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anonymous asked:

do you know any good fics with arthur jealous of merlin? ;)

Here you go:

Rumour has It by marguerite_26
“There is a rumour in the castle that you have a girl.”
Merlin’s eyes go wide and cheeks go pink. “I don’t,” he says, then he walks out of the room and slams the door.
Arthur snorts. “Of course you don’t.”

I want another first kiss like this by OnTheTurningAway
A kiss is just a kiss, except when it isn’t.

Pet Sitting by kayson
While pet sitting for Gwen and Lance, Merlin meets a very nice dog walker and tells Arthur about him. Arthur decides that paying Merlin a weekend visit may be in order

Liquid Courage by dante_s_hell
Arthur makes a drunken confession to Merlin.

Strange Customs by wiccaqueen
Arthur, Merlin and the knights of Camelot travel to a foreign kingdom which appears to be a wonderful place, yet it has some strange customs. When Merlin is asked if he is still unspoiled and admits to this, he suddenly becomes part of these customs, which include an ‘auction of virtues’. 

Flavor of the Week by jesusonaunicycle
In which, Merlin has a boyfriend, Arthur gets drunk and listens to American Hi-Fi, and Gwaine is tired of both their bullshit and just wants to get in Morgana’s pants.
Or, the one where Arthur is pining after his best friend and has no idea how to tell him without dicking it up.

In Search of Miracles by JustCatchMe24
Merlin’s job as a physio takes an unusual turn when his new patient turns out to be Arthur Pendragon, who’s handsome, rude… and paralyzed from the waist down.

Awkward situations call for desperate measures by noobishere
Arthur is a lawyer and Merlin is a part-time computer technician. Eventually every once in a while he calls him to his office because his incompetent assistant messes up his computer.
Truth is the guy/assistant messes things up because he wants to see Merlin. One day he works up his nerves and asks him on a date. In front of Arthur. Awkward.

Minding by myashke
Arthur has his reasons for being so angry when Merlin visits the tavern.