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Someone convinced the Les Amis to take ballroom dancing lessons.

And it was Courfeyrac.

Thing is, Combeferre and Courfeyrac are getting married. For real. Courfeyrac has been flauting the engagement ring everywhere, even in the check out line at the store. He’s just really pumped about it.

And Courfeyrac has always had big expectations for his wedding, visions of a big family celebration with embarrassing powerpoint presentations, emotional toast speeches and a memorable first dance.

Except Combeferre can’t dance for shit.

So Courfeyrac signed them all up for ballroom dancing lessons, not just him and Combeferre, but everybody, so that they can all dance on D-Day.

Combeferre thinks way too much. He’s too methodical about it. Courfeyrac constantly has to tell him to relax and go with the flow, because dancing isn’t about getting it perfectly, but about being comfortable and moving together by adapting your pace to your dance partner

As expected, Grantaire didn’t need lessons. He can dance perfectly well, and he’s graceful as fuck while doing it. He’s mainly there to help the dancing teacher, and turns out to be a precious ally. Enjolras is a little jealous when Grantaire winds his arm around Feuilly’s waist. So  much that he steps on Jehan’s foot by accident.

(He’s all tense when Grantaire wind his arm around HIS waist because fuck okay what do I do? Do I smile? How do I focus? Gosh I hope I’m not sweating oh jesus)

Yugkook Headcanons

the world just needs more yugkook, don’t even argue with me in this.

  • a lot of dates
  • really, a fuckton of dates when they have the time
  • they don’t have much privacy back at their dorms, or even on the streets, so usually when they go out (to the movies, or bowling, or just walking late at night) they use most of their time to make out
  • a fuckton of make out sessions, tbh
  • on the bowling alley’s bathroom, on the movies (they usually catch the most empty session so they can make out all the way through the movie), when they’re back at one of their dorms and they think nobody’s paying attention, just two young adults sucking each other’s lips
  • gaming bets (which usually ends with one of them pouting and pushing the other off the couch)
  • late night texts, even though they know they have schedule early on the next day they can’t help it
  • making fun of each other all the time
  • whispered confessions
  • stealing glances at each other, the knowing looks and smirks, the blushing cheeks
  • hand holding when nobody’s paying attenttion
  • neck kisses (my heart~~)
  • jungkook stroking yugyeom’s mole with his thumb after an intense make out session
  • collarbone hickeys
  • stealing each others clothes
  • taking pictures of each other when the other isn’t looking
  • secret calls
  • biting each others lips when they make out
  • they are not the kind of couple that shows pda all the time, they reserve their smitten looks and touches for when they are alone, even though it doesn’t happen all the time
  • jungkook’s hyungs never saw them kissing
  • neither have yugyeom’s, just bambam once caught them making out bc he’s a nosy little shit
  • bambam ships them really hard
  • jungkook is jealous of yugyeom with bambam, even though he knows it’s kind of stupid, if it weren’t for bambam’s intervention they wouldn’t be together
  • talking to each other about the pros and cons of being the maknae, the pressure of the industry, the way they miss home, because they get each other in a way their hyungs can’t
  • even though jungkook is jealous of everyone within 10 meters of yugyeom, gyeomie is still the jealous and possessive one in the relationship
  • they save ugly pictures of each other on the internet and use as lockscreen
  • special nicknames
  • yugyeom pulling jungkook closer by his waist all the time
  • yugyeom flaunting the fact he’s slightly taller than jungkook all the time, just to see jungkook’s annoyed face
  • jungkook flauting the fact he’s two months older than yugyeom and trying to make yugyeom call him hyung (hyung kink AHEEEEEM)
  • jungkook leaving bite marks anywhere he can reach on yugyeom
  • jungkook hiding when he calls yugyeom bc he knows their conversations have the pontential to be some brutal blackmail material
  • yugyeom is the shy one in the relationship
  • jungkook being perpetually sexually frustrated bc they can’t do anything with the lack of privacy and their hyungs interrupting them all the time
  • taehyung loves to cockblock them
  • they make plans for the future through texts, even though they know they most likely won’t be able to follow them
  • they made playlists for each other
  • jungkook was the first to say i love you
  • they both like watching horror movies
  • they have a lot of inside jokes

ok, i guess that’s it for now, y’all can add something if y’all want to <3

Orchestra Instruments according to trumpets

Violins - tune hoggers, they play all the fun stuff you know you’d get to play if it was band, but pretty decent when you get to know them.

Second violins - cute smol violins, shyer and less full of themselves but don’t know how to tune #sorrynotsorry

Violas - are they even instruments? Very cute awkward people who get very defensive over their instrument and abilities.

Cellos - may as well be gods. Backbone of the orchestra. Very sexy. Much love for cellos. Cello = bae.

Double Basses - weird. DBs are some of the weirdest people I’ve ever met but you have to love them they’re jokes.

Oboes - look very awkward when playing a tuning note. Cute lil ducks. They won’t talk to you first.

Cor Anglais (english horn) - what even are they. Never actually met any but I’d imagine they’re like geese.

Bassoons - big daddy ducks. Always talking about reeds. Quirky but cool.

Flutes - either a complete bitch or the loveliest person you’ll ever meet. Very music. Much flutter. Love chromatics.

Clarinets - hella awkward or hella jokes. Much intersectional banter. Play cool twiddly bits or semibreves the whole time.

Saxophones - gtfo. No one invited them into the orchestra. Now fuck off. Go one. Off you fuck. Hipster cool honk machines though.

Trombones - slidey widey fun times. Coolest crew in the orchestra. Most likely instrument to turn up high (except for maybe percussion).

French horns - curly wurly smol tubas. Exceptionally smol mouthpieces. Weird and cool. Good at making trumpets jealous because John Williams exists and gives them all the solos.

Tubas - wolf pack. Huff puff machines. Lungs of steel. Crave solos but complain when they get one.

Trumpets - QUEENS. Too cool for all of you. Like talking all the time. Either have egos the size of a planet of the size of an amoeba but pretend. Think they are the coolest section. Are the coolest section.

Percussion - v attractive people. Always down to chill. Cool kids.

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Anyway here is quick update on the 2017 Natural Hair Challenge:

As you can tell from the picture above, we are no longer calling it the ‘challenge’ , instead we are calling it a celebration. We felt that challenge made it feel like it was some sort of competition . Calling it a celebration is much empowering and much more fun:)

Secondly, since its a celebration now, we have changed the “rules” abit. Now in order to take part in the 2017 Natural Hair Celebration is uploading dancing/singing/flauting your hair etc ( it could be literally anything ) to the Official Natural Hair Anthem ( use the hashtags #2017naturalhaircelebration and #naturalhairanthem)

And finally thing, we are running this celebration all the way until March 31!

Spread the word and tell your friends:)