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Funky Flavors of Asia: Lay's Cucumber Potato Chips

Found lots of funky flavored chips in China on this trip, starting with the simplest of them all… Cucumber!

I have to say, these were pretty good. The cucumber wasn’t overpowering and tasted pretty natural. The flavoring blended quite nicely with the potato chip. They left a nice potato salad-like taste in your mouth.

I’d eat these again.


July 2, 2012. Mariott Hotel Manila.

Flavors Of Asia

Four Culinary masters in one flavorful feast! From Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, let us tantalize you with a masterpiece through a month-long celebration of Oriental Flavors that’s uniquely Mariott.

Last night, we were invited to the Bloggers Night:Flavors Of Asia at the Mariott Hotel Manila. Pabee and I were the only people from Tumblr, out of the 60 attendees.

We were first accommodated at “The Den” where Ms. Vannah, PR of Mariott welcomed us and filled us up on all the details about the event. we don’t know anyone from the event, so Pabee and I was just at one corner talking (and judging people, LOL). Ms. Vannah later then introduced the Four Chefs who are representing their respective countries on this culinary extravagance.

 JW Marriott Jakarta’s Dadang Wahyudi, JW Marriott Bangkok Thanatorn Krobsuay, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Ruhizad Muri, and Renaissance Riverside Saigon Phan Tien Hoa. (from left to right) each introducing their signature dishes from their country.

(This is really a wonderful scene, seeing all those bloggers clamoring to get a shot of all the chefs)

by 7pm, we were already at the buffet, but every blogger was doing the “Shoot first, Eat later”, which I really find enjoying, since I rarely see such events. After shooting every corner of the restaurant, Pabee and I finally sat down and ate. Okay, I won’t discuss anymore details on what had happened, but I will tell you this, THE FOOD WAS GREAT! Absolutely satisfying! The service was also great, the staffs were so accommodating, that even your water glass or drinks won’t go empty. 

Malaysian Stir Fry section:

Salad Bar:

Desserts corner:

FREE GELATO!!! (the only hotel where you can have your Gelato/Ice Cream to go)

Our take home gelato (sssshhhh!)

You guys should surely need to try the Flavors of Asia buffet at the Mariott Hotel Maila.

Meal Periods:

Breakfast buffet (6;30am-10;30am) Daily 1,250

Lunch buffet (12:00nn-2:30pm) Mon.-Sat P1,550.00

Sunday Brunch (11:30am-3:00pm) Sunday P2,000

Dinner Buffet (Flavors Of Asia) P2,300-Sunday to Thursday, P2,500-Friday and Saturday.

I know, it looks pricy, but c'mon! It’s the Mariott Hotel, and it’s a hundred percent assurance that what you are paying is surely worth every peso.

Funky Flavors of Asia: Japanese Corn Soup Doritos

Limited edition “Gourmet” Doritos, no less!

Made with sweet corn from Hokkaido, Japan’s northern most island…

These were pretty damn tasty! Wow. Very impressed how they got the sweetness of the flavor of the corn soup to be so prominent without coming off as manufactured. Blends perfectly with the corn chip, obviously.

Nicely done, Frito Lay!

Funky Flavors of Asia: Lay's China's "Wildly Grilled Rib" Chips

Another winner from Lay’s China…

Not sure how you “wildly” grill something, but however Lay’s did it, they were able to capture a nice smoky, meaty flavor in the chips…

This part of the package design did crack me up though as it reminded me more of a fart that a snort…

Lay’s China is definitely putting out the most interesting, and tastiest, potato chips!

Funky Flavors of Asia: Tarako Mayo Takoyaki Puffs

Move over, cheesy puffs!

Frito Lay is selling Tarako Mayo Takoyaki Puffs in Japan now…

“What the hell are those?”, you ask?

Well, takoyaki are these delicious little grilled dough balls filled with pieces of octopus! They’re often topped with a Bulldog-like sauce, mayonnaise and seaweed flakes…

And the version in these bags have the chip maker trying to recreate that flavor, with the added bonus of fish egg infused mayonnaise!

They do a pretty good job of it, too. But it’s all just a little too much for my tastes buds, with too many complex flavors all mixing together in messy mouthfuls.

I do so like their Kewpie mayo mascot though!

Available now for a limited time in convenience stores across Japan!