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This animal tastes frightened.

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Hey! I have this stupid little head-cannon that if all of the companions were in a modern world, they'd all like a lot of the current desserts. So, what do you guys think the companions plus advisors favorite ice cream flavor would be? Thanks!

Note: this isn’t an advertisement for anything, Ben & Jerry’s just happens to have a ton of flavors that match a lot of these when looking for images on Google. That being said, I love Ben & Jerry’s; sorry for hijacking all of your pictures for this nerd post.

Cassandra: She likes vanilla with caramel and chocolate swirls in it. 

Blackwall: He’ll eat anything, but he likes chocolate chip cookie dough.

Iron Bull: S’mores ice cream is the SHIT to him. It’s all he’s ever wanted and more in a dessert.

Sera: Peanut butter and chocolate is her JAM.

Cole: He doesn’t eat, but assuming he would, he’d probably like strawberry. It’s sweet, just like him.

Varric: Rocky Road. Varric seems like a rocky road sort of guy.

Dorian: He LOVES pistachio ice cream, more than he’d like to admit.

Solas: Mint chocolate chip. It’s one of the few inventions of the modern era he can’t complain about.

Vivienne: She doesn’t partake in ice cream that often, but she’s had salted caramel ice cream a few times and really likes it.

Josephine: Spumoni. It would likely remind her of home.

Cullen: Butter pecan. The slight buttery taste combined with pecan (so Mod Sarah has read, anyways, she’s deathly allegic to pecans) is SO Fereldan.

Leliana: This woman will steal any and all of your chocolate ice cream. Beware.


Krem: Cookies and cream. There’s no end to the joking from Iron Bull whenever he gets it.

Author’s note: I went looking up ice cream flavors for this and found this monstrosity on Wikipedia:

What the fuck is this shit


Crowley and Lucifer // A delightful surprise // All Along the Watchtower 

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats

Truth be told, I have not been digging most of the fancy flavors the Kit Kat Chocolatories in Japan have been releasing recently. However, this month’s new Connoisseur concept, Champagne Raspberry, is a winner!

I love the clean, simply illustrated package design!

For this boozy berry flavor, Yasumasa Takagi, the patissier who creates these special Kit Kats for Nestle Japan, took his inspiration from Epernay, France, the capital of Champagne production…

Like other berry flavored Kit Kats of the past, I expected the actual candy bars to be pink…

Only I opened the package to discover they were made of dark chocolate…

Quite a surprise…

However, when you broke one open, the “raspberriness” was evident inside…

While I usually avoid dark chocolate at all costs, using it here was indeed the right decision, as its bitterness plays perfectly against the sweetness of the raspberry and champagne. It’s one of the most beautifully balanced Kit Kats I can recall eating in a long time.

Champagne Raspberry Kit Kats are currently available at all Kit Kat Chocolatory locations across Japan, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you for how long.


I flew back to the States on a business trip yesterday and am spending Easter weekend with my parents out in the country. Jetlag woke me up around 5am this morning and I was starving, but didn’t want to wake the rest of the house by going down to the kitchen. So I decided to unpack the snacks I brought back from Japan, which included this bag that was perfect for breakfast… Eggs Benedict Tortilla Chips! Not sure why they’re not labeled as Doritos, but I have to say, these were definitely some of the best tasting chips I’ve ever eaten out of Japan!! The egg, cheese and ham flavors are all quite prominent, and there’s even a hint of lettuce to them, which they even call out on the packaging! I’m truly amazed at how they so perfectly captured the complexity of a dish like eggs benedict in the form of a corn chip!