flavor graveyard

At the Ben and Jerry’s factory, there is a “flavor graveyard,” where retired flavors are eulogized.

I was always obsessed with this one as a kid- it sounded SO GOOD. I still really want to try it. There was a little box where you could write a flavor’s name on a slip of paper and, supposedly, the most requested would be revived for a brief time. I think not, because I must have worn my little hands out scrawling “sugar plum” on slips of paper…


Ben & Jerry’s Factory Flavor Graveyard- Burlington, Vermont

Remember that old flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that you loved but alas it is no more? Well, you can mourn that loss in a tiny hilltop graveyard located near the parking lot of the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Burlington right after delving into a free sample of an up and coming new flavor.