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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on the blue sour patch kid?

i was pretending to be asleep but LEMME TELL YOU WHAT i have a very strong opinion on the blue one and u might know this and just asked it 2 pull my leg but i think it’s a nice tasting sour patch kid. it is. but it does NOT belong in the regular sour patch kids bag. it’s more a berry flavor. the original sour patch kids had a perfect combination of flavors that was holy and wholly addicting. blue messes it up. like adding chocolate (something that taste good) to a burrito (also something that taste good). i was a month strong into my daily sour patch kids addiction when they added the blue and that’s what stopped me from completely ruining my teeth so i guess it’s probably for the best but yeah. i was going to write them a letter but i decided not to