Pour bien terminer l'année (ou la débuter, à vous de voir),
voici les toutes dernières Flavor Girls, plus précisément
les “méchantes” (mais si, vous voyez bien qu'elles ont des
petites ailettes de chauve-souris pour prouver qu'elles sont
démoniaques). Elles vont me manquer un peu, pas trop non plus.
Content d'avoir pu mettre en image ce que j'avais en tête pour
certaines, déçu de n'avoir pas vraiment réussi ce que j'imaginais
pour d'autres.


Well, these are the final five : the evil ones. I promised in
a previous note to explain you the background, the plot, etc,
but I don’t think it is a good idea right now. I’m gonna write a
long note about the storyline with many cool drawings
instead of a large amount of text in a few weeks.


Je sais. J'avais dit que ce n'était qu'un délire passager, et voila pourtant
le deuxième article consacré aux Flavor Girls. Je sentais juste que je
n'étais pas allé au bout du truc la dernière fois, et j'avais encore plein
de persos en tête que je jugeais meilleurs que les précédents.

J'ai aussi imaginé tout un background scénaristique autour de ces
petites nanas, je ne sais pas si j'oserai un jour en parler ici
(non, RIEN de sexuel pour cette fois).

Parties were always Lola’s favorite part about boarding school. Rich kids with houses nearby that always put her name on the top of the list. Sure, she went to bashers like these when she was living in Mexico, but boarding school parties were something she’d always found almost funny. The way all of them piled into Ubers and Limos and whatever other means necessary to go to someone’s nearby mansion and drink the night away. Tonight was no exception.  The party was well underway and Lola was well under the drunkenness level she’d wanted. One more cup of—whatever this liquored up juice was might get her a little closer, she thought. So she wandered back toward the cooler full of it and poured herself a heavy glass. She tried not to let her eyes linger on Conrad and whatever flavor-of-the-week girl he was chatting up now. Though they weren’t really anything, Lola always felt like there was a sense of competition when Conrad had a new girl. So she eyed her up and, ultimately, decided that she was hotter (her ass was bigger in the right way) and turned away. But that wasn’t before she made eyes with the guy who she knew had been ogling at her since she walked past. Sure, he was cute, and sure, he was giving her attention, but she was bored of him easily. She always had been. For tonight though, she decided, she could pretend that his lines were working, since Conrad was making it very clear that nothing would happen between them tonight. She didn’t know why it pissed her off so much, but she decided to blame it on the alcohol.


L'avant-dernière session. 
Je suis arrivé au bout du truc. Le character design des filles
commence à se répéter quelque peu, et le rapport au pouvoir
“mangeable” est de plus en plus ténu (qui parmi vous s'est
déjà empiffré de nénuphar ?). Malgré tout, c'est toujours
très agréable de dessiner des collants après une journée
passée sur mes bédés “sérieuses”.


New fruit-girls (again)… The next ones will be the last.
I’ve reached the end, unable to find new ways to draw shirts,
dresses and socks… It has been really cool to draw pretty girls
and weird sexual-related fruits, but I’m (almost) over it now.
Maybe next time I’ll try to explain you the links between the
characters and the little storyline I imagined for them.

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"GIRL I CAME FOR THE TEA AND KIM BROUGHT THE TEA AND I’VE BEEN LIVING FOR IT." LMAO!!! Kim was like, "which flavor girl?" *opens trench coat with rows of bags*

I’m actually so impressed with Kim rn, like I didn’t particularly like her before but now.. 


i think kim should start an expose magazine or something. i’d be here for it.



Ncis Los Angeles - Kensi female time - 7x08

“What is PSP?”

“It stands for parking spot bitch.

Everyday I go to Starbucks and this chick in a red Porsche pulls up about 30 seconds behind me and double parks completely blocking me in. So I can’t leave until she gets her pumpkin spice double shot flavored concoction  that basic girls like her get on their way to the office, an office that unlike me she arrives on time!”