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  1. Big Issues™: racism, misogyny, institutionalization, homophobia, etc.
  2. Elaborate sexy roleplay scenarios Sam Beckett is too chaste and/or demisexual to willfully participate in
  3. “But we can’t mess with our own timelines!1!”–> try anyway –> doesn’t work out –> angst
  4. did u know… just checking, were u aware… that scott bakula cn play the piano

Insomnia was often the flavor of the night for one who was so effortlessly busy and heavy minded. 

It was so easy for the others to tell her to shut it off, to walk away at the end of the day and don the clothing of a normal civilian. Angela was almost certain that her “off switch” had either broken or had vanished altogether. Most of her nights were spent staring at the ceiling, recalling past what-ifs or wondering if those she’d helped in triage would make it through their physical battles.

That switch seemed like a miracle that she prayed for time and again, but remained elusive. 

The rain battered her window like it often did off the coast of the newly reformed Overwatch base in Gibraltar. Everyone sensed it coming with the moisture making it hard to breathe and the thick, encroaching clouds hovering over the bay. Winston and Athena had prepared a hearty meal for everyone who had returned from various missions and planned for a night in. Of course, their sentient gorilla friend had also stashed an overwhelming number of board games and characters sheets for Dungeons and Dragons in the main foyer. Lena had brought Emily along with her, which Angela was grateful for as she slunk off towards her room. Winston would never be the wiser.

She’d dimmed the lighting so that an ambient glow resonated only slightly around the moulding towards the metal flooring. The large size doe that made up the entire side wall of her room was alight with lightning and its reflection off the billowing waves below, which only seemed to add to the dream state she found herself in. It was almost as romantic as it was lonely. Conversation was something she missed especially when she was out on triage duty. It was hard to find mental solace from patients, after all.

Angela had only laid down when the storm outside picked up. The rain thudded heavily against the thick glass to the outside world and at times it sounded as if someone were pounding upon it with balled fists. Sometimes the power would flicker around her and Athena’s voice would assure everyone that the storm generator would be kicking in periodically. When darkness consumed her, she’d slide under her blankets as if they’d protect her from anything, even monsters. The waves outside had reached such a level of intensity that she swore the oceans would devour the entire complex and soon she’d be seeing sharks swimming towards her window.

At which point she’d fallen asleep, she was unsure, but when the realization struck, she sat bolt upright. The storm outside had not ceased in the slightest but she noted that the generator was beginning a manual startup along with Athena’s voice calmly guiding everyone through the process. She glanced towards her door to make sure it remained closed, but the only light in her abode was a small terminal near the door where Athena’s voice transmitted. Angela’s chest tightened and she grasped at her breast before doubling over. Panic… panic attack. The room suddenly grew small, like the walls were closing in. The darkness held shapes to it, monsters that floated quickly from one corner to another and grew or shrank with the blue flashes outside.
And just as she was about to grasp for her pillow to hide her face as she screamed, a pair of arms wrapped delicately from behind her. Her heart nearly stopped at the suddenness and she inhaled heavily thinking one of her demons had finally caught her. As one hand reached up to touch an arm that draped around her waist, her heart started again, fluttering faster than before.

“I see I am just in time, Angela…”

His voice was soft, deceptively so considering all things and the sheer fact that it held an odd mechanical to it. Regardless, it made her tension begin to subside and she leaned back against a cold, metallic chest.

“Yes, Genji… you remembered.”

She didn’t need to look at him as he craned his neck and rested his chin on her shoulder from behind. He’d not removed parts of his suit yet and the glow from his visor lit emerald against her collarbone. The sound of his breathing beneath his cybernetic face plates reassured her that she wasn’t just dreaming. With it came a brief movement of his free hand, reaching upwards to grasp at a tendril of blonde hair to run it between deadly accurate fingers. Genji held it for a moment and let it fall from his hand.

“I could not so easily forget the fears of a woman I care for, but also because you shared them with only me. I’d be a fool to ignore them and to leave you to your own devices.”

It was like he could read her thoughts and it only seemed to strengthen in situations much like they found themselves. Methodically, he’d begun to stroke at her head, shifting both of their bodies so that he could lean back against the headboard of the bed and pulled her back to his chest. If his voice couldn’t lull her to sleep, the very real beat of his heart would surely do the trick. She begun to speak but he tilted her head upwards to look at him as he shook his head.

“No, please, sleep. You’ve been working far too hard and your struggles haven’t been lost on me. After all, I didn’t come all this way to visit you from the monastery only to have you look so spent. No… sleep. I’ll remain her as long as you like.”

Angela could only hold perfectly manicured hands up into his view, forming a messy “infinity” symbol with her fingers since one of his own remained on her lips to silence her.

“Perhaps, if that’s how long you’d like me to stay.”

With a satisfied nod, Angela moved so that Genji’s arms could fit comfortably around her and found a small nook at the junction of his hip and thigh before she smiled up at him with heavy lidded eyes. As his fingers began to trail through her hair, she knew she wouldn’t be much longer for the world.

“Sleep well, my dove.”

(Late night blurb to fight that insomnia.)

Girl Crush

Originally posted by winsync

Summary: Based on Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Can anyone really blame you for feeling a little jealous of the girls Dean’s always giving his attention to?

Words: 1,400 (with lyrics)

A/N: Hahaha this was supposed to be a little drabble, but I’m such a wordy shit. Not beta’d, just something that popped in my head driving to the lake on Friday. This song came on and I couldn’t help myself I guess. Lyrics are in bold, flashback in italics. Let me know what you think! (Also you’re welcome for the gratuitous Dean tongue gif)

Warnings: Couple of swears. Nothing crazy.

(Just going to tag @amanda-teaches @oneshoeshort @hexparker because they mentioned being tagged in all the things, and @impala-dreamer because being my friend means I torture you with trash)

I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but
I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down
I got it real bad, want everything she has
That smile and that midnight laugh she’s giving you now

“Sam. I 100% don’t like him like that. Leave me alone.”

“You know Y/N, for someone who basically lies professionally, you suck at it so bad.”

“Guys. I found a friend for the night…think you can maybe get another room to share for the night?”

You tried to hide the dejection in your voice and on your face “Yeah, no worries D.” You put your head down slightly, suddenly very interested by your drink. Sam didn’t by any of it.

Normally Dean wouldn’t have either, he knew you just as well if not better than Sam did. At the moment though, he was a little preoccupied with tonight’s conquest.

“Aaahhh that’s my girl!” slinging his arms across your shoulders and giving you a quick peck to the side of the head-might as well have stabbed you in the heart, he turned to share the good news with the flavor of the night, “You’re the best sweetheart.”

“Oh I’m fucking wonderful all right.”

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Magic Maggie

aka Hot Cop remembers meeting Major Salt

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Everyone makes bad decisions in college. They usually don’t come back to haunt you quite so literally. 

Prompt: Uh, a completely unrelated happy prompt from @onefootone, @misguidedghost800 asking if anything else was on tap for this, and a nap that sparked the final line in my brain.

Magic Maggie

    They didn’t talk about the thing. They definitely did not talk about the thing that happened at game night. That’s not to say that Maggie and Alex did not enjoy the aftereffects of the thing that happened, they enjoyed that immensely in the car, in the elevator, against Alex’s door, on that altar of lesbianism that Alex calls a bed… They enjoyed the after of the thing but they damn sure never talked about it.

    Maggie wasn’t sure that was a good thing. Detective Maggie Sawyer was not a jealous person, not really. She knew she didn’t deserve Alex Danvers, the agent who got hit in the face with The Gay™ and dove in headfirst. She didn’t deserve her, but she wanted her, wanted this, as long as she could have it. When Maggie met the famous Major Lane, Alex’s best friend, James’ ex, Maggie had not anticipated the jealousy. Clearly, Danvers had a type, even if she hadn’t realized it at the time. Dark hair, dimples, a smart ass, and vertically challenged… Why Maggie? Why Maggie when there was this woman in military blues, crisp and obviously put together, so much more accomplished and so obviously head over heels for Alex?

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What having Halloween with the Weasley's would include

·         Constantly bickering all night over who has the best costume.

·         Helping Ginny out with her costume makeup.

·         Molly taking thousands of group pictures of the whole family

·         “Fred and George! You have to save at least some candy for the trick or            treaters!”

·         The twins playing Halloween themed pranks on everyone.

·         Ron avoiding the fake spiders hanging from the ceiling.

·         Percy teaching everyone how Halloween originally became a holiday.

·         Cuddling with Fred and George while watching scary movies.

·         Carving pumpkins with the whole family.

·         Arthur being completely fascinated by the origin of Halloween.

·         “Ron I swear it’s not even a real spider calm down!”

·         Pumpkin Spice flavored everything all night long.

·         Molly making an endless stream of treats.

·         Trying to explain the purpose of a horror movie to the Weasley family.

·         Freaking out over all the little kids’ cute costumes with Ginny.

·         Telling scary stories all night long with the twins, trying to one up each             other.

hear them whisper

Title: hear them whisper
Summary: “Got a good taste of that added flavor I mentioned?” he asks in a low voice. She can feel his warm breath on her neck and it does nothing to help her catch her own.

I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she mutters, trying to ignore how closely his chest is pressed up against hers. She probably ought to have picked a wider alleyway to hide in, but seeing as her heart is pounding faster and faster beneath the dim glow of his luminous eyes, she really can’t be sure how much she regrets this.

(inspired by Taylor Swift’s song “I Know Places”)

Merry (late) Christmas!! This is my secret santa gift for @rosewoods1901! Merry Christmas, and I’m so, so sorry it was a day late. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!!

Special thanks to @miraculousstorytelling for looking it over, and of course, to the whole @mlsecretsanta team for putting this all together!! You guys all did an amazing job, and seriously, everyone go thank them. They worked hard.

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It happens whenever somebody sees what they were too careless to conceal—an intimate touch of the cheek, a soft brush of the hair, a lingering hold on her waistline. Like wolves they’d come out in the dead of night, ready to devour whatever moments their cameras could capture. Every once in a while, despite how well she knows every nook and cranny of Paris, Marinette would still find herself turning a corner only to be blinded by flashing lights. She knows it’s something she should be used to by now—she is famous after all—but it doesn’t make the experience of being bombarded by pesky civilians any less jarring.

Rumors always come and go, but this week—the week before Christmas, no less—the tabloids have been flooded by a single suggestive snapshot, a passing moment she didn’t realize would start another round of paparazzis lurking in between alleyways of the city.

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The Professor (Part 9)

The Professor Masterlist Previous Part

Your breath caught in your throat as soon as you heard a knock on the front door. Amy, who was slipping on her heels, looked at you at the same time that you looked at her. She smiled as she said, “We better go. Our dates are waiting,” and gave your shoulder a firm, reassuring squeeze before she went to open the door. You slipped on your coat and gave yourself one last look in the mirror before walking out to the hallway and seeing Amy, Nick and Chris talking together. Chris looked handsome; his hair slick back, his beard shaped nicely, his clothes matching perfectly…it was a beautiful sight to see.

The clacking of your heels on the hardwood floor caught their attention, and everyone turned to look at you. Nick and Amy smiled - obviously happy that you were ready to go and they could leave to get the show on the road - but Chris’s expression was one of…one of love, passion, awe. He smiled when he saw you, and as you approached, you greeted them. “Hi, guys.”

Nick was quick to reply, “Hi, Y/N, are you ready to go?”

Whereas Chris took longer to respond. “Hi, Y/N,” he breathed. “You look…you look beautiful.”

You looked down to the floor, your cheeks turning a subtle shade of pink. “Thank you, Chris.”

“Okay, time to go!” Nick interrupted. “We’ll let you guys have a moment, we’ll meet you in the car.”

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★ — ⊰ | ϟ ♚ ϟ | ⊱ — THE PARTY WAS IN full-blast, the night just getting started. GIDEON hazeldine wasn’t one who’d throw a boring event. he’d always make sure that every party was something to be remembered. he downed the drink in one gulp. his friends were already entertaining their flavors for the night, hence leaving him all by himself. scanning the crowd for any familiar faces, he grinned as his gaze landed on the familiar female. in all honesty, he did not expect that she’d ever accept his invitation, considering the intensification of the tension that had been brewing between them lately. “well, well, well, what do we have here?” he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm and a mixture of playfulness. “so, what brought you here, princess?”

I really love those other forms of “i love you”. Like you know, when they tell you to put your seatbelt on, they make sure you dress warm cause it got cold outside, when they make sure you finished your papers, they remember your favorite ice cream flavors, they take you for night drives and snacks when you’re sad even tho you pretended you don’t wanna go etc. All of those informal i love you’s are the best

citrine aesthetics

gravel to tempo: denim, headphones, dancing in the wind, campfires, pastel backpacks, new books, polaroids, converse, bubblegum 

ease my mind: neon lights, glow sticks, diamond encrusted jewelry, cozy jackets, coffee shops, evening beach parties, disco balls, scented candles, shadows

pretty girl: sparkly eyeshadow, raindrops, rose gold, candy shops, frilly skirts, vintage ice cream parlors, museums, flavored lipgloss

one bad night: winged eyeliner, red lipstick, streetlights at night, leather jackets, shooting stars, painted nails, smudged makeup, laced boots, concerts

palace: flower crowns, golden lockets, sea breeze, ball gowns, picnics, cloud gazing, early dawn, paintbrushes, spiral staircases, ballet shoes