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The Signs as Strange Shit Found in Space


Taurus: Galactic Cannibalism; where galaxies literally devour each other. Those savages.

Gemini: Gliese 581 c; May be a candidate for future colonization. Only thing is that one side will melt your face off and the other will freeze you to death :). But there is a little strip in the middle that is a-okay. 

Cancer: Universe’s largest water reservoir; contains 140 trillion times more water than Earth, makes a kick-ass water slide. Also a big ass black hole :/ 

Leo: The Diamond Planet; pretty self-explanatory, worth 29.2 nonillion dollars. Take that Bill Gates. 

Virgo: The Cold Star; thinks its the shit, really aint. Our sun is hot af and this star is only 80 degrees. That’s a regular day in LA basically. 

Libra: El Gordo Galaxy; Spanish for “the fat one”. Has a lot of galaxies in there.

Scorpio: The Planet of Burning Ice; its literally an ice ball that is literally on fire. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius B2; basically a fucking huge cloud that is “a giant river of raspberry-flavored rum” 

Capricorn: Dark Energy; we don’t know what the fuck it is that’s why its called “dark” energy. it’s making the universe expand faster. how? we don’t know. just does its own thang. 

Aquarius: White Holes; the opposite of black holes, may be the key to time travel. Only exists in theory. 

Pisces: Pillars of Creation; makes little star babies (✿◠‿◠) 

Something Sweet {Part II}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Been watching a lot of foodie movies lately. Also a lot of Masterchef and Kitchen Nightmares!)

Head Chef! Obi-Wan x Pastry Chef! Reader

Plot Summary: When Qui-Gon hires a new pastry chef for his dessert menu, Obi-Wan feels a slight sense of competition. Who do you think you are, just waltzing into his kitchen? He’s been running it for years, it doesn’t need to change. But, as time progresses, he realizes the sour beginning the two of you had is starting to turn into something sweet.

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“Hello? Mr. Jinn?” You walked into the restaurant the next morning, your apron tied around your waist and pulling along your baking tools. Rolling pins, whisks, cake leveler, icing tips, icing bags, everything you ever need inside your case rolling behind you.

Qui-Gon stood up, exiting his office and shaking your hand with a warm smile. “You must be Y/N. Anakin mentioned you were interested in the job?”

You nodded, glancing to your tools. “Yes, I recently left my job working over at Supernova Sweets, do you know the place?”

“Ah, yes, I’ve tasted your pastries before. Quite extraordinary.”

“That’s high praise, thank you so much.” You smiled, as Qui-Gon gestured for you to follow him.

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Gifts for Nursey

ok so… valentines day gon b on the back burner for the love of my life’s birthday. what a blessed day, honestly. ok so, i give u a list of gifts smh gave my son at various birthday events:
bitty: obviously bits is gonna bake some bomb ass pastries and shit but in addition he pulls nursey into a bear hug and tells him how blessed he is to have nursey in his life and how much he loves him and how much he means to the team & everyone around him. its emotional and nursey cries and eats A Lot of cookies.
tango & whiskey: a very badly sung version of las mañanitas with whiskey playing the guitar and tango playing the trumpet (whiskey only knows how to play las mañanitas on the guitar & tango hasnt played the trumpet in 8 years) and also some coconut flavored rum (this is all also at like 8am so nursey hates them lowkey).
lardo: a little acrylic painting of nursey @ the pond with some duckies titled “the simple things in life” & a packet of those silvery temporary tattoo shits which she artfully places on various parts of his body so that he looks like cochella vomited on him.
ransom & holster: they treat him to lunch & give him a suffocating group hug. also they give him an all access pass to piggyback rides for the day (mostly from holster bc nursey has a baby crush on ransom that makes him all fluttery inside n shit). ransom also gets him a white and black nyc snapback that matches his own black and white nyc snapback.
shitty: 2 blunts rolled with care & some quality shit & a pastel pink hoodie with “black excellence” on the front in white
jack: signed falconers hat, and a basket of little things; nice smelling organic soap, lavender scented candles, lotion, kale chips (?), a led zeppelin cd (??), & a very old copy of pride a prejudice (???)
dex: a song about him that dex wrote himself. a pinky/blue succulent. a grey beanie. a couple of those fidget toy things. a fountain pen with his initials on it. a hand made wooden box to hold things in. a very warm, manly embrace filled w/ love.
chowder: orchestrates his birthday party. blonde by frank ocean on vinyl. a plane ticket to california. a nice leather bound journal. the most intense cuddling & netflix marathon ever.

We’ve been drinking lime flavored rum with orange juice and smoking cigarettes and some weed. Now we’re eating burritos. And you know what? I want to kiss her. I want to taste her lips. I want her burrito-cigarette-fucking lime flavored rum, lips. I can’t stop picturing me kissing her. Fuck… want to kiss her now… I want to just hold her hand and see if our fingers fit through each others like I hope they will… What the fuck is happening to me? And she has the sweetest laugh and an even sweeter fake laugh. And her smile is gorgeous. We talked. About everything and nothing. I went fucking crazy over her fucking kitten…

This is the longest conversation I’ve ever had with a girl and it was the best conversation I’ve had.

—  The Other Night (5/9/2017 @1:07am)
Rum Raisin

In which I’m a paranoid dumbass who deleted her ao3 account, and have to wait for a new invite lmao, so I’m posting this here until then. Super short drabble about Richard and his nails and pondering about Jared

His cuticles were bleeding again. Richard stared hard at the bitten-down nubs where he’d plucked and pulled until the skin tore, leaving them puffy and reddened. They not only hurt, but also reminded him of failure; of his failure in both a work-related and personal sense. That’s all life really felt like this these days, if he was being brutally honest.

He rolled up the cuffs of his sleeves and went to go wash his hands. Underneath the hot water, he let out a hiss, but resigned himself to his fate. He’d brought this upon himself. His shitty genetic makeup left him a neurotic mess, and Richard Hendricks just had to dive head first into a venture he wasn’t even wholly invested in— both financially and emotionally. It was a losing combination either way, and most days, Richard questioned with increasing frequency why he even stuck around. With a sigh, he shut off the water and resolved to take Jared up on his offer.

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Rum by the Bottle or Barrell

By Risri Elthron

On May 24th, Mr. Edwin Xerathi opened his fine liquor shop in a corner of the Mage District. The shop located just down the path from The Slaughtered Lamb boasts vintage and specialty rums made by Mr. Xerathi himself.

Fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and even chocolate flavored rums graced the tables as customers entered to usher in the new establishment. Xerathi Liquors hopes to bring that rich, smooth alcohol to all within Stormwind without the need to travel to places like Booty Bay.

Mr. Xerathi was on hand to greet guests as they arrived and shared his latest creation, “Cocoa’s Kiss” by the glass. From our sample, it is one not to miss!

Rums are available for delivery by mail or in person. Contact Mr. Xerathi at Xerathi Liquors, Stormwind City to place your order today!

The Menu

Cocoa’s Kiss:  Rum made with Stranglethorn coconuts and aged within barrels made to transport cocoa beans. Made to serve as a sinfully smooth experience and act opposite of the delightful Golden Ivory with it’s flavor.

Golden Ivory:  A golden rum distilled in barrels that previously transported beans of vanilla, aged with hints of caramel to bring out a rich flavor

The Sailor’s Bite:  A navy rum, inspired by a Gilnean man. Its dark, full body is cut with lime to provide a bitter sweet  taste and keep a sailor’s scurvy at bay, an essential for sea life.

Desert Rose:  A dark, golden rum distilled with cinnamon and citrus from oases within Uldum

Paradise: A light hued rum distilled with peaches of Stranglethorn and mangos of Sholazar to provide a delightful sweetness with its alcoholic bite.

(Contact @edwinxerathi  or in game as Meszur to set up your RP purchase.)

About Me Meme

Were you named after anyone?

After my aunt. She past away this year. It’s an old fashioned Chinese name.

When was the last time you cried?


Do you like your handwriting?


What’s your favorite lunch meat?


Do you have kids?


If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?


Do you still have your tonsils?


Would you bungee jump?

No way.

What’s your favorite cereal?

I don’t eat cereal. Cornflakes if I am having full English breakfast in the UK on holiday.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


Do you think you are a strong person?


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Malaga (vanilla with rum raisins), only in my country.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Appearance and behaviour.

Do you use sarcasm?


What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

Wish I was taller(1.61).

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

Still in my pyjamas, it’s morning.

What are you listening to right now?

I am catching up with Tumblr now.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Light blue.

Favorite smell?

Fresh coffee.

Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?

My mum.

Favorite sport to watch?

When teamNL is on, ice speed skating and hockey.

Hair color?

Black with a lot of grey hairs covered.

Eye color?


Do you wear contacts?

Yes, out of necessity. I am near sighted.

Favorite food?

Grilled chicken and anything with melted cheese.

Scary movie or comedy?


Last movie you watched?


What color shirt are you wearing?


Summer or winter?


Hugs or kisses?


Book you’re currently reading?


Who do you miss right now?

My dad who passed away last year.

What’s on your mouse pad?

A pic of the building where I used to work in Rotterdam.

What’s the last TV program you watched?

Star Trek Discovery.

What’s the best sound?

The sound of the sea.

Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

The Beatles.

What’s the furthest you ever traveled?

The Maldives.

Do you have a special talent?

I am good at chucking out old stuff?

Where were you born?

Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Preference #4: Strip Show

Niall: God dammit, why did he fucking agree to this? Niall gulped, eyes pinned to the line of your bra strap as it slips down your shoulder. Now he remembers why he agreed to this; because you had pouted at him with those damn full lips and those innocent eyes and he said yes without even thinking. You had climbed off him unexpectedly in the middle of a make out session that should make the record books, wrestling his hands off your ass and telling him you wanted to strip for him, but with the condition that he wasn’t allowed to touch you until you said so. He had taken one look at your face and pictured you swaying your hips in his face while you slipped out of your clothes and he was sold. Now he doesn’t know how hes going to resist touching you save for removing his hands from his body. Your bra comes off, you slink closer to him, holding your breasts in your hands and leaning over so they’re dangerously close to his face, to his mouth, and he actually whimpers. Fuck. Shit, fuck, damn. “Babe,” he’s shocked how raspy his voice sounds. “Baby lemme touch ya, I gotta-” he breaks off in a groan when you turn around, running your hands over your hips, your ass, in the way you know Niall is dying to do, and you glance over your shoulder at him, lip between your teeth as you hook your thumbs in your panties and slowly ease them down. You wiggle your hips for good measure, and, he can’t help it, he snaps. He’s got you on your back on the bed before you know what’s happening, and you let out a shocked laugh as his hands try to touch every inch of you at once. “You know you were drivin’ me mad, don’t ya?” He doesn’t give you time to answer before he’s kissing you hard enough to bruise, fingers of one hand slipping into you and feeling you out. “’M gonna pay ya back fer t'at.”

Zayn: It all started with that damn Cosmo magazine. Another one of those ridiculous ‘sex tip’ articles was published in it and you had read it and proceeded to look at him with wide eyes and ask him if he was unsatisfied with your sex life. Zayn had spluttered at first, shocked at the question and a little uncomfortable, seeing as the two of you were in the middle of public lunch at a cafe but he had tried to assure you, he really did, that he was completely satisfied and you didn’t have to do anything different to please him. The look on your face betrayed your disbelief, and he had a feeling he was in for it. His suspicions were confirmed that night, when you suddenly started wiggling underneath him in a way that wasn’t due to pleasure, attempting to get into some weird, decidedly unsexy position that almost made you buck him off of you and clear off the bed. A few days later you were incredibly chagrined and scrubbing edible body paint off the mattress and walls. And he absolutely had to draw the line when you tried to put ice on his balls. “Y/N. You don’t need to change anythin’ ‘bout our sex life, okay? It’s perfect the way it is, yeah?” he had implored you, and for a while he thought it finally stuck. But on a clear evening he came home from the working to find a dark house, quiet except for a soft hint of music coming from the bedroom,  and his Cosmo magazine- radar started pinging in his head. Groaning inwardly, he made his way to the bedroom, determined to put a stop to whatever new insane idea you had in mind for tonight (and silently praying that ice wasn’t involved again), but when he entered the room he stopped dead in his tracks. You were standing in the middle of the room, looking a little shy but resolute, wearing a devastatingly sexy little number that he had never seen you in before, and he’s sure that his jaw hit the floor. “I-uh-what-” “Shh.” You crept up to him, your eye level closer to his than usual with the help of a pair of stilettos, and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Zayn’s hands immediately found your hips and pulled you to him, sighing into your mouth as he deepened the kiss. “I know you don’t want me to change anything anymore, but…I just want to try this.” He wasn’t exactly sure what ‘this’ was, but he was down for the ride. You pushed him gently to the bed before going to the stereo and turning up the volume on the sultry song playing in the background, and then you turned to him, biting your lip and holding his dark gaze while you started to sway and strip to the beat. He was half hard in his jeans and getting harder by the second, and when your breasts bounced into view, he decided that he might not hate Cosmo that much after all.

Louis: “Mmm…mmph…babe…baby, baby I’ve gotta go. I’m already late. The lads are gonna start callin’ me ‘Zayn’.” Louis easily but gently pries your arms from around his neck and removes you from his body to stop the onslaught of your kisses, even though every cell in his body is screaming at him not to do so. He’s supposed to be in the studio in twenty minutes and even if he left right this second he wouldn’t make it on time, and he hasn’t even put his shirt on yet. He had woken up just a little too comfortable with you in his arms and spent just a little too much time kissing every inch of skin he could reach and basked in the feeling of your breath on his neck for just a few too many minutes. And now you were basically begging him to stay. “Don’t give me that pout, now.” His words are chiding but his eyes are tender as he presses a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll be back before you know it.” You run your fingers along the words inked onto his skin just below his collarbones, your eyes following the lines you’re tracing. “But what am I supposed to do about this?” Louis is about to ask what you’re on about, when you take his hand and push it between your thighs, where he can feel through your panties that you’re wet for him. He draws in a hiss of a breath, eyes darkening. So you wanted to play that game, huh? “I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna stay here while I’m gone and be a good girl. Keep those hands away from your pussy.” He presses his fingers to your clit through the fabric, and your answering whine goes straight to his dick. “I want to be the one to make you cum.” You protest even further when he draws away from you, watching you carefully while he pulls his shirt over his head. “Louis…” He turns around and is knocked off his feet, quite literally. You pushed just enough while he was caught off guard to push him back into the chair behind him and straddled him before he knew what on earth was going on. His hands come to your hips immediately, and his jaw drops when you lock your mischievous gaze with his and grab the hem of your top to drag it slowly up over your head. The bra you’re wearing is his favorite one and you know it, taking full advantage of it when you begin to roll your body and grind in his lap, pushing your lace covered tits in his face. You’re giving him his own personal lapdance and the blood in his head is rushing south at an alarming speed. “Louis?” You whisper. “Yeah, love?” His voice sounds wrecked and he doesn’t even care, just grips at your ass and squeezes when you arch your back and reach behind you to undo your bra. “The boys would survive if you called in sick today right?” He’s not looking at your face but instead at your chest where your hands are keeping the cups still over yourself. He wants to put his mouth on your nipples so badly he feels parched with it. “…Louis?” You grind harder on him and he groans, reaching up and pulling your hands and bra away from you to bury his face into your breasts. His answer to you is muffled by them and you giggle a little breathlessly. “Baby I can’t hear you!” “I said they’ll have to survive cause I guess I ain’t coming in.” Louis swirls his tongue around a peaked nipple before sucking it taut, thoroughly loving the moan and wriggle you release. “You found my weakness, baby”.

Harry: You were just trying to get a head start on your essay that was due next week, taking advantage of Harry’s night out with the guys. Without him distracting you with dumb Instagram posts or his abs, you were sure to get a good few pages done before he got home.  When he came stumbling through the door at half past midnight, you pulled your headphones out of your ears and looked up over the back of the couch to see him looking a bit disheveled. There was a thud and a groan as he bumped into the table trying to take his shoes off, and you couldn’t help laughing a little. “Have fun, dear?” It takes him a second to realize you’ve said anything, and when he looks up at you his eyes are heavy lidded but his smile is huge and drunkenly dorky. “Baby. My love.” Harry’s voice is an even slower drawl than normal, and he’s only got one sock on now as he zigzags his way to the couch, sitting right on top of your textbooks and kissing you sloppily on the mouth. “Harry!” You push him away and off of your stuff but he keeps making grabby hands at you. “Mm, I wantcha.” He smells and tastes of liquor, something you would normally hate but for some reason it makes you warm all over as Harry’s rum flavored tongue makes its way into your mouth. You hear a crinkle, he’s draped himself back over your notes, and his hands are quite sloppily groping underneath your shirt. You pull away to an annoyed and whiny groan from Harry and push his hands out of your clothes. “Harry, you’re too drunk for sex tonight.” The sound he makes is somewhere between a squawk and a laugh. “Excuse me, missy! Don’t- don’t you remember after the after party for the VMAs last year?” You finally succeed in getting him off your schoolwork, he stumbles away from the couch, swaying a bit on his feet as he waits for your answer. “I barely remember it. We both got trashed and we tried to have sex and fell asleep on each other, Harry.” “Well that’s not gonna happen this time.” “Oh yeah?” You frown at a particularly squashed piece of paper that held important info for your next point. “And why is that?” You look up just in time to see Harry, with a look on his face that you suppose he thinks is sexy, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “Because I…” he hiccups. “…am gonna….I’m gonna make you….so horny, baby…” he struggles very hard with the last button before he’s able to, without any grace at all, pull his shirt off. He throws it at you, missing you completely and instead stringing around a lamp behind you. You can’t help but burst out laughing. “Harry, wait, just-” “Shh!” He shushes you with his hand to your mouth, giggling a bit himself. “Don’t ruin the mood. Just let me make your knickers wet, love. Let me…” he drunkenly saunters away, humming a song that would be played in a strip club before rubbing his hands over himself. “…rock your world, baby.” Sighing, you give up on school work for the night. It’s gonna be a long night of convincing Harry that a) he won’t be able to keep it up long enough for anything that he wants to do and b) he needs to go to sleep, so, as Harry belts out a rock anthem and slaps his ass, you figure you might as well get a laugh out of it.

Liam: You stare at him wide eyed, sure that you misheard. “You want me to what?” Liam’s intimate little smirk widens, he’s not ashamed in the slightest. “Strip for me. I want you to put on that set I bought you when we were in Milan and play some music and strip for me.” You battle against several different emotions. Confusion, because Liam’s never asked for anything like tthis before. Apprehension, wondering if he’s going to ask you to play stripper for him all the time now. Fear and embarrassment, because that means his eyes will be incredibly focused on every part of you that you try desperately to conceal with either the darkness of your bedroom or blind lust when he’s fucking you. Liam though, always so damn sweet, he sees your conflict, your poor bottom lip being gnawed on and his smile dampens, his eyebrows turn up in the center in worry. “Darling, you know you don’t have to, right? I would never make you do anything you don’t want to do.” You swallow heavily and nod, watching as he smiles softly and kisses your hand. “Don’t worry about it babe.” You feel a certain kind of guilt as he leaves the room to watch something on the giant flat screen downstairs; Liam has never denied you anything, he can’t, so he says, and here you won’t even do this one thing for him. Damn your dignity. So it’s about an hour later when you call him back up to the bedroom after shaving and moisturizing meticulously and saying a few prayers. Liam pokes his head through the door with a “yes, love?” And his eyes go big like dinner plates when he sees you in the requested attire, leaning (awkwardly, is what it feels like) against the wall with a hand on your hip. “I….baby…I said you didn’t have to….” but he’s already walking towards you as if entranced, hands outstretched to touch you. You push them away and do your best not to show your nerves in your smile. “Ah ah ah, sit down, big boy.” You watch his Adam’s apple bob as he gulps, his gaze wandering all the way down your body and back before he does as told, perching himself on the end of the bed. Liam’s full lips are parted while his eyes are glued on you, you feel your skin prickle with his hot gaze, but it feels good. Instead of feeling awkward, exposed and vulnerable like you thought, you would you feel…wanted. Desired and wanton. You can hear the heaviness in his breathing when you turn on the soft song you selected, and turn to face him, your heart skipping a little in delight when you see his eyes where your ass had been. Your hands drift up your sides and over your shoulders to flick your hair away from the sheer and tiny bra that does nearly nothing to contain your breasts, and Liam’s eyes darken considerably. He licks his lips and reaches his hand down, adjusting himself in his sweats. “Baby…” his voice is rasping, his hand lingering on his crotch where the outline of his cock is now very visible. You start to sway your hips, trying to focus on how sexy Liam makes you feel and not how weird it feels to dance by yourself in front of him. “Yeah?” You lean down, your breasts threatening to burst out as you release a garter and roll down your stocking. “You…” he’s panting now. “You’re so fucking beautiful. I…fuck.” you smile at him. He seems to be struggling more with this than you are. You slink up to him and instruct him to remove the other, something he almost fumbles over himself to do, not hesitating to press slick, hot kisses to your thigh and the line of your panties. “I think this was the best idea I’ve ever had,” he murmurs against your skin as he rolls your stocking down and off your foot, and as your skin burns with his lingering touch, as you step back to continue your teasing and remove your bra very slowly to sound of his groan, you can’t help but agree with him.

random inspiration hit me because drunk stuff is my schtick apparently so have this

the RFA members getting drunk


  • i mean we technically have canon drunk yoosung already so i don’t really have to add to this but hey
  • affectionate af drunk
  • calls everyone cute
  • whines almost constantly and probably cries at the smallest thing
  • like sees a picture of a dog and is found sobbing on the floor
  • you give him food and he starts crying, hugging you, and eating said food all at once it’s a mess
  • tells you how much he loves you like 50 times 
  • “did i tell you i love you so~~~~~ much”
  • “ yes yoosung you did five seconds ago”
  • “ i just love you so much your hair is so soft how do u DO THAT (now crying) ”
  • drink of choice: honestly soju came to mind because he’s a college aged korean boy but i could see him being a mike’s hard lemonade/smirnoff ice person too


  • at first she’s super quiet
  • u know those people that just suddenly stop talking and just look around at everyone listening when they drink
  • that’s her at first
  • then suddenly you come back in from getting another drink from the other room and she’s on the table yelling at the people at the party because SOMEONE just HAD TO call Zen overrated
  • it was jumin. he said it on purpose
  • 100% fights people and you have to hold her back because ‘Jaehee THAT’S YOUR BOSS ‘
  • the most embarrassed about her drunken self
  • a bit of a lightweight too
  • drink of choice: PROBS white wine . pinot grigio. only the really good kind


  • so it’s not canon what he’s like WHEN he’s drunk (i don’t think?) but we do know that he is a DRINKER
  • i 100% see him as the kind of drinker that doesn’t get affected by it at first but when it hits him IT HITS HIM ALL AT ONCE.
  • like literally one second he’s chilling, maybe a little more giggly but then suddenly he’s belting and preforming full on musical numbers 
  • the rest of the people around you want to THROW UP he won’t STOP 
  • “(while basically holding you WAYY TOO TIGHT) gosh look at her SHE’S SO CUTE Aand she’s MY girlfriend have u guUYS SEEN HER -” “zen please i can’t breathe” “i can’t breathe around you either babe GOSH I JUSTloveyou” “yoosung next to you: please let me die”
  • sleepy drunk sings to you 
  • falls asleep as soon as he hits the bed at home and you have to take off his jacket and stuff for him 
  • despite that he got the drunkest and drank twice what everyone else did he wakes up in the morning with no hangover and remembers everything what even is he????
  • drink of choice: beer or whisky i’d say. i know in canon he mostly drinks beer but i feel like he’d be a whisky guy (maybe that’s just me projecting because i’m a whisky person too okay)


  • also a super heavyweight. i 100% think at some point zen and him tried to out-drink each other and both of them had to be cut off by everyone else
  • very chill drinker, mostly drinks to calm down after work.
  • when he does get drunk, he’s very stoic about it until he gets out of the car and you have to practically carry him up to his penthouse
  • when you put him in bed, he pulls you in with him and just starts.. talking
  • like just talks about how feels about you and how much he cares about you and everything he noticed about u that day
  • like zen, i’d think it’d hit him all at once but he wouldn’t show it. 
  • he definitely laughs more tho and it freaks the other RFA members out
  • slightly more physically affectionate in public, that’s his big tell
  • not too touchy feely but much MORE than usual
  • the type to zone out suddenly and have random af thoughts like how tigers’ skin is striped under their fur and everyone is like ???????????? we know???????? you told us that last time????????????
  • drink of choice: red wine. that’s canon as well. i imagine he does have white wine too depending on what he eats. but he’s def a wine dad.


  • this boy is dangerous to get drunk idek 
  • like the puns come quick and frequently 
  • he tries to climb things. all the things. constantly.
  • breaks a lot of the things he tries to climb
  • tries to fix said things with scotch tape like babe i guess you tried but????
  • he’s just out of control like i imagine him being like this dude i used to be friends with that when he got drunk he would do shit like army crawl across our friends’ yard with everyone’s cigarettes and stabbed a mango and threatened everyone with it (we had to take it from him and then afterwards he tried to run away and fell flat on his face) and also walked through the house while everyone was trying to sleep blasting classical music from his phone THAT IS HOW I PICTURE SEVEN GETTING DRUNK (it makes for good stories but man can it be A SHITSHOW)
  • like you get home and he’s drunk and he’s hacking into nasa while wearing your underwear on his head and has somehow built a chair out of Honey Buddha Chip boxes and is sitting on that and you have to stop him because bABE THAT’S A FEDERAL OFFENSE AND IT’S NOT FOR YOUR JOB YOU CAN’T DO THAT
  • probably, at some point, caused a barfight
  • i don’t know how, i don’t know why, i don’t think he was involved in it at all but he somehow caused one
  • drink of choice: i say rum or flavored vodka. like WEIRD flavored vodkas. like that one kind that’s made with grass that bison peed on or whatever. i think weird alcohols in general. 
I am black leather jackets and bright red lips. Rum flavored kisses and a perfume scented pillow. Wild laughter and thoughtful remarks. Your wildest night and your darkest daydream. I am sweet, psychic intrigue. I am the bastard child of multiple dimensions. The sweetest girl you’ll never have and more woman than you could ever handle.
—  Michelle’s perspective on herself
Elsanna Week Day 1- Mistletoe

Elsa was a little drunk. Not really drunk, maybe just crossing into the tipsy category. Of course she’d say, “slightly inebriated” but that’s beside the point, actually right next to the point really.

Kristoff’d brought her to this party because she was so uptight and the woman hosting this party was… less than proper. Less than proper as in, smashed and in a closet holding mistletoe above her head.

The redhead had stumbled into the closet, dragging Elsa behind her, and slurred out, “it’s tradition, you know.” She’d grabbed Elsa by the back of the head and pulled her in for the messiest kiss Elsa’d ever received.

Also the the only rum flavored kiss Elsa’d ever been a part of.

She was actually enjoying it. The woman bracing herself against the wall beneath her was soft, with a really great ass. Like, stress ball sort of ass but not really? Elsa realized her brain wasn’t functional and stoped listening to it.

A hand traveled up Elsa’s thigh and back down again, gaining pressure with each pass, Elsa groaned into the kiss. The hand slipped under her skirt with the fourth pass and scratched up her sensitive skin. Elsa shuddered and bit the girl’s bottom lip, getting a moan of her own.

Kristoff opened the door, “Anna, I love that you’re trying to de-proper Elsa, but she’s drunk and you shouldn’t be taking advantage of her.”

Anna’s head hit the back wall with a groan, “Krisssss, we were just getting to the good paaaaaaart,” a most definitely not slurred reply came from behind the quickly stiffening blond. Anna waggled her eyebrows at Elsa and scratched at her thigh again, “and anyway, this room is loaded with consent. It’s so palpable I’m breathing in consent.”

Elsa was dying. She gaped at the woman below her until two hands groped her ass (right in front of Kristoff!) and pulled her closer to that suggestive, conniving woman.

Kristoff laughed, Elsa was so stiff he thought she’d break in half, “come on Anna, bring Elsa out of the closet.”

“Oh I will,"Anna smirked at Elsa and waggled those eyebrows again, "in more ways than one.”