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Listening To Taylor Swift’s Discography All Year Long: A Guide

September-October: Red
Accompanied by: Cozy knit blankets. Candles. The sound of rain. Pets snuggled up with you. Spinning around in a dress and tights and boots. Voice-cracking, hairflipping, emotion-filled sessions singing the bridge to All Too Well. Pumpkin flavored hot drinks. Pumpkin patches with your best friends. Rayban sunglasses.

October-November 9th: Red/Sounds of the Season
Accompanied by: Increasing excitement for the new album. Moccasin slippers. Blasting Taylor in the car on the way to do your Christmas/holiday shopping. Baking, baking, baking. Lots of hugs and love thrown around like confetti. Halloween where everywhere you look, zombie Taylors are rising up from the dead. Wrapping Christmas presents and singing and quality time with family. Beanies. Scarves. Chilly breezes and flannel shirts and warm hearts.

November 10th, 12:00AM: reputation
Accompanied by: Panic. Screaming. Crying. Smiling so big your face hurts. Writing down your favorite lyrics in pretty pens in notebooks. The flip-flop your tummy does when you hear a Taylor Swift song for the very first time. Blowing out your speakers from the bass on your way to Target to buy your 46th and 47th hard copies of reputation. Open reputation magazines and Tumblr with your friends deciphering every last detail. Joy. Pure joy. Magic.

November-January: reputation/Sounds of the Season
Accompanied by: Alternating between being a total badass and wanting to run around decorating the house like Buddy the Elf. Laying under the Christmas tree, looking through the branches as your ears are blessed by new and vintage Taylor music. Asking Santa for reputation Tour money and merch. 13 days of Taylor. Holiday puns and crying over how much you love T on her birthday. Album blankets and showing ridiculous amounts of sass while singing songs from reputation, gingerbread cookie in hand.

January-the first warm days of March: reputation/Speak Now
Accompanied by: Discovering even more new favorite lyrics. Watching the Speak Now World Tour DVD. Nostalgia. Sparkly things, and spinning around and confetti and looking through all your old things from past tours. Watching snow fall as you listen to Back to December like you’re in the music video. Planning what you’ll wear on tour. Bows. Dancing around your bedroom alone, just because you can’t help it. The smell of Wonderstruck in the air, glitter everywhere.

March-May: reputation/Fearless/Debut Album
Sundresses. Cowboy boots. Sun shining through the trees. Car windows down, hands out, music blasting. Sunglasses. Curls. Fresh air. Air guitar. Reminiscing about how far we’ve come and the bond that holds us all together. Trips to somewhere where you can put your feet into water. Freckles coming back out to play. Lots of bracelets. Laughing as you rap …Ready for It? With your best friends. Watching Journey to Fearless.

First warm day of May-August: 1989/Fearless/Debut Album/reputation
Jean shorts. No cares in the world. Dancing all day, every day. BBQs. Ocean waves. Watching the 1989 Tour Live, trying to copy the choreography. Watching people you adore meet Taylor. Singing the 1989 Tour version of Out of the Woods. Polaroid pictures. Memorizing the reputation Tour, watching the surprises unfold every night. Making s'mores around a fire pit. Making memories. Arguing for your favorite song and performance from reputation. Saying goodbye to summer. Loving Taylor more than ever.

Begin Again

Note: Please use the “Shuffle all Taylor Swift songs,” generously all year long. Please use your best judgement to choose your favorite gems in order to educate others whenever necessary. When you feel the sudden urge to listen to a particular album or song, do not resist. Don’t forget to love Taylor, fearlessly, without bounds, forever. And please never forget she loves you too.

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What's your opinion on the blue sour patch kid?

i was pretending to be asleep but LEMME TELL YOU WHAT i have a very strong opinion on the blue one and u might know this and just asked it 2 pull my leg but i think it’s a nice tasting sour patch kid. it is. but it does NOT belong in the regular sour patch kids bag. it’s more a berry flavor. the original sour patch kids had a perfect combination of flavors that was holy and wholly addicting. blue messes it up. like adding chocolate (something that taste good) to a burrito (also something that taste good). i was a month strong into my daily sour patch kids addiction when they added the blue and that’s what stopped me from completely ruining my teeth so i guess it’s probably for the best but yeah. i was going to write them a letter but i decided not to