Thorin Pokenshield, the Western Hognose, has fun times in the kitchen!

Oha porken donglemeyer has prew a tee! what flaveur. does have a good spise or berrey? “flaver of butter poppycorn cus I boilt up some popecorm in there first. nice refrashing autum treat! also threw some leaves in it probly basil or gross yard weeds” 9.7174/10 HOld on to yo spoom thats a HEVTY BRUE!

Headcanon: Genji does have the ability to taste, but because of the extent of his augmentation, it is heavily muted, diluting any semblance of flavor a dish may have. That’s why he liked to share the favored dishes of his homeland with his fellow agents. Sometimes, when in Japan, he and Tracer would go on a kuidaore crawl, and he’d have her describe how the ramen he used to enjoy tasted.

- Submitted by erikhowlett.