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1/3 of Kajii headcanons is that he’ll eat anything that’s lemon flavored, 1/3 of Kajii headcanons are that he loves lemons like they’re sentient beings and therefor would never eat one or condone anyone else to eating one, and the other 1/3 of Kajii headcanons are that he actually hates the taste of lemons and I can’t decide which headcanon is my favorite 

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24 flavors.

1. Rosehip tea: Which book did you love when you were younger?

The Outsiders by Michelle Paver

2. Oolong tea: Which book series could you read again? 

Warrior cats

3. Rooibos: What is one of you favourite books?

Again, The Outsiders XD

4. Strawberry tea: Tell me about your first kiss, if you had one.

It was awkward XD I was kissed by my boyfriend in the library without me even realising and it was just weird XD Sudden, very sudden

5. Apple tea: Tell me about your first break up, if you had one.

It was actually my fault, I broke up with a boy pretty much everyone hated bc he was slightly overweight and had a BO problem. I liked him, but I was told that he didn’t really like me back… it ended really badly by him having a go at this guy who told me a load of lies about him and he ended up getting quite… violent

6. Earl Grey: Which countries have you visited? 

A few: France, Turkey and I few other I can’t remember XD

7. Chai: Where do you want to travel next? 

…America… maybe

8. Darjeeling: What languages do you speak?

English, a tiny bit of french and spanish and a few phrases in Latin

9. Hop tea: Do you have a favourite tea? Which one? 

Not really a favourite, just traditional British tea I guess?

10. Herbal tea: Which person would you chose to travel the world with?


11. Nettle tea: Are you jealous on a person? Why? 

yes? I think so. idk why, I just am? XD

12. Ice tea: Do you miss somebody? Why? 

@ihavealotoffandomesthatilove bc she’s gone offline for some time and I’m not sure when she’s coming back…

13. Yellow tea: What shampoo do you use? 

a branded one :D

14. Peppermint tea: What is your favourite gif at the moment? 

Originally posted by blue-staple

15. Ceylon tea: Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with? 

yeah, a few nightcore songs…

16. Hibiscus tea: What is a song you can always hear? 

*gravity falls theme tune plays quietly in the distance* ….

17. Flowering tea: What is a movie you can always watch? 

Howls moving castle

18. Pu-erh tea: What is a book you can recommend to others? 

…The Outsiders

I just really like the book okay?

19. Turkish tea: What is your favourite cake? 

chocolate cake~

20. Green tea: What was the first movie you saw in a cinema? 

iiiiiiiii have no idea XD

21. Blueberry-Muffin tea: Tell me a memory, which makes you smile. 

Alton Towers trip with my friends, It was great fun XD

22. Panda tea: Do you have pets? Which one? 

I have a lharza apso called Meg and two goldfish (tho one isn’t as gold) called Sunshine and Shadow and a bottom feeder (?) called smooch~

23. Butter tea: Show / Tell me about one thing i your room you find awesome. 

My two Duck statues :D

24. Hot chocolate: Do you have (a) stuffed animal(s) sitting in your room? Which one(s)?

Yes I have many: A massive bear and Pig, two dogs, one partly purple, Two white tigers, 4 owls, Flappy bird, seal, and three Dragons…


treflev  asked:

Nick/Josh, 10, 1, 21?

(Oh no you’ve activated my secret ship trap card)

10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?

Okay but: Nick liking pretty much any flavor, even really sour, and Josh secretly loving sweets

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?

Both of them are Night Owls- sleep is a construct for the weak (unless it’s morning then sleep is precious and important)

21. Who has an obsession (over anything)?

For some reason I can see Nick being obsessed with the commentary tracks on movies. Like, he’s determined to watch the track on everything and really sad when a DVD doesn’t have one. Josh watches them with him and tries not to interrupt him.

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Top 5 flavors of juice

2) does fruit punch count?
3) technically lemonade is a juice soooo
4) cranberry I guess
5) I hate orange juice it is literally the most disgusting thing in the world like I would gladly eat a spider rather than drink a glass of orange juice I fucking hate that shit ugh

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