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Headcanons: Ice Cream Flavors

Eren: Chocolate.(Gets him really pumped; may or may not be dangerous on a sugar high.)

Armin: Vanilla. (Is the best treat for him. Will put gummy bears and sour worms in it, if he’s feeling daring enough.)

Mikasa: Strawberry.(Will fight anyone who doesn’t agree that this flavor deserves recognition.)

Jean: Cookie Dough. (Less risk of salmonella, and he loves the balance of the cookie dough and vanilla. Gets really butt hurt if someone eats his ice cream.)

Connie: Peanut Butter. (Tries to convince everyone it’s the best flavor. Doesn’t get why a lot of people don’t like it.)

Sasha: Banana Split. (She loves the explosion of flavor, and can eat like 20 of them in a row without going into a sugar coma.)

Reiner: Rocky Road. (Is really protective over his ice cream. Does not share under ANY circumstances)

Bert: Butter Pecan. (He lives for this flavor, and is glad not many people that he knows of enjoy it because he has it all to himself)

Annie: Caramel. (Sweet but salty. Like her. Except she’s salty only.)

Ymir: Cherry. (Wink wonk)

Christa: Red Velvet Cake. (The last person to make fun of that flavor mysteriously disappears. Ymir was seen washing her hands after people noticed they went missing.)

Mike: Neapolitan. (Loves the fact that he can get 3 flavors all in one.)

Erwin: Mint Chocolate Chip. (Because tbh is a very sophisticated flavor.)

Hanji: Cheesecake. (Too lazy to eat a real cheesecake so she gets the ice cream instead.)

Levi: Green Tea. (Because tea. And honestly what did you expect?)

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Mama Katsuki teaching Viktor how to make Pork Cutlet Bowl for Yuuri. :)

Yes! Viktor would probably learn the first time he was in Hasetsu and has been secretly practicing since to surprise Yuuri when Yuuri wins a competition. Mama Katsuki would be very patient and give little bits of encouragement whenever Viktor struggles with getting the flavor right. Viktor can’t make it as best as the Kastuki family, but it still becomes Yuuri’s favorite.

And of course even if the flavor is a bit off, it’s still filled with love <3

Canadian Food!

When most people think of Canadian food, they usually would just think it’s the same as American food. Well, it is not. It is actually completely different! But I’m not going to spend this whole post comparing our food to American food. I am going to tell you my top 3 Canadian dishes that I think best represent Canada.

1. Poutine!
In my opinion, poutine is one of the best signature French Canadian dishes out there. Poutine is probably one of the country’s most defining and famous foods, and is very popular.
Essentially, poutine is French fries in a bowl, with squeaky cheese curds and lots of hot gravy poured on top. Doesn’t sound great? Just wait until you try it, and I guarantee you will think otherwise. Originally, the dish cane from a small town in Quebec, and was said to have been invented in the 1950’s. If you come to Canada, any signature, or true Canadian diner will have poutine on the menu, depending on what part of the country you’re in.
2. Maple syrup! Maple syrup has been made for years and years, and has become a tradition for many families in Canada. Originally, maple syrup was made by the Iroquois people, or native Americans, who lived in northeastern North America long before the Europeans inhabited the land. The Iroquois were the first people to harvest maple syrup, even before the Europeans arrived.
Maple syrup comes from sap from inside maple trees. As spring arrives, and temperatures come just above freezing, the starch stored inside the trees turns into sugar. Sap is made when ground water mixes with the sugar inside the trees. To get the sap out of the trees, you drill a hole into the tree, and put a spout inside that hole. You then place a bucket on the ground, underneath the spout, so when the sap drops out, it falls into the bucket. To make the syrup itself, you boil the sap in a HUGE pot over a fire outdoors, to get rid of the excess water. When the syrup is done boiling, it turns a dark brown colour, and is thick. It’s sweet taste and authentic flavor is the part that makes everyone fall in love with maple syrup.
3. Butter tarts Last but definitely not least on the list is butter tarts! Butter tarts have been a classic Canadian dessert since the early 1600’s, and they have never gotten old amongst the world. Butter tarts are a tart with a crumbly pastry shell, filled to the brim with butter, sugar, eggs, and occasionally maple syrup, raisins, or even pecans. They definitely are a treat that can satisfy every sweet tooth. You could find them at practically any bakery or coffee shop in the country.

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What would Levi, Eren and Hanji smell like? And what would be their favorite tea flavors? Love ya mama <3

Hanji would smell gross, Eren would smell a bit less gross and Levi would smell the least gross. Levi’s favorite tea is black tea, Eren’s would be red berry tea and Hanji’s would be green tea


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Blue Wave Pasay

30- Centimeters big chicken fillet with super crunchy and spicy breading which originated in Taiwan as a street food but it came to Manila served with rice. Hot Star’s signature deep fried chicken breast comes in three different flavors: the Original Large Fried Chicken (seasoned in salt and pepper), the Crispy Large Fried Chicken, and the BBQ Large Fried Chicken (the original glazed in BBQ sauce).You can choose to make it spicier just ask the cashier to make it spicier. The chicken fillet’s bigger than my face!

The rest of the menu consist’s of Fish (which I really loved). Spaghetti, Chicken Popcorn (3 flavors to choose from) and Sandwiches. 

It was just a small space in bluebay really intended for it to be a snack house. 

I’ve been to Hot Star a few times now and I always order their fish fillet. Their Fish sandwich is loooove! It’s light and crunchy. A refreshing taste from the heavily coated chicken. Soft and tender inside, super crunchy on the outside.

Chicken fillet costs 110.00 pesos and add 35.00 for rice and a glass of soda. Their Sandwiches is at 145.00 pesos.

Oh and they have desserts too! A soft serve ice cream which costs just 15.00 pesos would surely give your meal a happy ending. The have shakes too that comes in two flavors, Gulaman and Almond!

A take out counter (which I’ve never seen open) is available for customers who wants their meals for takeout.

Go Try it out!