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thinking about garrus and shepard in me1, talking late at night over weapon-cleanings or mako repairs when shepard can’t sleep. garrus, the idealistic rookie who wants nothing more than to protect, and shepard, the closest thing to a guiding light he’s stumbled upon

thinking about garrus and shepard in me2, finding companionship in one another after their individual struggles. garrus, weighed down by the lives of the people who trusted him, and shepard, still lost and out-of-place in a world that kept going without her

thinking about garrus and shepard in me3, seeking each other out in moments of solace when the war seems bleak and never-ending. shepard, who keeps pushing herself to do the impossible, and garrus, who just wants to be the light that guides her back home

Souda Theory #40: Souda is 5 letters. He has 1 hat. 5+1 is 6. When I search 6 on the internet, some images are 3D. When you see a 3D movie, some things pop. Pop is another word for Soda. When I search Soda, 4 sodas come up. Pepsi, Coke, Fanta, and Sprite. Coke is cocaine. Cocaine is a drug. Gangsters are in the Illuminati. Gangsters sell drugs. Gangster is 8 letters. There are 10 flavors of Sprite. 10-8 is 2. Souda sounds like Soda too. Sprite is Soda. Souda likes Soda. Souda has sprites. SOUDA IS ILLUMINATI

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Important: what did new-Joyce-who-lets-foods-touch think of the Coke Freestyle machine? Was she brave enough to get a flavor in her Sprite? Maybe even (gasp) MORE THAN ONE flavor??

Getting different-flavored pops probably doesn’t bother Joyce at all.  Mixing stuff together is often a texture issue, and pop is always completely homogeneous.

Easy Cocktails

Tasty alcoholic drinks you can make yourself with three ingredients or less. Serving suggestion: add ice.

  • Angry Balls - Angry Orchard Hard Cider + Fireball Whiskey
  • B-52 - Kahlua + Bailey’s Irish Cream + Grand Marnier
  • B-54 - Kahlua + Bailey’s Irish Cream + Amaretto
  • Beer Shot (Dan V.) - Cream + Licor 43 Liqueur
  • Brass Monkey - Orange Juice + Malt Liquor (40 ounces)
  • Butterscotch (mine) - Pineapple Juice + Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka
  • Caribou Lou - Pineapple Juice + 151 Proof Rum + Malibu Coconut Rum
  • Coconut Mudpie (Sean J.) - Malibu Rum + Kahlua + Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • County Fair (my version) - Cranberry Juice + Jameson Whiskey
  • Creamsicle - Orange Juice + Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka
  • Crown & Sprite (Ben P.) - Sprite + Crown Royal
  • Cuba Libre [Rum & Coke] - Cola + Rum (suggested: spiced rum)
  • Dark N Stormy - Ginger Beer + Dark Rum + bitters
  • Dr. Pepper (my hubby) - Beer + Amaretto
  • Fuzzy Navel - Orange Juice + Peach Schnapps
  • Georgia Peach Martini (Melissa G.) - Lemonade + Sweet Tea Vodka + Peach Schnapps
  • Gin & Tonic - Tonic Water + Gin
  • Greyhound - Grapefruit Juice + Vodka
  • Lady Godiva (mine) - Drink Godiva Chocolate Liqueur on the rocks
  • Kentucky Libre (Megan W.) - Ginger Ale/Beer + Maker’s Mark
  • The KP Event (my hubby) - Lemonade + Hot Sauce + Bourbon
  • Manhattan - Sweet Vermouth + Bourbon/Whiskey + bitters
  • Margarita - Pick a nice pre-made mix + Tequila
  • Mimosa - Orange Juice + Sparkling Wine
  • Moscato Strawberry Lemonade (Sabrina) - Lemonade + Moscato wine + Strawberry Vodka
  • Moscow Mule - Ginger Beer +  Lime Juice + Vodka
  • Nocturnal Vampire (Sean J.) - Cranberry Juice + Chambord + Crown Royal
  • Old Fashioned - Bourbon + bitters + sugar or simple syrup
  • Pink Bogart (Sean J.) - Grapefruit Juice + Gin + Triple Sec
  • Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Pie Liqueur + Vodka
  • Root Beer Float - Root Beer + Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka
  • Rum & Tonic - Tonic Water + White Rum
  • Rusty Monkey (my hubby) - Sunny Delight + Malt Liquor (40 ounces)
  • Sake Bomb - Sake rice wine + Beer
  • Scarlett O'Hara (Sara L.) - Cranberry Juice + Jack Daniels
  • Screwdriver - Orange Juice + Vodka
  • Seoul Tea (mine) - Sweetened Iced Tea + Soju Korean Vodka
  • Summer in a Glass (Elizabeth R.) - Cranberry Juice + Orange Juice + Malibu Rum
  • Tequila Sunrise - Orange Juice + Grenadine + Tequila
  • Vodka Cranberry - Cranberry Juice + Vodka
  • Vodka Pineapple - Pineapple Juice + Vodka
  • Vodka Redbull - Redbull + Vodka
  • Whiskey & Coke - Cola + your favorite Whiskey
  • White Russian - Cream + Kahlua + Vodka

Have fun (and don’t drink and drive, please!)


* KYLE attacks!

ACT: Talk
* You quietly tell KYLE there is no point in fighting each other.
* His golf club trembles a little.

ACT: Talk
* You tell KYLE that there is a greater enemy to be faced than you.
* The king grits his teeth, but he looks disturbed.

ACT: Talk

* You firmly tell KYLE you don’t want to fight a friend.
* KYLE’s resolve wavers…
* KYLE’s ATTACK down!
* KYLE’s DEFENSE down!

I redid Kyle’s sprite + some flavor text, but whatever, next up is either Princess Kenny or Bard Jimmy, depending on who I’m not lazy to do :D

I couldn’t decide between the regular sprite things I’ve been doing or the Asgore-style shadow over the eyes, so I posted both. I also have a Dark Lord!Clyde with regular eyes, just saying.

I’m going to start this thing off nice and easy. And don’t give me any shit for it – even MMA fighters start off training for stamina long before they learn how to apply a rear naked choke. Funky Juice is my stamina training. This drink is from the 30 Rock episode “It’s Never Too Late For Now” as a signature drink for Liz Lemon.

No surprise here, Funky Juice is just dripping with funk! The good kind of funk, though, not the one that means depressed or smelly. FJ results in neither of those, as a matter of fact. If I had one criticism, though, it would be that you have to balance the two just right for the perfect combination. If you use too much soda, you just end up with wine-flavored Sprite that doesn’t get you hammered. If you use too much wine, you end up with a drink that tastes like the wine you left out the night before but your “fuck it” attitude told you to drink the flat-tasting swill the next morning anyway.

7 Fake Movie And TV Drinks That Got Us Drunk In Real Life

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How about Flowey becomes the best, most successful president/PM of all time simply out of spite. Like someone tells him that he couldn't possibly do any good and Flowey would respond "Well screw you, you don't know me! Now excuse me, I'm gonna end all wars, use that large enormous chunk of spare money from ending all those wars to help the needy, prevent the massive economical fluctuations you're gonna cause with all that monster gold, and be a good role model for future generations and more!!!"

If anyone could become the best president in the world out of sheer EFF YOU-flavored spite, it’d be Flowey…although he’d probably need more than a couple of resets to actually end all the wars and help all the needy, too. 

Hello Flight Rising! Taylor the latte-coatl here, ready to show off my new coffee shop situated right in the Reedcleft Ascent! I’m opening it with a great event, The Flight Rising Coffee Crawl, and for it I am featuring 2 drinks for each Flight (and telling you how to make them, but keep it quiet– trade secrets, y’know?) 

For each flight (listed below) I have compiled 2 drinks. 1 coffee beverage and also a non-coffee cafe beverage for those of you who might not like coffee. I hope you find it interest and informative! Please note that these are my personal opinions and that not all may agree with my selections.

For those of you who may not be caught up with coffeeshop lingo, here are a few key terms:

Latte: a shot (or 2) of espresso with steamed milk

Cappuccino: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foam (on top)
Mocha: latte w/ chocolate
Chai latte: can either be made using a tea concentrate or a powder. I prefer powder, personally, since the texture is more silky and foamy. Mixed into steamed milk.
Steamer: steamed milk



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