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Thank you so much everyone for 1.5k! It may not seem like a whole lot to other people, but to me, the support and love I’ve gotten from you guys has been huge. I never dreamed that turning into a positive blog would gain so much so quickly. So thanks to you guys, this lil artist is giving away one of my hand painted planting pots, plus a bunch of goodies from my childhood! Winner takes all, and winner will be randomly generated :’)

🌿Prizes 🌿
• One hand painted van gogh Starry Night planting pot (its about 4 inches high) plus a cute lil catcher dish for underneath :’)
• One package of hello panda chocolate biscuit treats!
• One package of strawberry gummy candy (they’re gluten free!)
• One package of matcha green tea flavored pocky!
• One package of botan rice candy!

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• Must be following me (I will be checking)
• Reblog this post as many times as you want!
• No giveaway blogs please
• If you’re the winner, you’ll have to give me your address so I can ship the package to you
• If between ages of 13-18, must have parental permission.

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{Special} College!AU Yuta
  • major: plant biology
  • minor: n/a
  • sports: soccer team
  • clubs: photography club, earth coalition, did debate team for a while but only because he liked getting into arguments with doyoung in front of people LOL
  • is really popular, fun, and relaxed,,,,,,you can see him taking a stroll from the library to the lab looking absent mindedly at the trees or at the sky
  • but don’t underestimate him,,,,,because he’s actually really smart and organized
  • a lot of the research he does in his courses is praised by his teachers even though he’ll play it off and be like “ah~ i got it right? what luck!”
  • but in front of other students he’s like hell yeah im the prince of the plant biology major ~~
  • likes nature so decided he may as well make a career out of it, also taeil told him once that he looked good in white so getting to wear the lab coat kinda makes him giddy
  • but he frequently likes to hike and go to forests,,,even on days when it isn’t required for his major
  • flirts naturally with everyone, from the TA in class, to the people in his group, to people in completely different majors, once came in to check up on an experiment his group was doing on some eucalyptus plants and i shit u not he touched a leaf and was like “ahhhh, you look pretty today~” to the freaking plant
  • tried to tutor for plant ecology but yuta has this thing where he can plan everything perfectly in his head but when he gets to actually trying to explain anything he’s like ah,,,well,,,you see,,,,one plant,,,and other plant,,,,become friends??? wait no,,,,,biologically plants cant make friends,,,,,,they,,,,,,interact? first date? yEARS of EVOLUtiON haVE CREATed This pLANT,,,,,,,,,,,,does that not make sense
  • but hey,,,he tried his best
  • doyoung calls him “narcissist nakamoto” anytime they see each other on campus dfldskdg
  • but honestly,,,he’s not wrong,,,,,because every soccer game the uni has yuta somehow ends up flashing that handsome smile of his and ending up on the front page of the uni’s sports website, the uni journal, hell even the other teams school has photos of yuta because he’s undeniably attractive
  • esp in a soccer uniform with his hair pulled back, pretty sweat down his strong jawline, and his eyes that can go literally from ^__^ to the most sERIOUS expression
  • comes of cool~ and suave~ and like suuuuuch a smooth talker
  • but all of his friends just sneer when people gush about yuta because they’re all like “this is the dork who calls his mom at like midnight and says he misses her and cries” and also apparently enjoys kidlike things like amusement parks and kamen rider 
  • “isn’t yuta soooo manly and dreamy~?”
  • taeyong somewhere: he collects anime figures don’t trust him
  • jokes jokes
  • but it’s cute,,,,yuta is all flower boy charm in his pressed lab coat and brilliant big smile and always trying to show off that he’s a gentlemen 
  • but also squishing winwin’s cheeks during lunch because wahhh so cute and getting all happy over the new pokemon release like,,,,,how soft
  • his dorm is slightly disheveled but it proves that he works hard with stacks of books and highlighters alongside the many trophies and medals he’s won for the school
  • (and ofc,,,,,his kamen rider figurines lmfao)
  • but yep it’s summer!!! which means a lot of kids have left the campus but some classes are still going on
  • you happen to not be taking any,,,,but you get a job at the local fair that’s going to run all summer a couple blocks away from the uni so you decide it’d be better to just stay in the dorm and well,,,,,make that Money
  • yuta,,,,,,,is also staying but that’s because one of his group studies is being conducted by a teacher who won’t be back in the fall
  • and tbh you only know yuta vaguely,,,,you’re friends with jaehyun who has talked about him and you’ve seen him in the school news
  • but,,,,,you’ve also “heard” rumors about him,,,,,how apparently he likes to flirt as much as possible and isn’t really interested in anything serious
  • someone once said something about how he accepted ten confessions in a day but then broke up with the girls through text
  • and you don’t???? know him???? but those rumors feel weird and full of jealousy
  • but at the same time like what is it your business anyway not like you and yuta have ever interacted 
  • until,,,,,,that changes
  • see your job at the fair is pretty simple,,,,you sell tickets to the ferris wheel and tell people which cabins to sit in
  • the ferris wheel is pretty tiny considering this isn’t a permanent fair,,,,and the rides like 5 minutes tops,,,,,but it gets fairly popular
  • esp at night when all the couples walk by sharing ice-creams and cuddling up close when they buy tickets
  • and secretly you’re like blEGh,,,but at the same time cant lose this job so u just smile and sell tickets
  • and??? that’s when you notice that almost every night
  • yuta comes by
  • and you know it’s him from the face but also,,,you’ve heard him speaking japanese on the phone when buying tickets,,,,,and you don’t think anything of it
  • but he keeps only,,,buying,,,,one ticket,,,,,every night
  • and idk you don’t want to say anything because maybe,,,,this is his stress relief from summer classes????? but at the same time everyones saying this popular boy who could have anyone he wants on campus is spending his nights. alone. on the ferris wheel
  • somehow, without either of you saying much to each other you memorize the time he comes by and save a ticket just in case 
  • like two weeks into this whole ordeal you dont even ask him to pay you just hand him the ticket and yuta gives you a look but you’re just like,,,,,go
  • because honestly you start thinking up ridiculous scenarios like,,,maybe he cries in there???? maybe the ride reminds him of a lost loved one??? maybe,,,,,,,,he uses it as a place to scream out all his frustration 
  • and the tickets are way 2 overpriced anyway college kids need to help each other out
  • but ,,,, the night before the third week of summer classes starts yuta finally says something to you 
  • and when he does you almost fall down,,,,because????? but as you slide the ticket over he goes “this place closes in half an hour, right?”
  • you nod 
  • and he’s like “ill be by the entrance. let me treat you to dinner.” 
  • at first you think you’ve heard wrong - maybe that he needs to treat someone to dinner
  • but when you meet his gaze, yuta smiles and is like “i promise to be there.” before walking off like it’s the moST Casual thing to ask a STRANGER to dinner
  • it shocks you so much that you barely manage to stutter out a “ok” when he’s literally gone
  • as,,,,he promised yuta is standing at the entrance as you come out still wearing your uniform t-shirt with the fairs name sprawled across the front
  • and yuta motions to it and is like “cute” and you’re like um,,,,,,what is happening
  • and he smiles again,,,so bright even though it’s nearing ten pm and he’s like “i know you,,,,,not from the fair but from college. you go to the same one as me.” 
  • you nod slowly but you’re still obviously confused
  • which only makes yuta chuckle, throwing his head back a bit when he does but he’s like “don’t worry, im not being creepy or whatever. it’s just,,,,,i know you’ve been giving me the tickets for free for a while so i thought i should do something nice back.”
  • the sentiment calms you down a bit,,,even though you try to say it’s fine you don’t need to be treated but yuta just throws his hand around you
  • pulling you by the shoulder closer and he’s like “nah,,,,we college students need to jump at any chance we get not to waste money - so c’mon!”
  • and that’s how you end up at a small stall at the night market,,,,yuta piling food onto the tiny plastic table as you watch him balance drinks in his other hand
  • for a moment you think back to those photos you’d seen of him on the school website. the star shining athlete of the soccer team
  • yet here he was,,,,looking something close to a fool,,,,,but in the most endearing way
  • you don’t expect to talk with him for a longtime,,,,but you do. 
  • yuta has a way of making people feel comfortable,,,,he’s obviously sociable and sweet and it’s hard not to like someone who gives compliments and actually seems interested in you
  • especially since the summer semester has left you pretty lonely on campus,,,,
  • but when you check your watch you’re shocked to see it’s nearing 1am and you have a shift tomorrow at the fair 
  • so hurriedly you and yuta clean up and practically sprint back to the dorms,,,,yuta making a joke about how he hasn’t run this much since soccer practice ended 
  • but as you stop in front of your dorm yuta says your name,,,,,smiling and adding that he’ll see you tomorrow before heading off into the other direction 
  • and it’s not till your brushing your teeth,,,,,looking in the mirror that you realize,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that you just hung out with nakamoto yuta
  • the next night yuta shows up as usual,,,,this time he slips something toward you in exchange for the ticket,,,,,,a ice-cream bar from the grocery 
  • he says that it must suck to not be able to leave and take snacks and you look at the ice cream and go “how did you know my fav-”
  • and he grins and is like “ah, did you forget, you told me yesterday~ i personally like their green tea flavor more but,,,,”
  • and with that he waves,,,,going toward the ride and you sit there,,,,looking at the ice cream
  • and before you know it,,,there’s a small smile on your face
  • yuta is even waiting for you at the entrance again so you guys can walk back to campus together
  • this,,,happens for a bit,,,,,and then there’s a day when you have off and you pass yuta on campus only to have him call out to you and pout because you’re not at work~ he won’t see you later??
  • and you’re like nope i have the day off, you’ll actually have to pay for your ticket tonight 
  • he makes a face that makes you burst into giggles and he’s like ill have to call my sister for more money at this point,,,,,,,or oh,,,,,should i try and get doyoung to use his card,,,,
  • you shake your head because what street fair accepts cards???? and he’s like rats ur right,,,,,,
  • but it’s cute seeing him like this,,,,, in the daylight,,,,,eyes sparkling and pretty,,,,,,,
  • bUT you shake that thought off as soon as you see a group of underclassman walking by and calling out to yuta,,,,,saying something about how he still owes them all lunch or something
  • and the rumors you’d tried to forget come back to you,,,,,,,because hey he probably isn’t treating you any differently than how he treats others
  • catching feelings for him???? Big No No
  • but yuta turns back and says he’ll see you tomorrow then and there’s a hint of happiness in his tone,,,,,but again you’re sure you’re imagining it
  • so why is it that the next evening,,,,your stomach is full of butterflies,,,,,,you’re practically straining your neck to see if yuta is coming,,,,,,
  • the moment you see the familiar silhouette you start adjusting your hair and shirt,,,,,,,,god it makes you feel embarrassed but also,,,,,when his face appears in the window,,,,,smiling and happy
  • it makes your heartbeat surge and you mentally have to keep yourself in check as yuta tells you about something doyoung texted him this afternoon 
  • tbh as you hand him the single ticket,,,,,you get the sudden urge to ask ‘why don’t you ever take someone with you on the ride? like on a date?’
  • but you know you shouldn’t say something like that
  • but when you feel his hand brush against yours,,,,,you just,,,,,,you burst
  • “yuta, why don’t you ever ride the ferris wheel with someone else? someone,,,,,,special?”
  • yuta seems taken back,,,,,for a split moment even speechless but he just looks down at the ticket and you,,,,snap back into reality
  • and start to apologize because that was,,,,,rude of you,,,,,super rude,,,,,god why do you never thinK properly before speaking
  • but yuta just chuckles and is like “ok, you’re right i should take someone special can you give me another ticket?”
  • your heart literally drops into your stomach,,,,because,,,,,he does have someone special,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but hiding your trembling hands as you print the ticket you hand it to him only to have yuta give it back and he’s like “let’s go.”
  • honestly speaking you shouldn’t ever leave your post at the ticket stand but the park is closing in ten minutes and there isn’t another person in sight so when yuta pulls you in behind him ,,,,,,
  • you find yourself sitting in the see-through cabinet,,,,,the lights of the two flickering below you as the wheel starts to turn
  • and you’re too busy looking at the view to notice yuta is staring at you
  • funnily enough,,,even though you’ve worked most of your summer there,,,,you’d actually never gotten to ride it before
  • so with the sudden invitation to get on,,,,,you kind of got excited,,,,,taking your phone out even to take photos
  • until you hear yutas voice
  • “so, ive taken someone special now. are you happy?”
  • and you look at him and blink,,,,,,,because wait,,,,,,,,are you that special someone???????
  • but ur like no no no way and so you change the topic and you’re like “why do you ride this every night? does it help you think?” 
  • but yuta just shrugs and is like “no. i just like it. i,,,,,,like it enough to ride it twice,,,,,three times but,,,,,,,”
  • and you look up from your phone at him and suddenly he’s leaning over
  • hand coming up to hold the side of your neck
  • and just as you reach the top you feel his lips against yours before he’s pulling away and whispering “but i like you so much that i thought if i come everyday,,,,if i ride this everyday,,,,,won’t they notice me in time?”
  • and,,,,,,,,no one has ever,,,,,,so straightforwardly,,,,,,,said something like that to you so you’re shocked,,,,, 
  • nearly dropping the phone in your hands but,,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,you manage to ask “w-why?”
  • and yuta laughs,,,,,,hand on his stomach and he’s like “seriously? why? because,,,,,i saw you and it was like i was looking at my dream,,,,,,the person of my dreams,,,,,,,,and then when we got to talk i knew it was right. that you’re the one.”
  • the ferris wheel starts moving slowly again and once you and yuta get to the bottom you step out of the cabin,,,,,still trying to process the confession from him
  • when yuta’s hand slips into yours and he’s like c’mon your shift is over. let me treat you again.
  • and,,,,,,,you follow him but suddenly halfway down the streetyou stop and yuta turns to look at you and you’re like,,,,,,, “don’t play around.”
  • and he’s like ? what
  • and you yank your hand from his and you’re like “don’t play around with me. i don’t want to be just another person you woo and then,,,,,and then dump.”
  • yuta watches you,,,,,nervously looking toward the ground and he lets out a sigh and is like “do you think im playing? do you know how much money i spent on that ferris wheel in the first two weeks? 6 bucks for 6 days out of the week. that’s 36 a week, that’s 72 for tWO YOU KNOW WHAT 72 DOLLARS IS FOR A COLLEGE GUY DONT YOU”
  • and you look up and he’s like “listen,,,,,,some rumors about me are true. like how i stare out the window during class like a moron but am also ranked in the top five of my major. yeah i tend to fall over things because im not looking, but im still the ace of the soccer team. and yeah,,,,,,,,,i like to talk and be nice to lots of people but im not a player. my feelings for you are for real.”
  • you swallow the lump in you throat,,,but you’re also like,,,,,,,r-really?
  • and yuta is like yES really now do you feel the same or no?
  • you look at his outstretched hand,,,,,,,and you look at him,,,,,,,the smiling boy who’d treated you to dinner, who’d come everyday not to ride the ferris wheel but to see you,,,,,,,,,,,,and you take his hand
  • because what is there to lose in trusting this handsome, sweet guy,,,,,,who just happens to love corny things like the ferris wheel LOL
  • and most people cant believe yuta is actually dating,,,,,,,,,but not because of those stupid rumors but because he seemingly has never been interested
  • and when you meet his friends for the first time johnny asks if yuta didn’t perhaps pay you on the downlow to pretend-
  • but yuta is like heY im not you mr. chicago and ur like ????? and johnny is like fine fine fine
  • taeyong pats your shoulder and is like “good luck, he’s a handfull.”
  • you also learn of yuta’s undying fondness when it comes to transfer winwin which you dont mind because,,,,,the kids adorable and you and yuta are both like “he’s so cute” like 24/7
  • much to the disdain of literally everyone else,,,,,,,,winwin is lowkey savage though he told you once that you were too good for yuta who apparently is much more airheaded than it seems
  • but you were sure he was joking
  • until yuta literally almost burned down the dorm trying to make homemade takoyaki,,,,,,
  • but boyfriend!yuta is just,,,,,the best
  • he’s so fun and upbeat and never,,,,,like,,,,,,pushy
  • like sure he makes jokes about being prince of plant biology or the only man worthy of your attention
  • but he’s coming from a place of genuine love,,,,,and his want of your attention
  • which is kinda cute because if you ignore him for more than like twenty minutes you meet aegyo!yuta which,,,,,,,can either infuriate you or melt you it’s always a 50/50 draw on that one
  • yuta also loves taking photos which is something you leaned when everytime you’d go on a date he’d start taking candids of you
  • and you’d be like babe im just ordering off the menu we don’t need to take pic- but yuta is already like its fine i took one of you and it’s up on insta i tagged you check it out
  • his sister calls to check up on him and you’re always nervous to talk to her,,,,even though she roasts yuta to you and it’s amazing,,,but you’re always like i want your family to like me,,,,and yuta is like how could they not like you when i like you so freaking much
  • his sister told you about his flowershop job in highschool which you think is just the CUTEST so you always jokingly ask him to get you pretty custom bouquets 
  • but the thing is,,,,,,,,he does,,,,,,,he really does
  • and he surprises you with this big arrangement on the 100th day of dating and each flower has a meaning for what he thinks about you and it’s so beautiful,,,,,,,,yuta no matter how greasy he comes off secretly is a big sappy romantic. fight me on this
  • takes you hiking with him and if you get tired he’s always trying to get you to let him carry you and you’re like NO and he’s like “why not i am a man of nature, man of the mountains-” and ur like man of the mountains when you drop me accidentally off the cliff hell no nakamoto
  • if anything you do like hearing him talk about his major,,,,because people think he’s good looks and athleticism
  • but he’s also so smart,,,,,and his notes are all over the place sure but he knows what he’s doing and it makes you so proud
  • you caught him dancing in the lab once when he thought no one was alone. did he serenade a plant? he most def did
  • the hottest thing about him though,,,,is during his soccer matches it’s like 0 to 10000. at the beginning he smiles and waves at you blows air kisses and does the usual cringy sappy stuff
  • but,,,,,once the game is in heat,,,,,he changes completely
  • the softness in his eyes and smile are gone,,,,,,it’s just a fierce stare and raw determination 
  • and,,,,,,it’s ,,,,,,,,,a turn on especially when he wins and runs up the bleachers right up to you to get a kiss and slip his medal off to put around your neck
  • liKE,,,,,,,how idea,,,,,,,,,also getting to shower with him afterward?????? even more ideal
  • even though yuta can get pretty interesting,,,,intimately he’s always mush and goo for the kisses you give him on the tummy
  • when you both are just lazing around and he’s playing some 3ds game and you heads on his stomach going through your phone and you just lift up the hem of his shirt and kiss his tummy 
  • he makes the cutest,,,,,,,like the CUTEST hehehehe laugh,,,,,,,
  • “yuta,,,,don’t you have lab hours to do?” “yes,,,,but i also have cuddle hours to do so get over here”
  • when you’re upset,,,,,,yuta is,,,,,actually really good at comforting, he reminds you that he’s here,,,,,,by your side and nothing will hurt you and he’ll help you no matter what
  • and no matter how childish his interests are like video games and amusement parks,,,,,,he’s a serious man when it comes to you and your happiness
  • his mom texted you like 40000 baby photos of him which you love and cherish and yuta isn’t actually embarrassed at all tbh he thinks it’s adorable you fawn over him
  • (aka he lives for your attention. if you don’t give it to him, like i said, he turns into a mess of bad attempts on getting you to show him your love LOL) 
  • sleeps in class and still gets straight A’s - it’s infuriating 
  • but also,,,,,whenever you guys have time you’ll head into the city to the amusement park and get on the ferris wheel because no matter what yuta remembers it as your “first official date spot” even though that’d technically not be true
  • but it’s cute and it’s important to you two even though doyoung is like “go to a restaurant like ADULTS” but you and yuta aren’t rushing to grow up
  • any1 who spreads rumors about him gets you super worked up and you’ve screamed at a good number of people and yuta and the boys always hold you back
  • but afterword yuta is always kissing you madly because “wow i love you so much you stand up for me all the time and wow i love you ok im gonna keep kissing you no-”
  • you guys are a fun couple ok
  • still flirts with u even tho ur dating but he does it with plant puns to be cheesey. “will you never leaf me?” “if you were a flower you’d be a damndelion” “we were MINT to be”
  • what im saying is yuta comes off as not being a dork, but he’s the biggest dork
  • OH wearing his soccer team hoodie and people being like “wait, you’re dating nakamoto?” and you getting to be like yes ;-) yes i am ;-)

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Billdipweek2017 Day Six: Cafe Date

Have I ever mentioned how much i love bubble tea with those flavored popping bubbles??? Green Tea with honeydew/watermelon flavor and strawberry bubbles so far has been my fav combo. 

Anyways: hipster date at a bubble tea cafe. That feel when you’re listening to your s/o attentively bc they’re so enthused about what they’re talking about you’re just captivated by it all. 

Taking Chances [Part 8]

[part 1]  [part 2]  [part 3]  [part 4]  [part 5]  [part 6]  [part 7]

Warning: none

Wordcount: 2402

*A/N: okay, so for now this is supposed to be the last part unless anyone wants more than the bonus chapter I wanted to add. :)

Aaaalso AGAIN thanks to @jaxonah for going over ideas with me. this part would definitely be different if she didn’t help me. ILYSM bby 💘


You were sat in the back of a taxi to the Korean BBQ place the boys had picked. This was a bad idea. Recently it seemed like you were always making the wrong choices. You shouldn’t have agreed to sleeping with Jungkook and again, you should have stayed home tonight. The conversation you’ve had with Namjoon weighed heavy on your mind. Was it possible that Jungkook actually had feelings for you? You had never even thought about it. The last two days you had franticly been piking your brain, trying to remember times when you had hung out with the boys. It all didn’t make sense, he had never made a move on you, nor had he been really shy when you were around. Could this be a prank to scold you for agreeing to the dumbest idea ever?  It was possible but unlikely; you knew the boys well enough that this wasn’t the type of prank they’d pull on you.

When you got out of the taxi, you straightened out your clothes and readjusted your bag on your shoulder. You were hoping that the nervous feeling, which was brewing in the pit of your stomach, would subside once you were actually hanging out with them. Maybe you were overreacting, it couldn’t possibly be that bad, now could it? They were your really good friends after all.
You made your way inside; the restaurant was quite busy for a weeknight. “Noona, over here.” Jungkook got up and waved with a bright smile on his face. “Hey.” You said shyly and made an awkward wave-like movement with your hand when you arrived at the table. Normally, they’d all get up to hug you but Namjoon and Hoseok didn’t this time. So it definitely wasn’t a prank, they were clearly not happy to see you tonight. Jungkook pulled you into a tight embrace. “You look so pretty.” It was a faint whisper in your ear, so no one could hear him apart from you.

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Osomatsusan × Churro✳︎Star Ikebukuro (2017)

Osomatsu - raspberry flavor
Karamatsu - blue Hawaii flavor
Choromatsu - matcha (green tea) flavor
Ichimatsu - purple sweet poteto flavor
Jyuushimatsu - kinako (roasted soy flour) flavor
Todomatsu - strawberry flavor
Totoko - maple sugar flavor

In class we were playing a game where the students wrote sentences about something from Japanese culture. The hint: it’s a traditional Japanese sweet, it’s made of shaved ice and has flavors such as strawberry, green tea, and mango, it’s delicious. My guess: cockroach (ゴキブリ/gokiburi). I always confuse cockroach with かき氷(kakigōri)



Uchida Shige (Take-chan-sensei) (x
A while back, Suga Kenta told me this was really delicious, but… yeah… well… yeah.

Kenta (Hinata) 
Shige-san!  It was yummy right?!  lol

Yeeeah… well… how should I say this… to put it to words is…. nngh……

….well, at the end of the day, I don’t really like it probably.  lol

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*The cup noodle flavor pictured is matcha green tea.

First Love Pt 3

A/N: Okay I am so sorry for updating this so late I had writers block but finally came up with something and I kind of rushed but other than that I hope you guys like it~ <3

Part 1  Part 2  

Warnings: at this point I don’t even know anymore

Word count: 3950

“I think I’m in love with you…”

Those words replayed in your head over and over again unsure of how to react. No no no no no, you told him not to fall in love with you, you warned him. Immediately you released from his grip feeling light headed trying to keep your stance.

“Y/n? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He said with concern confused to the sudden change in mood.
“I-I-I-I…. I need to rest… I-I-” and you felt your body give up on you. You knew how stupid it was to react to this only because you asked him to kiss you but you haven’t heard those words in over six years, hearing them from your best friend made you overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, he was very attractive, caring and a good person but you just couldn’t believe someone like him just told you that he thinks he’s in love with you, it was too good to be true. It had to be a lie.

“Let’s get you to bed okay?” Was all he said helping you get back in bed. Before he left you grabbed his wrist with tear stained eyes sitting up against the headboard.

“N-namjoon, I told you not to fall in love with me… please… maybe you’re in love with the thought of me…” You felt a pain in your chest telling him not to love you the way he wanted to, you knew what would happen if he did and he didn’t deserve that.

“Y-y/n why would you say that?” The thought of being in love with you? If that didn’t pierce through his heart hurting him then he didn’t know what did.

“Just give me some time… please…” And with that the conversation ended. That week the boys stayed a little longer until BangPd-nim called them in for practice. Namjoon didn’t say a word to you nor did you to him which hurt but you left it at that.

A few weeks after your mental break, you were busy as ever getting ready for their new comeback and award shows they had to attend. Namjoon would rarely speak to you and as much as it hurt not having him be there you had it coming when you let him down like that. You didn’t know if he was mad at you or not nor did you know if you were mad at him or just too scared to even contact him.

You were in the middle of getting some of your cameras ready for next week when you heard someone call you.
“Hey y/n, are you busy right now?” It was your junior Sun who was in the photography department.
“Oh Sun, no I’m just making sure these work for next week why?”
“I was wondering if you wanted to go get coffee since everyone is on lunch break.” He started working for Big Hit a few months after you and he was easy to get along with when you both met.
“Yeah sure I don’t mind let me just finish up really quick.” A few minutes later all the cameras were good to go and made your way to meet up with Sun.
“Hey, you ready to g- oh hi Namjoon,” you bowed your head slightly greeting him when you saw Sun next to him. It’s been weeks since you’ve last talked to him seriously without any awkwardness going on.
“Oh hey y/n… where are you go-” his words were cut off when Sun came up ready to go.
“You’re ready? Let’s go.” Nodding in response you turned around to leave when Namjoon grabbed your arm.
“Y-y/n can we talk? Please?” His face seemed worn out as the bags under his eyes were noticeable looking like he hasn’t gotten any rest these past couple of weeks.
“Joon please,” you sighed releasing from his grip, “ there’s nothing to talk about okay, I want to be your friend so please don’t make this hard for me. We can talk some other time okay?”

“Y/n that’s bullshit and you know it.” You were taken aback by his sudden change in tone.
“You can’t ask someone to kiss you then push away so quickly without a reason. Why are you avoiding me?” Just as you were going to answer him Sun called your name.

“Please just, I can’t do this Namjoon I have to go and you have practice to attend.” All he did was stand there as you walked away from him. You walking away from him was excrutiating for him to watch but he had to attend his practice.

The coffee shop was your favorite place to go when you would work on artwork or writing you were a regular.
“Y/n! Long time no see! The usual?”
“Hey Kyung Min, same as usual.” Every Time you’d come, it was the same three tea flavors: Green tea, English Breakfast, and Jasmine tea. There was a routine you had, each day was a different one and today was Jasmine tea which you needed after a stressful week so far.

“Oh I didn’t know you were a regular? How come I’ve never seen you here?” Crap you forgot Sun was here.
“I normally go upstairs and hide myself.”
“Ahhhhh~ explains a lot.”

After grabbing your drinks you made your way upstairs onto the balcony. The view was always your favorite as the blue sky would turn into shades of orange pink and red slowly become obsidian black with the city coming to life. Watching couples walk with their lovers coming from a date or going on one gave you many ideas and you’d sit for hours drawing anything. Sometimes you would stay until they closed, looking at your sketches was like reliving your memories may it be good or bad.

“So uhh I was meaning to ask you something…” snapping out of your thoughts you hummed in response letting him continue.

“Are you free this weekend? Maybe we can go out to get some drinks if that’s okay with you?” He was asking you out on a date, cute.
“Yeah sure.” You weren’t interested but the weekend was open for you so going out wouldn’t hurt right?
“Oh good I thought you would say no.” He sighed in relief slightly laughing to himself.

By the time you returned to the building Yuri saw both of you walk in together.
“Yah yah yah yah what is this?”
“Hmm? What?”
“You’re coming back with Sun, our cute junior who is a year older than you by yourself? I smell something.” You smiled at her curiosity knowing she was very protective of you.
“It’s nothing Yuri, he just asked me for drinks this weekend that all.” Had you known she would make a scene, you wouldn’t have said anything.
“HE WHAT?!?!?!” Everyone on the floor looked at the both of you including the boys and you covered her mouth to muffle her ranting.
“Unnie~~ be quiet please~”
“Y/n! You of all people are going on a DATE! HOW AM I SUPP-” Immediately you dragged her out of the area into a room.
“Can you please be quiet and not make a scene! No it’s not a date dear god no I don’t do dates.”

While you were talking to Yuri, Namjoon couldn’t help but feel a heavy pain in his chest hearing that you were going on a date with some other man that isn’t him.
“Yah hyung are you okay? You look tense.” Jimin looked at him with concern.
“Hyung?” Tae said. They all knew how he felt about you and were befuddled on what just happened.
“I’m uhh I’m going home…” and he walked off without another word. For the past couple of weeks you’ve avoided him only to end up going on a date with someone knowing how he felt towards you in which he felt a whole new level of hurt. It felt like you didn’t care for him at all and was just fucking with his emotions for who knows what. Namjoon didn’t realize he was crying until he walked outside and the cold air kissed his wet cheeks as he walked back to his place unable to breathe.

“I’m going to go talk to y/n.” Yoongi said with a stern voice agitated with y/n’s actions these past couple of weeks ignoring his leader making him suffer and close his group out of his problems. He’s had enough seeing this continue.
“Yah don’t yell at her it could be a misunderstanding for all we know.” Jin being more considerate trying to calm Yoongi down knowing damn well it wouldn’t work.

Yuri understood that you weren’t interested in Sun but couldn’t help but wonder why you would agree to go out that day.
“If he’s paying for free drinks than I don’t mind going plus he’s just a co worker that’s it. Right now I just need to fix things with Nam-” Yoongi stormed in interrupting you both by grabbing your wrist and dragging you away.
“We, need to talk.” He was clenching his jaw trying not to just yell at you right there.
“Yah what are you doing? I can walk on my own. Let go.” But he didn’t listen when you passed the rest of the boys looking at you in an expression you weren’t able to read. All of them followed you to the dance practice room sitting you down on the floor just eyeing you for answers.

“You know the longer you stare, I’m still not going to know why the hell I’m here and why the hell neither of you are speaking up.” Of course you spoke to them with respect but it didn’t refrain the annoyance inside of you.
“Did Sun ask you out on a date?” Taehyung blurted out so suddenly and you choked on your own saliva.
“Is this what this is about? If it is then sure I guess he did but I don’t see the problem here.”
“Are you stupid or are you just stupid?” Yoongi scoffed at your response making your blood slowly coming to a boil.
“What did you say?” You were in disbelief and shocked that this was the first time they treated you like this.
“Hyung you don’t have to be so harsh on her.” Jungkook stepped in but it didn’t calm you down.
“Y/n we just don’t know what you’re up to since you’ve been avoiding Namjoon for the past couple of weeks.” Hoseok replied with concern. So this is what it’s about, you thought to yourself.
“Okay that’s a problem between him and I to fix. I don’t see Sun that way since he’s literally just a co worker. Am I not allowed to go out and get a drink with a co worker now? Do I only have to hang out with you guys? Don’t get me wrong I love you guys so much but why are you acting like my personal issues have anything to do with you?” You knew you had to talk to Namjoon but you just weren’t ready to say anything until you were 100% sure of it.

“Because they do! He hasn’t been eating nor sleeping properly because of this damn situation and you messing with his feelings like that isn’t helping!” he then spoke out of anger not thinking, “Jesus y/n we get it you’re a foreigner and all you guys do is whatever you want and fuck around,” he was pushing your patience, “but for fucks sake don’t lead the guy on. How low can you possibly be to do th-” and you got up and smacked him in the face while everyone froze in their place looking at you.

“DON’T you fucking dare outcast me because i’m a foreigner Min Yoongi! If anything i’ve done nothing but try to respect your culture and you guys but don’t you fucking dare. Of course I care about him but I can’t tell him that.” Everyone’s jaw dropped at your words.

“Wait what?” Jin spoke up confused.

“Look I can’t tell Joon how I feel until I’m certain on it, I wasn’t avoiding him on purpose. It was out of instinct because I can’t confront him especially after he confessed his damn love for me. There are things that not even he knows to why I can’t do certain things so don’t tell me that being a foreigner and stereotyping me as a person who only fucks around with people to get what they want is the problem.” You were livid at this point. Everyone stayed silent Yoongi realizing what he said looking at you wide eyed.

“I’m going home.” Before leaving Yuri stopped you noticing the tears in your eyes.
“Y/n what’s wrong?” She was confused didn’t know what happened within the 10 minutes you were dragged by Yoongi.
“Nothing I’m going home.” She didn’t try stopping you but she did go up to Yoongi in the practice room with steam practically coming off of her.
“Will someone tell me what the hell just happened because y/n just ran out in tears.”
“Ohh noona uhhh yeah things didn’t go well…” Jungkook looked down.
“Yoongi you might want to explain since you dragged her out?” She clenched her jaw wanting to know why her younger friend left in tears for the first time since moving here excluding the day you had a breakdown.
“Well let’s break it down to Yoongi hyung being upset because his younger member has been nothing but a walking load of sadness since y/n is practically avoiding him, and he confronted her but she explained herself and then he took it too far calling her out for being a foreigner and just fucking around resulting in him getting slapped in the face and her explaining her reasons somewhat better and now we’re here.” Jimin flatly stated out with his hyung still holding his left cheek smirking at the fact that he got slapped in the face by y/n.
“Min Yoongi I would slap the stupid out of you right now but y/n already did and you damn straight deserved it. She’s going through a tough time right now and you yelling at her because of something she’s trying to fix isn’t helping but adding on to the stress.” Yuri always got defensive when it came to you knowing how hard it is being the only foreigner in the company but she also was the only person that actually understood your situation with Namjoon. She was the first person you opened up to when you told her that you were interested in him but never came across to telling him. When she found out why, immediately she understood your actions.

“Look you may be famous but don’t forget that I’m still older than all of you and y/n is like a little sister to me. BangPd-nim chose her for a specific reason to work here and since she’s been here she’s done nothing but try to fit in knowing she isn’t Korean or asian at all. Her love life status by the way is something that you couldn’t imagine since it was extremely rough and she’s trying to open herself up but it’s hard for her because she’s never let a man in her heart after her first relationship six years ago. Don’t upset her for being different as she started small like you guys did and worked her way up to live her dream just like all of you guys. Y/n isn’t interested in Sun but she’s going out that day to get her mind off of things like this,” Yuri was pointing at everyone in the room, “now go and apologize to her before I grab you by the ear and drag you to her and make you got it?” Nobody even dared to object at their noona yelling at them, specifically Yoongi.

“I told you not to make a big deal Yoongi~” Jin said in a singing voice passing by his younger member.

The weekend came by quicker than expected and you were ready to go for drinks. Thinking about your argument with Yoongi, drinks suddenly sounded like great idea. You wore a simple loose tank top with high waisted black jeans slightly ripped and a jean jacket rolling up the sleeves putting on your red converse. You tried not putting an excessive amount of make-up only using eyeliner, mascara, and lip tint also filling in your eyebrows just a bit. It was your daily look really, there wasn’t a reason for you to impress anyone. There was extra time so you wanted to do some editing before leaving, the film you were working on was about falling in love for the first time in six years. The whole situation between you and Namjoon was being put into a film and that’s why you’ve been avoiding him kind of, you wanted to show him this to tell him how you felt but it wasn’t finished yet. At around 20:00 there was a knock on your door.

“Coming~” when you opened the door Sun greeted you with a smile.
“You ready?”
“Yeah let me just grab my keys.” After locking the door both of you went downstairs to his car to drive to the bar. It was dark inside but the milky coffee walls with the purpleheart wooden tables complimenting the black booths gave it a modern look.
“You want anything?” he asked after sitting at the bar.
“I’ll take a White Russian.” He looked at you in shock not expecting that answer.
“Hm I thought you’d be a margarita type of person, guess I was wrong.”
“Ohhh you’d be surprised.” Laughing at his response.

The whole time being there you forgot all your worries and actually enjoyed yourself along with someone’s company. After your third drink you decided to stop not feeling tipsy or drunk but just to calm your nerves. You made it clear to Sun that you weren’t interested and he was surprisingly okay with you being friends. Sitting down talking to someone who wasn’t the same eight people felt like all the stress was being lifted off your shoulders even though they were still lingering in the back of your mind but for now you just wanted to enjoy your time.

With you being out you didn’t know Namjoon stopped by your place to talk but he did. It was too much for him to continue not speaking to each other so he went to go talk to you only to find you not there figuring that you probably went out with Sun so he waited for you to come home. He had an extra key with him since he or one of the other boys would tend to stay over sometimes with your apartment being closer to the company and to avoid crazy fans. Looking around to kill time he noticed your desktop was still on with your work, he saw one of your projects still opened and couldn’t help but press play. He’s seen a few of your work for Bangtan but never any personal projects until now so he pressed play;

~It was love that opened my eyes to a whole new world, the electrifying feeling of a touch, the endless butterflies in your stomach when they look at you, your emotions being heightened knowing they drank in every part of you making you become one. The black and white paintings filling themselves with color and life in a matter of seconds, it was love that drove me to the brink of insanity though I craved it even more knowing how much it made me feel raw… but it was love that burned me, drinking every part of me but spitting me back out, painting after painting become dull and lifeless, it was love that drove me to raw insanity of pain, and it hurt.

Every second of this video brought Namjoon to some understanding of you distancing yourself. The longer it played, something caught his attention when he saw clips of the both of you and he sat down in your chair watching carefully;

~I told myself that love never existed anymore but, he gave me a silver lining. I thought he was what people would portray him as but then being with him made me think otherwise. He was caring, gentle, and all the right things anyone could ever be I felt myself fall for him. I let myself fall for him though i could never tell him that, I let myself become raw and when he took care of me I ran, I let myself fall so damn hard that I can’t even look him in the eye. My wounds feel like they’re being removed and replaced with new feelings, I get so nervous around him that I have to try my best not to just grab him and kiss him right then and there. He became my muse and I want him so badly but I can’t bring up the courage to actually tell him how much he means to me. He became the best thing in my life after these six torturous years but running away was all I could do. The one thing I do know is that I-

And the video ended knowing it’s still unfinished. Namjoon stood there with tears coming down his face not knowing if he was happy or upset. Now he needed to know how you felt and hoped you’d come home soon, he wanted to hear you tell him how you really felt.
Sooner or later he heard your door being unlocked as you came home from the bar probably. When you thanked Sun for the drinks you unlocked your door and took your shoes off to be greeted by Namjoon scaring you.

“N-namjoon? W-what are you doing here? How did y-you get in?” you were shocked to see him.

“Spare key remember?” His face was sad as his tear stained puffy eyes looked at you with worry.
“What’s wrong?” was all you could ask him.
“Y/n…. Why didn’t you tell me instead of pushing me away?” oh yeah you had to talk to him.
“What do you m-”
“The video y/n, I saw your video. Why didn’t you tell me?” He was holding back a lump in his throat trying his best not to grab you and just kiss you never letting you out of his sight.
“Joon, why are you looking at my work? First of all I don’t have time for this please just go home.” You walked passed him sighing to yourself to go change into a shirt and shorts and when you came back you saw him in the same spot so you walked to the door opening it.
“Namjoon please now isn’t the time to ta-” he cut you off.
“No we need to talk, you told me to give you time and I did.” You were able to detect the anger in his voice but it didn’t stop you.
“Joon for crying out loud now isn’t the time to talk about this now please just go home.”
He wouldn’t move from his spot as he was staring at you waiting for you to say something but you just closed the door and sighed in annoyance.
“Fine suit yourself then, you can sleep on the couch.”
Just as you were about to enter your room he scoffed but spoke up looking at you dead in the eyes.
“Are you scared that you’ve possibly fallen in love with me y/n?”

I am yelling at myself because the next part is going to be a doozy for you guys <3