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Billdipweek2017 Day Six: Cafe Date

Have I ever mentioned how much i love bubble tea with those flavored popping bubbles??? Green Tea with honeydew/watermelon flavor and strawberry bubbles so far has been my fav combo. 

Anyways: hipster date at a bubble tea cafe. That feel when you’re listening to your s/o attentively bc they’re so enthused about what they’re talking about you’re just captivated by it all. 

Soft Serve (Jughead x Reader)

Imagine: In anticipation for the summer, Pop Tate equips his diner with a new soft serve machine. Your fondness for the cold treat proves to be… distracting.

It was summer in Riverdale, and it was hot.

Local news anchors declared it to be one of the hottest summers on record. The black-top steamed from the temperature, and the town’s citizens couldn’t bear to be out of the house for more than an hour. The children, usually bursting with excitement to play outside for the break, instead laid in their bedrooms covered in cold, wet towels, lazily clicking through the TV.

The one oasis in the desert that Riverdale had become was none other than Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe. It was even too hot for the thick, sweet milkshakes, and in a genius business move, Pop Tate had invested in a state of the art soft serve machine. When citizens could make it out of their air-conditioned homes, they often went straight to the man himself for a swirled cone in a cake cup.

As always, Jughead Jones was one to deviate from the status quo. Crammed in the attic with Archie Andrews did not do well for ventilation or temperature, and the heat was making his best friend friskier than Jughead would have liked. Jughead stayed as far away from their room as possible, knowing Archie was using it as a love nest for Betty, or Veronica, or even both of them.

The boy had decided to seek solace in the open windows and breeze of his usual booth at Pop’s. Always Jughead’s partner-in-crime (or partner-in-fighting-crime, as it was), it was natural you tag along.

The door jingled as the two of you entered the diner. Upon seeing the large chrome box that was the soft serve machine, your eyes lit up.

“Pop, you didn’t,” you gushed, leaning over the counter to get a better look at the cook, who was swirling ice cream cones with an expert hand.

“I sure did, miss,” Pop said with a genial smile.

You turned to Jughead. “I love ice cream,” you said with an enthusiastic smile. You’d only moved to Riverdale this past school year, and it had never been hot enough for your favorite craving to come about.

Jughead dug around in the pocket of his jeans, pulling out some crumpled bills. “An ice cream for the lady, Pop.” He counted out the correct amount.

“You don’t have to, Jug,” you said with a laugh. “I wasn’t trying to get you to buy me one.”

“I know,” Jughead said, grinning lopsidedly. “Consider it payment for spending this hot day with me.”

Upon choosing your flavor of choice, Pop Tate prepared for you an impeccably perfect vanilla ice cream cone. The swirl was perfectly symmetrical, its spire curling in on itself like the ones in the cartoons. He topped it off with colorful sprinkles. Your stared at it in awe.

You looked up at your friend. “You don’t want one?” You said incredulously.

“Ice cream isn’t really my thing,” he replied with a shrug.

You grinned, hugging his side. “Well thank you!”

He chuckled at your childlike bliss, walking with you to his usual booth. He took out his laptop, finishing up some of his writings from the school year.

Just has he began to write, he realized that your love for ice cream was nothing close to childlike.

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anonymous asked:

It's a hot day and Jack, Genji, Hanzo and Jesse takes their s/o to eat some icecream/popsicle BUTTT- their s/o is licking the icecream in a.... suggestive/sensual way but his s/o isnt doing it on purpose, so when their s/o caught them staring at he/she, the s/o asks clueless "whats wrong?"

Oh ho ho ho~ 


The two of you got so hot during training. When you first started the weather wasn’t that bad, but towards the middle the clouds were gone and the temperature was way up. 

Jack was the one who suggested you go get ice cream since he knew how much you liked it. Of course you agreed especially after he offered to pay. 

The store you two went to was selling a new ice pop which was layered three different flavors of ice cream. You asked Jack nicely for it and he agreed getting you one of those and a vanilla ice cream for himself. 

The seating at the ice cream place wasn’t the best, a lot of the chairs were broken or out in the sun, so you two took your ice cream with you on a walk back to the base. 

Each flavor on the ice pop was delicious when enjoyed seperatly, but you wanted to try them all at once. From the corner of his eye Jack could see you push the entire pop into your mouth. His tongue paused on his own ice cream, eyes fixed on you as you moved the pop up and down to properly mix the flavors. 

“Wow these taste good together. Is something wrong?” You asked him after pulling the ice pop out of you mouth. 

Flustered Jack looked away suddenly, noticing his ice cream had melted onto his hand a little he hurried to wipe it off. Anything to distract himself from the growing tightness below. 

“Nothing Y/N. I was just going to ask how it tastes,” He lied. 

“It’s really good. Thanks for buying it for me,” You chirped. 

You went back to sucking the entire pop while he made a mental note to buy those for you more often. 


You guys had been enjoying a nice walk around the base when the mood for ice cream struck. Genji must have been feeling it too cause he suggested you two go get some. 

He took you to a cute little ice cream parlor off base that had just recently opened and was really popular. Apparently the ice cream was supposed to be super good. You ordered a soft serve cone of your favorite flavor and Genji got two scopes of mint chocolate chip. 

He found you two a seat by the window so you could enjoy the day while also being in the nice air conditioning. The two of you had begun to lick on your ice creams when Genji started staring. 

The soft serve was melting off the cone and onto your hand so of course you licked it off. Watching you do that made Genji blush bad. It only made it worse when you licked from the base of the cone all the way up the ice cream. 

“Are you alright Genji?” You asked him.

He blushed when he realized he was caught. Acting fast he made up a lie. 

“I was thinking about how your ice cream tastes.”

“Oh you can try some,” You said holding it out to him. 

He took a lick off of yours then offered you a lick of his. When you leaned in to get it he snuck a kiss.

You pulled back nearly dropping your own ice cream in the process. 


You had been training for hours in the heat outside base. When you finished all you wanted was something cold to eat. Hanzo must have been psychic cause by the time you got to your room he had an ice pop waiting for you.

“How did you know what I was thinking?” You gushed gladly taking the treat from his hands. 

“Lucky guess,” Hanzo laughed. 

The heat had made you so hungry for something cold that you jammed the entire pop in your mouth. Cold filled your parched mouth and as the pop melted it quenched your awful thirst. You held the pop in place for a while, enjoying it with your eyes closed. 

Unbeknownst to you Hanzo was watching with extreme interest. The look of your lips wrapped around the pop made him look away. He tried not to look back, but he couldn’t stop himself. 

Stealing another glance at you he focused on how relaxed you look with the pop in your mouth, lewd thoughts springing into his mind. Your eyes opened and he knew he was caught. 

“Is something wrong?” You asked. 

“It’s nothing Y/N,” He tried. 

You saw past his lie though and grinned. 

“Do you want a taste?” You offered. 

He nodded and you extended the pop out for him to taste. Not wanting to look silly he took a very quick lick. With a smirk you licked right over the part he licked as well. 


Jesse was pretty used to the heat, having lived in it for so long, but he knew that you did not like it. On a particularly hot day he offered to take you out for ice cream which you accepted. 

He took you to a nice ice cream parlor that was known for their root beer floats. You got two scoops of your favorite ice cream while he got a large root beer float, and offered to share. The two of you found a nice seat away from the counter and enjoyed your icy treats. 

Jesse was mindlessly slurping his float when he noticed you running your tongue around the top scoop of your ice cream. He watched your tongue change the shape of the top scoop from a circle to more of a cylinder before you sucked the end of it. That made him blow hard into his float, blowing bubbles all up and out of the cup. 

“Are you ok? Is something wrong?” You yelled, thinking he had choked on something. 

“I’m fine Y/N it’s just the way you were lickin’ your ice cream had me a little flustered is all.” He choked out. 

Realizing what you had been doing you blushed and covered your face, but two hands gently pulled your own away. 

“It’s ok darlin’. I liked you puttin’ on a little show for me,” He whispered. 

His southern drawl nearly made you drop your ice cream. His sweet face mere inches from your own. In a bold move you licked your ice cream then pressed your lips against his. 

When your tongues met the ice cream spread into your mouths allowing you two to enjoy a sweet kiss in more than one way

Swing, Swing (Hamiltots Lams Fanfic)

Laurens sighed as he sat on the swing by himself fiddling with the Ring Pop in his pocket. He was going to give the Caramel Apple Ring Pop to Alexander, because his papa said that’s what people do when they love someone. He heard someone sit on the swing that was next to him and they spoke

“Hai John! What are you doing all by yourself!?” A powerful but sweet voice asked him. He knew the owner of the voice by heart

“Hi Peggy! I’m just… W-Well, it’s Com-pli-cat-ed” John said to his small-statured best friend (Besides Alex and the Blue Shirts, of course!) as he looked down and a small blush crept across his face. He knew he didn’t like Peggy, he was gay and so was Peggy! He was just embarrassed for stuttering

“What’s wrong John? Your face is all red!” Peggy asked energetically, noticing John’s red face despite him looking down

“I-I’m going to give this to Alex” John whispered to Peggy and pulled out the Ring Pop, making sure no one else could see it

“Woah…” Peggy gasped and stared starry-eyed at the best and rarest flavored Ring Pop, since they only came out a Halloween “Where’d you get that!?”

“My dad still had a few bags from Halloween, so he gave me some! I’m super excited to give this to Alex!” John whispered back excitedly as he shoved the Ring Pop back in to his pocket hastily

“Well, I wish you luck, John!” Peggy said as she ran back to Angelica and Eliza “I won’t tell a soul!”

“Okay!” John yelled back, exasperatedly.

“Alright, Kids! Back inside! Time for arts and crafts!” G.Wash yelled from the doorway. All of the kids lined up and went back inside

During Arts and Crafts, the children were assigned to make something for someone. John sat with Alex, Herc, and Laf as Alex made a Get Well Card for his mom, Herc made outfits out of cut out pieces of paper and a paper mannequin for Angelica, Laf made a pretty English to French translation guide for Peggy, and John made a card for Alexander. At the end of arts and crafts the children got up to give their gifts. When it was Johns turn, he got up and spoke.

“I made this card for A-Alex…” he said quietly as he held up an exceptional green card in the shape of a star. Alex got up and stood in front of John as John gave his card to Alex

“And…” John got down on one knee, in which he was pretty short, and pulled out the Caramel Apple Ring Pop. All of the children gasped at the rarity and beauty of the amazing Ring Pop before them.

“Alexander, do you wanna date me?” John asked, his face fully red now. Alex gasped and held the ring pop in his hand. He pulled John off of the floor and gave him a HUGE hug

“Of course, John!” Alex said and John smiled as everyone clapped

“I told you they were Gay” G.Wash whispered to Martha, who was sitting next to him

“I like you, Alex.” John whispered to Alexander

“I like you too, John” Alex whispered back and smiled.


Awe, is it bad that I fangirled at my own fanfic!?

1) is there even such thing as a Caramel Apple Ring Pop?

2) probs gonna post this on wattpad

3) Hamoltots created by @hamil-tots, I love their work and their blog!


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Games | Derek Luh

WARNING: This is smut and it’s very kinky, I’m talking Daddy!Kink and Overstim so I need y'all to be mature pls


Summary: Derek and Y/N decide on playing a game of who can cum first, and to make it interesting, the freshlee boys come over.

It was a normal day of sitting around the house in our sweats and I was lounging on the couch, my head on Derek’s lap. I looked up at him as my blow pop rest on the tip of my tongue as he let out a groan.“What’s on your mind, princess?” He smirked as his calloused hand combed through my hair. “Why don’t you and I play a little game?” I giggled, plopping the cherry-flavored pop into my mouth. His eyes flickered with excitement and he already knew where it was headed. He hoisted me into his lap and stood, escorting me to the bedroom. Immediately I was thrown on the bed and he went into our closet to retrieve my little pink bag of trinkets and delights.

Our little bag was a collection of toys and teases for my pleasure, mostly. But sometimes when Derek was Daddy he wanted to play with them, too. He plopped the bag on the bed and I reached into it to grab something new, a cock ring. It was a remote controlled ring that I knew would drive him mad, if he decided to wear it. I placed it on my tongue as he watched me intently, his eyes darkening. “Baby, I’m not wearing it,” he groaned as I could clearly see the bulge in his sweats. “Daddy, please. Your naughty girl will wear a vibrator in her tight little pussy, and only you will know,” I started as I reached into the bag, pulling out the toy and its remote. I placed the remote in his hand and began to tug down my sweats, sliding the small toy into my dripping core, a moan escaping my lips. Derek’s face was riddled with confusion and amazement as he watched my actions. “No fucking, oh my fuck,” he muttered as she took the ring and stuffed his hands down his pants, putting it on. “This better be fun,” he sneered as he walked out of the bedroom. “It will be daddy, trust me.”

After a little while of relaxing in bed, I felt the vibrations begin between my thighs. I bit my lip, trying to ignore the immense pleasure I was feeling, not wanting to stain my sweats. I quickly hustled downstairs into the living room to find KDL, Nate and Derek sitting on the couch, staring at me in amusement. “Baby, anything wrong,” Derek’s cocky grin glinted at me. “Not at all Derek,” I cocked my eyebrow and he narrowed his eyes at me. He hated when I didn’t call him daddy, it always resulted in trouble. I watched his hand reach into his pocket and I was immediately met with harder vibrations. I let out an instant squeal and Nate looked at me with concern. “Oh, saw a spider, it’s gone, ha” I spat in one word before scurrying into the kitchen. I attempted to prepare a meal, but I instead wanted to have my own fun. I reached into my sweats pocket and turned Derek’s ring on. “Oh fuck,” I heard him mutter from the other room which was followed by laughs. “Yeah, that was a pretty hot girl,” KDL noted and I cocked my eyebrow. I felt the vibrations in my core reach maximum and my walls clenched around it, my legs giving out on me. I fell to the floor as my arousal tore through me and sprayed across our kitchen floor. I looked down and whined, tears forming in my eyes as the vibrator continued its assault on my nether regions.

Derek ran into the kitchen to see the mess I’d maid. I wanted to open my mouth but I was afraid only a loud moan would follow, so I stayed silent. He cocked an eyebrow as he pulled me up out of my wetness and plucked my sweats down. “Oh babygirl, you’re so so naughty,” he muttered against my ear, sitting me on the counter. “I fucking love you,” he smirked and reached between my legs, grasping the vibrator and thrusting it in and out of me. I attempted to get him to stop, which resulted in his hand around my neck. “Don’t run away from daddy,” he spat as I looked into his eyes, tears flowing from mine. He held his grip on my neck as he licked up my neck and sucked harshly on the spot below my ear. His hand working on me below was full of vigor and strength as he pumped me to my second orgasm. I clawed at his back as I tried to fight back moans and tears but his grip around my neck told me to be audible. “Daddy,” I whined as I felt the vibrator continue once more, at a harder pace than before. Derek leaned into my ear and breathed, “play with your clit”. My head fell back at his words; I loved dirty talk. My weak hands went to my core as I used my left hand to spread my folds and my right to massage my clit. “Daddy it hurts,” i whined, tears flowing and evident in my voice. His right hand leaves my core and trails to my face, wiping the tears from skin with his thumb. I felt my end tear over me and he stepped away from me, taking the vibrator with him. “You knew what you were getting yourself into,” he winked and placed the remote in my hands, walking back into the living room. I heard a slew of catcalls and gasps and I blushed. “You’re a wild one in the bedroom,” KDL chuckled as I took weak steps into the living room. The boys smirked at me as they looked me up and down. My tee wasn’t large enough to cover my damp, lacy panties and I looked like I’d been through hell and back, but apparently that was hot. “Oh fuck,” Sammy groaned, his tongue peeking out of his mouth and swiping across his lips.

“Stop staring,” I whined and tugged my fingers through my hair. I stepped over to Derek, falling to my knees in front of him, my legs still weak. “No, you’ve been bad. You’re going to leave me alone,” he smirked and shook his head. I clambered onto his lap and his hands gripped my waist aggressively. My dainty frame was tossed onto Kevin’s lap and he groaned, his hands instinctively falling to my thighs. I huffed and crossed my arms, pouting. “Stop being a bratty princess or I’ll cum in your hair later,” Derek rolled his eyes and grasped the television remote. KD looked over at him and then down at me, all the boys staring in our direction.

“Hey, don’t involve me in this, ” Kevin groaned and shook his head. I whined again and began to wiggle my hips. “You’re a jerk,” I huffed again and Derek glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “Fucking stop.” He spat as I rotated my hips like only he’d seen me do. Kevin’s low pants began to fill my ears and I blushed, quickly adjusting the little remote in my pocket to high. Derek’s eyes widened as he stared at me, biting at his lip roughly. “Baby, you better fucking stop,” he snarled, his hand gripping the arm of the chair roughly.

“He’s gonna cum in your hair if you don’t chill,” Kevin panted in my ear and I stopped my actions, cutting off his punishment. “You’re so sweet KD, I should fuck-” before I finished my sentence Derek grasped my hair and led me into the bedroom.

He shoved me against the door as his swollen lips attacked my neck. “You’re gonna have cum all in your hair, and on you pussy and all on your perfect little titties.” His words were almost enough to make my juices flow like a waterfall.
Within seconds I was on the bed, him straddling my waist. Derek brought his hand down on my breasts, smacking them harshly. “Holy fuck I wanna cum all in your hair,” he smirked and he ground his boner against me. “Daddy, stop being mean!” I whined and this caused him to stop his actions. “Shut up,” he scoffed and forced his fingers into my mouth.

A blush rose my cheeks as Derek struggled to slip out of his boxers, revealing his rock hard dick in all its glory. I moaned around his fingers as his teased my slit, a look of concentration on his face. “Daddy, please I’m sorry,” I whined around his fingers, looking him in the eye like an innocent girl. He rolled his eyes and took his fingers out of my mouth, aggressively flipping me on my stomach. “Face down ass up,” he chuckled slyly, my ass tooting in the air. His rough hands rubbed over my arse, caressing it like a jewel. Immediately after a large red handprint was present on my right cheek, a pain-ridden moan fleeing my mouth. “Sammy taught me how to do that babygirl,” he sneered before savagely ramming his cock inside my wetness.

I let out a Yelp as he gave no time for adjustment, just thrusting rapidly into my ever-so-sensitive core. “You’re so fucking tight,” he spat as his hands gripped my jawline, pulling my upper half into his chest. Derek’s lips ghosted over my right ear as he filled them with vulgar mentions and fantasies. I was a moaning mess under him; my vision was blurred and I could barely think straight. All I felt was that painful pleasure his overstim provided. He kissed my neck sweetly and bit into the tender skin veiled with sweat; marking his territory was his specialty. I felt myself coming close when Derek pulled out of me, dropping me on my back to the bed. I whined, knowing what was coming next.

He tugged me by my ankle toward him and I weakly took place on my knees in front of him. “Daddy, please not my hair,” I whined and held my locks in a failed attempt of protection. I looked up at him through my eyelashes as he pumped his cock slowly, like the tease he was. He threw his head back and let out a hot moan before gripping my hair with his free hand, he let some of his warm load out on my small breasts causing me to whimper, and followed it with some in my hair. I blushed as he smirked cockily. Opening his eyes to look at my angry, embarrassed ones. “Oh, what? That was disrespectful?” He smirked once more, hoisting me up and tossing me on his shoulders, my heat parallel to his mouth. I huffed and crossed my arms. “You’re so-” before I could finish I felt his lips wrapped around my clit, pushing me closer to my fourth orgasm, I squirmed as he lay on the bed, me sitting on his face. He thwarted his tongue in and out of my dripping cove as I felt my end overpower me. My climax approached and coated his face in an aggressive burst, earning a groan from Derek.

He took my small frame and placed me next to him, kissing my neck sweetly. “I was a little rough, but thanks for handling it like a big girl,” he cooed and kissed my forehead. I nodded and cuddled into him. “I’ll take you to get your hair done tomorrow okay?” He giggled and I huffed. “It was disrespectful!” I whined and he spanked my ass one good time. “Out of all things, I think that handprint on your ass is disrespectful, babygirl. But it’s okay,” he chuckled and kissed my lips sweetly.

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i…for a second i saw an ad for jolly rancher flavored pop tarts before adblock kicked in, and it felt like i was having some grim vision, just a second of a horrible prophecy before i snapped back to reality