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Food Fight

     Stuffer Shacks are the same wherever you go. The lights are always sickly, artificial off-white, the tiles all have that thin sheen of grease, and all the aisles are stacked the exact same way.  First aisle from the door were the anti-pollution aides needed to survive the harsh environs of any sprawl: water purification, personal air filters, and even radiation tests. In the farthest corner, aisle 18, there was all the raw materials you could put into your home’s auto-chef: flour, nutrient enhanced soy, myco-protein bricks, freeze-dried krill meat for those special days, and a wide variety of artificial flavorings. Everything in between held everything in between. Two wall freezers and refrigerators made up the far walls, each filled with orderly stacks of microwavable meals parodying food from all over the world, “handmade” lunches shipped on the overnight, synthetic fruit juices of all flavors, imitation alcohol, and various sweets. Over by the cashier’s post were a variety of cheap consumer electronics, ranging from commlinks to portable simsense rigs. It also had the convenience store favorite of a microwave corner, slushie tanks, synthmeat hotdogs and hamburgers, and various flavors of soykaf.

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What do listening to music, hitting a baseball and solving a complex math problem have in common? They all activate less gray matter than drinking wine.

According to Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd, the flavor of wine “engages more of our brain than any other human behavior.” The apparently simple act of sipping Merlot involves a complex interplay of air and liquid controlled by coordinated movements of the the tongue, jaw, diaphragm and throat. Inside the mouth, molecules in wine stimulate thousands of taste and odor receptors, sending a flavor signal to the brain that triggers massive cognitive computation involving pattern recognition, memory, value judgment, emotion and of course, pleasure.

Whereas most wine writers tend to focus on the various elements that go into the wine itself — the grape, the oak, terroir, the winemaker — Shepherd’s subject is the drinker. He explores biomechanics, physiology and neuroscience to describe a journey that begins as wine passes the lips and ends with a lingering “finish” that can last for minutes.

The Taste Of Wine Isn’t All In Your Head, But Your Brain Sure Helps

Illustration: Alex Reynolds/NPR


Homemade Patriotic Red White and Blue Slushie Cocktail by Brent Hofacker

Never Have I Ever...

Dylan O’Brien smut

warnings:  nsfw !!, oral (female recieving), squirting, slight pain inflicted

request:  dylan o brien where they’re best friends and somehow the reader tells him about how she’s never ever had an orgasm, followed by MANY orgasms bc dylan’s gotta help his friend out

Just like ever other Saturday night, you and Dylan held this small get-together that comprises quarter of the cast of Teen Wolf including Tyler P, Holland, and Shelley. Although you were not relatively part of the crew, being Dylan’s roommate made you part of the family. They have known you for a year which was as long as you were being Dylan’s roommate, but it was enough for them to acknowledge your character.

As everyone downed alcohols of their choice, Dylan was nowhere to be found. You figured he was either in his room longing for solitary or he was outdoors smoking; nevertheless, you wanted to find him sooner than join Tyler quaff cans of beer in the living room.

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Gods of Destruction and their speculative name meanings!

  1. Iwen = Wine
  2. Helles/Herres/Jerez = Sherry (Jerez means sherry in Spanish, Jerez is pronounced like herres)
  3. Mosco= moscato
  4. Quietela = tequila
  5. Arak = arak (anise flavored alcohol)
  6. Champa = champagne
  7. Beerus = beer
  8. Liquir = Liquor
  9. Sidra = Cider
  10. Rumoosh = Rum
  11. Vermoud = vermouth
  12. Jin/Geen = gin

Note: spelling and meanings may change as the official English translations are made available!

All This and Heaven Too (M)

↳ plot: he was sin and you knew it since the moment you laid eyes on him. His eyes and everything around him screamed darkness. He was trouble and hell loved him.

↳ pairing: taehyung x reader

↳ genre: fallen angel!au + smut and a ball of fluff

↳ word count: 12k

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One of the last few Canadian beers I brought back from our holiday through the Pacific Northwest. This Jasmine IPA from Steamworks Brewing in Vancouver is one of the easiest drinking IPA’s I’ve had in awhile; a nice retreat from the usual San Diego hop bombs. “Bière Forte” however might be disputed by any true west coast IPA lover, but this isn’t really about alcohol percentages now is it? Jasmine IPA is a nice balance of both flavor and alcohol. And would do well against any SD SIPA.

"Saint Patrick's Day!" A Zootopia Drabble that will be harder to read if your drinking

“Now you see why I like to come here occasionally” nick said, gesturing up to a wooden sign that had “the red fox” carved into it, along with a reddish carving of an ancient fox.

“Yep, just as I thought” Judy said rolling her eyes.

“Now despite the old look of that sign, it’s a pretty modern place inside”

“I’ll take your word for it, but next time we’re going to a bar that has ‘bunny’ or ‘rabbit’ in the title”

“Then I look forward to it carrots”

“Just don’t wear that outfit next time. You look like such an idiot” Judy said, looking over Nick’s clothes for the the hundredth time that day. It consisted of a greener variant of his standard Hawaiian shirt, but rather than an assortment of random plants, this one was covered in 4 leaf clovers. His tie had the 6 colors of the rainbow streaking down it, with a pot of gold at the tip.

“It’s saint Patrick’s day, carrots. I have to be in the spirit, Unlike you”

Earlier in the day, when Judy first laid eyes on Nicks crazy outfit, the fox had pinched her because the bunny’s attire did not have any green in it. After that Judy went home and changed into a green shirt so Nick would shut up about not being in spirit.

“Of course even without the shirt I have a natural green color” Nick pointed to his eyes. “Now come on”

The couple walked into the pub, which, on the inside, looked a lot cleaner than you would have thought. A couple of mammals were busy playing pool and talking to each other, while at one end of the bar a weasel had fallen asleep resting his head on the counter and hugging a small chair cushion.

Nick and Judy sat down at the bar and the bartender came over. Nick ordered a blueberry flavored alcoholic beverage and made sure to get a carrot flavored one for Judy.

“I know what you like” Nick said, handing her the drink once the bartender came back.

“Not that it’s hard to guess that I like carrots, you’ve know me for a while and I’m a bunny after all”

“Well maybe not all bunnies like carrots” nick said sarcastically as he shrugged “Although that would surprise me. But I know for a fact that you do like carrots, carrots”

Judy chuckled as the pair clinked their glasses together before drinking the liquid inside.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” Nick asked

“I guess just hang around the apartment, maybe watch TV or play a game, snuggle, the usual. Oh! Wait! We could also get some extra case work done”

“I prefer the former”

“I knew you would”

The bartender made sure Nick and Judy always had full glasses as the couple continued to talk about little things. Time went by and soon the sleeping weasel woke up and left, and another mammal came into the bar and asked the mammals playing pool to give him their clothes. But Nick and Judy were to busy with each other to notice anything.

Soon a bunch of empty glasses lay on the bar, and the pair was speaking in slightly distorted voices.

“Want to play a ( hic ) game?” Nick asked

“What’s……. it about”

“It’s called lucky 7” Nick said gesturing to the bartender.

The bartender brought over 2 trays with 7 shot glasses on them, all filled with a different liquid.

“The object is to dri-drink all 7 as quickly… as possible”

“Your on” Judy said, a determined look going across her face.

“Ready” nick said taking a glass in his paw “go!”

Both fox and rabbit quickly lifted the glasses to their mouths and downed the substance inside before moving onto the next glass. The pair took glances at each other to see where the other one was at. Within a few seconds, all the glasses were dry.

“DONE!” Both yelled at the same time as they set down the last glass.

“Rematch?” Judy said

“Actually that was the last we had of… almost all of those drinks” the bartender said.

“Well then… we’ll do it later… and I’m ( hic ) sure that I’ll win” nick said leaning on Judy.

“Prepare to eat your words” Judy said, playfully grabbing Nick by the tie.

For a few seconds the pair just looked into each other’s eyes before Nick spoke.

“Kiss me carrots. I’m ( hic ) Irish. Wilde is an……. Irish name”

Judy smiled before pulling Nick close and planting a kiss on his lips.

“Is there…. more where that came from?” Nick said smiling.

“You bet”

A few hours later Nick and Judy walked out of the pub, laughing together and leaning on each other. They hailed a cab and went back to Nicks apartment. Luckily the driver didn’t mind their laughter and hugging. After getting home, it took multiple tries for Nick to get his key into the lock and open the door. The pair stumbled inside and shared another kiss as Nick shut the door. They walked to the bedroom and crashed on top of the bed, splaying themselves out in an unusual position before quickly falling asleep together.

“Ohhh…..” Judy said waking up the next morning and rubbing her head. “What happened last Night?”

“Mmmmmm……. let me sleep” nick said in a muffled voice. “I don’t feel so good”

“Uhhhh…. same” Judy said, resting her face against Nick’s snout.

“But… I seem to remember…. that we had a good time together”

A smile spread across Nicks face.

“I seem to remember that as well” Judy said as she looked into Nicks half open eyes.

“Would you want to… do it again sometime?”

“Of course, sleepy fox” Judy said, planting a kiss on Nicks snout.

I’d like to thank my friend @crewefox for giving me some ideas for this. :D

Frozen Szarlotka (Apple Pie) from the Poland Booth available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Somebody Else Pt 2

Pt 1 Pt3

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Words: 2642 ( I promise next chapter to be longer :P ) 

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language. 

The music was so loud that it made your skin tingle and your lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with your heart beat as though they were one, filling you from head to toe with music. Over the roar of music, a distant, hazy chatter could be heard. You couldn’t make out any words, but a very known laughter rang in your ears and wouldn’t seem to stop; Jungkook.

Shit, you couldn’t afford to see him or him seeing you, you looked everywhere trying to find Minah but you couldn’t see her anywhere. Jungkook’s laughter echoed in your ears until you dared to look to the direction the sound was coming from. It was him without doubt, now his hair was a little longer; he was with a group of friends of whom you only recognized Jimin and Jhope.

Looking at him was not as painful as you thought it would be, alcohol was able to sleep your feelings, but you no longer felt sadness about seeing or thinking of him, it was more like a mixture of disappointment and emptiness. In the last two months you had cried everything you had to cry, there was no sadness or rage inside you, you had managed to close so much your heart that only remained empty for someone who you had loved so much.

The truth was that it had been a while since you decided to open your eyes and close the door, sometimes you liked to find a place in your mind where Jungkook could stay, but you have always thought that it’s better to root things out and although you didn’t want it that way you kept silent about things that you would have liked him to know, not out of pride nor was it out of shame. You have always been straightforward with feelings and with who you were. It wasn’t any of that; the real reason was to protect yourself because if there was something that Jungkook had taught you was to not trust everyone, that many people hide behind a mask and put a different one for each person…. The irony? He was one of them.

You broke your head trying to fix his; you wanted him to be happy, to get him out of everything that could hurt him. And you supposed that; that was love, although what nobody explained to you was that sometimes you feel so much love for someone that you start giving even your self-love.  

You wanted to explain to him that; having lost a part of you when he left you didn’t mean that you regretted having ceased to be who you were. Today you are not the same as yesterday, and with the scars he made in you, you can say that falling makes you wiser and getting up from them makes you stronger.

You found a part of yourself that you thought didn’t exist, you thought you couldn’t live without him but here you were; still alive, a little broken but still alive. Happiness sometimes depends not on the person you have at your side but on the desire that you have to be happy and you were so tired of feeling unhappy that all you wanted was just that, to be happy.

The reality hit you like a concrete wall, you had wasted a month locking yourself in your apartment for fear of seeing someone, how stupid. You turned and went  upstairs looking for Minah who should have been in one of the bathrooms. And so she was, Minah was waiting for a girl to get out the bathroom and when she saw you coming with a smile on your face she wondered what had happened.

“I’m an idiot; I wasted a fucking month without leaving my house for fear of meeting someone for whom surprisingly I feel nothing but a distant memory.” You said out loud more to yourself than to her.

“Eh? what? Jungkook is here? Oh my god! Did he see you?”  Your friend covered her mouth with her hand, unable to believe what she had just heard coming out of you.

“He’s here and no, he didn’t see me, nor do I care if he does,“ you answered. Your friend wasn’t sure of your words thinking that it was the alcohol talking. "Y / N …. I think you’re not in all your capability, we better go home” she grabbed you by the hand to take you downstairs but you didn’t want to leave, you really were having some fun after two months of locking yourself in your house, you liked the music and for some strange reason you wanted to talk to the guy with golden hair.

When you were downstairs, before she could drag you through the front door you managed to get rid of her and head back to the kitchen to see if Taehyung was still there , your friend following behind.

The golden-haired young man was still in the same place talking to a girl who seemed too desperate to attract attention; a skirt too short, a neckline too provocative, it left nothing to the imagination, all her aura was screaming boring.

You took two long strides to where he was standing and with all the confidence in the world you gently grasped Taehyung face with both hands and pressed your lips against his; his mouth was delicious just as you thought. A small moan came out of Taehyung’s throat and when you parted your lips without letting his face go you said "My name is Y/N by the way”.

When you let your hands go he grabbed you from the waist and brought you closer, his body was extremely warm and the next thing you knew he had slammed his lips to yours and nearly knocked all wind from your lungs, you didn’t have a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of your lips and you granted his access, delved inside your mouth; this time was fiery, passionate and demanding.  You could taste the sweet flavor of alcohol in his mouth being exchanged in the intermingling of your billowing breaths. Your arms reached up and tangled around his thick, strong neck. You heard a cough coming from behind and you parted away. His kiss was so different to Jungkook’s; it was magnetic, savage, it left you wanting more and he knew it.

Minah was startled looking at you without saying a word, you grinned at her and nodded to assure that everything was okay, it was something you wanted. Taehyung grabbed your hand and started to guide you upstairs to the safety of a quiet room, you knew what that meant but you didn’t care, for once you were doing whatever the heck you wanted to do.

As soon as you entered the room he started kissing you again, your brain was on fire and you womanhood was already aroused, you wanted to pull away before you lost yourself but you couldn’t seem to as your lips crushed together, you felt like walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips connected to yours. You opened your mouth with a low moan; your senses have been seduced and couldn’t no longer think straight.

“Y/n ” he whispered slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. You smiled, heart fluttering at his voice as you clasped your hands on either side of his face. Never before has your name ever felt so wonderful you thought.

He pushed you gently on the blankets of the bed, positioning himself on top of you caressing your thighs, descending to your neck and with the soft touch of his lips he began to mark the hollow of your neck causing you let go a strong moan.

“God you are so beautiful, I want to hear you moan for me babe” He whispered in your ear now caressing your earlobe with his sinful mouth. You moaned again at the touch of his lips. You could feel his hard member through his pants pressing into your thigh.

“You are so fucking hot Tae, I want more” you whispered between growls, you started to rub your body into his, making him gasp with excitation, he took your shirt off leaving you in your bra, and quickly pulling it off too. A loud groan leaves your mouth when he starts grabbing your breast and sucking them at the same time sending you almost to your bounds. Your mouth lets out another moan in ecstasy as you imagine him inside you.

But before you could do anything else the door opens and someone enters the room. “Hey Tae we need your car keys, Namjoon forgt….” You knew that voice like the palm of your hand, you tried to cover yourself with your shirt but he had already seen you and in the position you were in it was beyond obvious what you were about to do if he hadn’t interrupted . Taehyung felt you stiffening to his touch thinking that you were ashamed of another guy seeing you in that way. He then turned around covering you from the sight of Jungkook.

“What the fuck Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?” Jungkook screeched; Tae was taken aback with the mention of your name. “Wait… do you…how do you know her?” He questioned.

“She is my ex-girlfriend you fucking prick” Jungkook seemed pissed and that made you mad, who was him to be pissed! “Oh fuck man I’m sorry I swear I didn’t know” Tae apologized but before he could said something else you stood up now with your bra on which you had quickly managed to put on. “Tae, you don’t have to explain anything to him, this was just a coincide, I didn’t know you were his friend and you didn’t know I was his ex” You put your hand in his shoulder to relax him, noticing the straight look Jungkook was giving you. “Besides…” you continued pointing to Jungkook “this useless piece of shit doesn’t have the right to say anything; he cheated on me and didn’t even tell me, so you can imagine how much I care about his opinion” You finished with an obvious sarcastic tone in your voice.

Tae looked at Jungkook with a little bit of disgust, he couldn’t imagine his friend to had done something that shitty but he knew it was bad to be with his ex anyway. He felt like you two had a lot to talk about but before he walked through the door he gave you a kiss in your cheek and whispered in your ear “I’m sorry this ended this way, I had a great time” and with that he left you alone with the dark haired man.

As soon as he left Jungkook locked the door so no one would interrupt. “I can’t believe you almost fucked one of my best friends” you have never seen him this angry before.

“I can fuck whoever I want, I’m not yours anymore, remember?” you muttered. He stepped closer and you backed a step not wanting him near you.

“Maybe we are not together anymore but I bet you are still mine” what the fuck was he thinking you thought. “You are such an asshole, I can’t believe I wasted so many years dating you, you disgust me” you were so fed up.

“Y/N c’mon don’t say that, you know no one can make you feel the way I make you feel, I loved you so much, I still do…” You were shaken up with his comment, he was such a fucking liar; how could he love you with everything he had done to you? How could he still love you when he told you he didn’t anymore?

He took one more step towards you, closing the gap between your bodies, you knew he didn’t love you back, but you couldn’t resist. He leaned in a little closer, your foreheads touching. Dear god, you couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through your mind. His very smell was flooding your senses now; you were already so worked up because of Taehyung. His lips brushed yours, not innocently, like a tease but hot. He deepened the kiss and the world fell apart. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be, you had been waiting for this to happen since the day he left you.

His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breaths mingled. You ran your fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between your bodies and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest.

You knew this wasn’t love, this was lust, this was anger, these were mixed feelings but it wasn’t love, it couldn’t be. It wasn’t the first time for either of you, but you we’re so nervous you’d never know it. There was something about him that lighted you up from the inside, there’s something about him that melted your confidence to nothing at all. With Taehyung had been so different, with him you had felt so confident about yourself and you liked that, you liked the feeling of being free of your boundaries.

You urged yourself to push away, but couldn’t, he was intoxicating and you were caught in the memories of you two together; those kisses were your salvation and torment. You lived for them and would have died with the memory of them on your lips.

The facade you showed the world melts away and all you want is to fuck each other’s brains out. He pushes you hardly into the bed and before you know how it happened you where both naked and your skin is moving softly together. You turned him hardly so you were in top of him. You felt his fingers enter you from below moving fast, oh god how long you had longed for his fingers to be inside you again. Your tongues entwined in a kiss, He positions himself at your entrance, his hard and long length you loved so much and then he’s inside, changing your breathing with every thrust, hearing his moans timed to his body. The only thing that mattered was touching you more, kissing your mouth, your stomach, your breasts. You couldn’t bear it anymore after the session with Tae you had been almost at your limit.

He gasped for air and you moaned louder, he thrusted you deeper, faster, lost in time without a sense of control you growled his name; “Jungkook… Jungkook I’m going to cum” His name coming from your lips was something that turned him so bad. “Come all around me babe, I wanna feel your wetness around my cock” he grunted low and with that he sent you to your edge, you rode him hard coming all around him, clenching your walls into his cock and moaning his name in rhythm with his sloppy thrustings sending him to his ecstasy too.

He rolled out from you panting discontinuously and stayed like that a few minutes, heavy breathings surrounding the room, cum coming from your inside. He then stepped out of the bed and went to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper to clean you.

After you were clean he laid in the bed again but this time grabbing you to come closer to him resting your face in his toned chest. When you came down from the excitement of the moment guilty started to grow up inside your chest and to make things worst his phone started to buzz.

He grabbed his phone from the pocket of his pants and looked through the screen of it, you could read a name; Bora. He started typing something you couldn’t see because he stood up once again, he then began to dress up so you did the same. When you were both dressed up he spoke “This… I don’t regret it but this could never happen again, I’m sorry, I have to go”, and with that he left you to be with somebody else.

I’m looking through you

While you’re looking through your phone

And then leaving with somebody else

WIP - Coffee Shop x College AU

Seung-gil Lee feels like he’s going to die today.

First, he oversleeps. Then, he remembers that he’s just run out of coffee beans. After going through his morning routine, he realizes that he has a problem set due later this afternoon and that he hasn’t finished the last three items.

To make matters worse, JJ declares through text that they’re going clubbing tonight, which is one of the many things Seung-gil hates about the world. He knows he can’t avoid the Canadian no matter how hard he tries, and he silently surrenders to his classmate’s agenda.

He goes out of his dorm, following the way to the coffee shop near campus. It’s just open, only two or three people in line. Stepping inside, he looks over at the assortment of today’s selected sandwiches and pastries. He contemplates getting one, and if ever, how many calories it might contain. Of course, having a slice of cake for breakfast is impractical. A sandwich, on the other hand, is something he can eat on the way to class, and would have relatively less empty calories than a cake. He weighs his options on beef pastrami on focaccia, or Canadian bacon and egg white on whole wheat. Knowing the composition of the breads, whole wheat has more fiber, which is something he looks out for in his carbs. While the egg white is a good protein source, the presence of bacon cancels it out a bit. It looks good, though. Should he take it at face-value and indulge for today, or should he play it safe and go for the (practically) healthier option?

He almost makes a decision, but is broken out of his mental calculations when someone calls him.


He sighs. Of course the hyperactive barista, the one who holds the line up every two people, would remember him even after not coming by for almost two months.

Seung-gil diverts his attention from the food on display to the barista in question, his smile as blinding as ever. It seems to have gotten infectious now, and Seung-gil stops himself from smiling back.

“Hi,” he says. “I’ll get a me-”

“Medium no-water Americano, iced, with a splash of Irish cream syrup,” the barista- Phichit, his nametag reminds him- recites. He gets a paper cup and starts writing down the specifics of the drink. “Coming right up!”

He stares, mouth still open in mid-sentence.

“Oh,” Phichit says. He stops writing, but continues to look at the cup in his hand. “Did I get it wrong? It’s just, I remember you always used to get this when you’re stressed out. And… you look pretty stressed to me,” he explains as he looks to Seung-gil again, gesturing to the space between his eyebrows. “Did you want something different today?”

“I was just surprised,” Seung-gil replies, “that you remembered.” He decides not to comment on the stress, though.

“Oh!” Phichit exhales, relief seeming to flood through him. “Well, with an order like that, how could I forget? No one’s ever asked me to make that before, and I guess I thought it crazy at first, but I tried it for myself a few days later and it was really good! Now I have it every time I have to pull an all-nighter,” he explains, eyes shining, a stark contrast to the depth of his charcoal eyes.

Seung-gil blinks. No one’s ever praised him for his choice of caffeine before. At a situation like this, the safest option would be to thank Phichit for saying that. But knowing the barista in front of him, he might take it as a signal to talk some more. Would Phichit talk about more unique drinks that people have ordered, or would he shift the topic to the weather forecast for the week? As much as Seung-gil, reluctantly, would want to listen to the boy speak, the line of people behind him is getting longer, and he wouldn’t want to be the cause of their irritation at seven in the morning.

“Uhh.” Words are a bit harder to get out now for some reason, but he manages to croak out, “How much do I pay you?”

“Right,” Phichit says. He presses a few times on the screen in front of him. “$2.49, please.”

Wordlessly, he hands the money to Phichit. As he gets his receipt in return, their fingers brush together just slightly. Seung-gil flinches, and Phichit, judging by his expression, notices.

“S-Sorry!!” he exclaims. “I didn’t mean to. I mean, I can tell you’re not really a physical person, so I should have been more careful!”

“It’s alright,” Seung-gil assures him, pulse quickening and hands sweating.  He gives the barista a slight nod, something he hopes conveys goodbye, and as his order is called he makes his way to the pick-up counter where his drink is waiting.

He picks it up, stabs the top with a straw, and walks out the cafe.

good morning, Seung-gil! :), the scribble on the paper cup reads in bubbly, cursive handwriting. God, he thinks, even the message seems to be glowing with sunshine.

He takes a sip, and is immediately grateful for the burst of caffeine and slight alcohol-flavored sweetness on his tongue. He feels his lips twitch into a smile, and tells himself it’s the coffee and not the boy whose eyes seem to twinkle despite their deep charcoal hue. He tells himself it’s just the coffee kicking in, making him forget about this morning’s misfortunes, and not the boy whose smile is as radiant as his handwriting and his smileys.

His first class today, he almost forgets, is organic chemistry. With the way his day started, he was anticipating it to just go downhill from there, but this time, he feels that he’ll make it through without feeling frustrated for the rest of the morning.

He reminds himself that, yes, of course it’s because he had coffee.

It’s not because of the Thai boy who looked at him as if he handed him a deep, dark secret the world wanted to know.

It’s not, because Seung-gil knows it’s physically impossible at this point for him to develop feelings for someone he’s only seen for a few minutes today.

It’s not, because Seung-gil knows that feelings are a nuisance and completely irrelevant to his academic life.

With that, he quashes the thoughts of Phichit on his mind, downs the last few milliliters of his drink, and throws both the paper cup and his unnecessary feelings into the trash.

It’s only after he gets to his classroom that he realizes he forgot to buy that sandwich, but it doesn’t bother him. At the back of his mind, he wonders why that is.

theblogofsuri  asked:

Prompt: sunshine

Sorry this is kinda late, but I’m still accepting more of these if anyone is interested! Hope you enjoy!


Viktor could fill entire textbooks with all of the things he loves about Yuuri, but one of his favorites would, without a doubt, be Yuuri’s smile.

Every single time his fiancé smiles at him, without fail, Viktor’s heart stutters in his chest. Nothing can match the sweet curl of Yuuri’s lips, the way his nose wrinkles adorably, how his eyes squint against the force of his happiness, the perfect little dimples that dot his cheeks, and the blinding brilliance of his full-blown grin. To Viktor, Yuuri’s smiles are akin to the sun, in all its varied facets…

On the days when they don’t have practice, Viktor allows Yuuri to sleep in as late as he’d like. Of course, Viktor can’t sleep forever, but he has no qualms about holding his sleeping beauty close to watch the breaths puff out of his entirely-too-kissable mouth, see the slight flutter of his eyelids as he’s lost in a dream, and feel the solid weight of the love of his life against his chest. When Yuuri finally returns to the world, his eyes blink open sleepily and he looks up to meet Viktor’s giddy grin. Naturally, his face mirrors the expression, and Viktor is hit with a dazzling sunrise every time. He is convinced that the morning hasn’t begun until he sees Yuuri’s smile, as beautiful and bright as the sunshine.

Skating has become more difficult for Viktor, now that Yuuri is on the same ice as he is. It’s impossible to focus on Yakov’s gruff instructions and his own routine for the upcoming season when all he wants to do is skate over to Yuuri and twirl around the rink with him all day long. Strangely, it’s as if Yuuri has a sixth sense that tells him when Viktor is frustrated with practice. He’ll look up and Yuuri’s eyes are already on him, watching his every move. Once Yuuri sees that Viktor has noticed his staring, his lips will tilt up slightly and he’ll wave just a bit. Those smiles, quick and reassuring, feel like the comfortingly constant afternoon sun. Instantly, Viktor feels warm from his head to his toes, regardless of the ice beneath his skates.

Yuuri rarely allows himself to get drunk, but when he does, the transformation is incredible. Every movement is fluid, every sway of his hips deliberate, every touch (to Viktor or to himself) inviting, even daring. The sharp taste of alcohol-flavored lips permeates Viktor’s mouth and he’s flushing before Yuuri even pulls away from the sloppy kiss. Taking note of the blush, Viktor’s exceedingly-hot little katsudon smirks. His lips are wet and he bites them teasingly, gazing up at Viktor with sultry eyes dark with intent and burning with liquid confidence, and oh does Viktor burn. Yuuri’s smirks are blistering heat and scorching sun, lighting Viktor on fire and setting his skin ablaze with a fierce blush. Truly, Yuuri’s Eros has only grown since they’d met.

And all the other smiles Viktor is graced with every day, the ones that follow Yuuri’s laughter when Makkachin is being cute; the ones that he attempts to hide when Viktor makes a stupid joke or does something childish; the ones that light up his face when he’s greeting a fellow skater at the rink or Phichit and his family over Skype; the ones that spread slowly as he eases into relaxation, whether it’s after that blissful first sip of coffee in the morning or a heavy flop onto the couch after a long day; and the ones that follow every single kiss they share, tinged with a blush and full of love and adoration…all of those smiles are precious to Viktor. Each expression of happiness is a sunset that paints Yuuri’s surroundings in beautiful lights and colors of joy, and Viktor is always staring back in awe of the sight. He cherishes every single one as if it were made of pure gold and really, Yuuri is Viktor’s own personal ray of sunshine on earth.