the backdrop said “Supernatural Season One”.  Hmm, so this was his show?  Chalk that one onto the “to do list” since you very well couldn’t do him anymore.  You were so engrossed in the photos that you didn’t feel Jensen sit along side you on the couch and point to one of the photos, it was one of him holding JJ as a baby.

“Happiest day of my life, right there,” he broke the silence.

“She’s such a beautiful child,” you complimented him, “I’d say she took after both of you, but she’s really all you,” you laughed.

“YN, what are we doing?” Jensen took the book from your hands and sat it back on the table.

“I don’t know about you, Jensen, but I was looking at photos,” you smirked, you couldn’t help but be cocky around him.  

“You know what I’m talking about, you, me, this, us,” he turned to face you, running a hand down his scruff, “you’r right, this isn’t going to work.”

“I can’t bear the thought of you being in this house, across the hall from me, from my daughter who clearly adores you, for a day, let alone a week.”

You were taken aback by his confession and part of it stung you.  You were willing to give this a try, for JJ.  She had burrowed her way into your heart and you weren’t going to just throw that away and disappoint her.

“I’m doing this for JJ,” you sounded more confident than you felt, lying apparently came easy for you.

“What about me, what about us?” Jensen asked sincerely, “You flinch at my touch, you snap at me when I look at you for too long, but I can’t help it, YN, I want you.”

“I- I want you too, Jensen, but this is so fucked up!”  Tears began to fill your eyes and Jensen wiped one away with the pad of his thumb, shushing you, pulling you into his arms, promising you it would be alright.  That’s when it struck you, it was never going to be right, but it was right for now, and you pulled your face back from his chest and like magnets, you were both drawn to one another.

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I’ve successfully stuck with a low carb Keto type diet for four days. 

To make this a little bit of a better picture, I used to consume upwards of 150g of carbs in a day. I’d drive through Dunkin Donuts and get a sugary iced coff we with flavory syrups. I’d munch on all the sweets that get placed out for my residents at work. 

These past four days I’ve managed 25g of carbs, any time it’s been higher is when I’ve had fiber to lower it back down again. 

Cue sleepy town. I’m bone deep tired. I get random cravings, mostly for sugar. It took a little while to get mentally okay with it, I think I’m slowly coming around. 


Okay so last Monday I didn’t eat from 7ish to 8:45 on Tuesday (I had vegan buttered noodles with pesto chicken breast- 210 cals) and then Wednesday all I ate at all was like probably 11 tortilla chips with teeny tiny dips into low cal salsa (when I eat salsa I only dip my chip to get the flavory liquid part) so it was like maybe 70 cals. I just honestly wasn’t even trying to restrict it just naturally happened and it feels so friggin good

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f/f - favorite flavor

Y/N had just applied her f/f chapstick when she felt a breeze go by as well as quick pressure to her lips. She blinked in surprise as Pietro stopped a few feet away from her and licked his lips.

“Hmm… I like it but I think you’d taste sweet either way.” He said as he smirked at her.

“I’m not trying to taste sweet.” Y/N said as she ignored the colour rising to her cheeks.

“Then why do you put it on?” Pietro asked as he tilted his head.

“Cause my lips are dry and chapped.”

“I could always help you with that.” He said before he licked his lips again with a wink.

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wait, what does 'UY pumuti ka! mas gwapo!' mean? If you want to say that is.

“you’ve gotten paler- you look a lot nicer like that!“

it’s a thing I hear a lot from aunts and relatives when I don’t go out for long periods of time and my East Asian genes take the spotlight. sometimes it comes in the “kahit ano babagay sa iyo pag ganito ka kaputi/anything will look nice on you if you keep yourself looking this white!“ flavor

I used to think they were compliments [and they were probably well-meaning] but now I just get really uncomfortable, like- is the color of my skin the sole measure for how attractive I am- why is it even a valid criteria? Are you saying that the majority of the Filipino People with naturally tanned skin can never look hot?

don’t me, mga bes. don’t me

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i think its kinda cool that the protag of undertale isnt referred to using pronouns and their gender is ambiguous so its one of those things where they can be anything you want because the source material enables it..really nice, super great flavor

i named my dude goku tho