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“The show was such a huge part of my life, It almost feels like I was in high school and this is the first time that I’m starting to feel like an adult. Twenty-seven is the year that a lot of people warned me about. Until you’re twenty-seven, people would say, ‘You’re so smart and accomplished for your age,’ and then all the sudden you become twenty-seven and you’re just like everybody else.’’

Beginner’s Edition: YOU

“ Create a post with positive message for someone going through a tough time. Make a text post, a video post, use stickers, make a GIF—whatever feels right to you.”

This one goes out to each and every one of my followers! 

This is a little bit embarrassing but I wrote this initially to myself when I was feeling pretty down when I was 16 (hence the somewhat juvenile language of it as 16 wasn’t yesterday for me) but I like that it is genuine. 

On some of my shittiest days I just go back to read this little reminder from my past self.

I’d like you guys to have it, too.

For starters, let me get this one out of the way.
It’s a little obvious.
Stop staring at your face that way!
I see you doing it again.
You have no idea what it means to the people who know you well.
They read it to know when to make you laugh, or when to ask you “is something up?”
Your face is a welcome sign for your friends when they scan over a room full of strangers, so stop thinking up ways to carve it up - to adjust it to your liking.
They just mightn’t recognize you anymore.

Now, take a good look at your hands.
I mean it now! Look at those poor slaves, and give them the gratitude they deserve. Think of everything they’ve done for you!
They’ve gotten you through every test, endured your nibbling, written each of your friends those forbidden notes in class.
They hold your door open for you, hell they even get that food to your mouth.
If you lost one FINGER on one of those suckers, you’d be sour then.
So give credit where it’s due.

While we’re at it, lets not forget your other permanent lackeys, your feet.
Those bad boys pick it up when you’re late, they’re your best friends before a drivers license.
They took you out of some gnarly places you wanted to get out of - FAST.
Or, they happily carried you to a convenience store for a treat without question.

Here’s another easy one.
Those things that make you happy?
Be it drawing horses, reggae, chocolate milk, pizza day at lunch, Sonic or Mario, maybe your dog or your cat. I’m talkin’ bubble baths so quiet you can hear the bubbles pop. I’m talkin’ just sitting on the couch with a friend you’re so comfortable with that the house is a mess, so are you, and it actually doesn’t matter. Please don’t let go of and forget those moments. They can happen and go and once they’re gone you’re going to miss them. 
And be damn proud of them. You hear me?
Don’t let someone tell you they’re ‘uncool’ or 'stupid’ or you’re 'too old’ or that bullshit. Tell those people to take a walk.

Listen. If you’re 35, 85, 105 and you still want to dress like a Ninja Turtle on Halloween, or if you’re feeling like a loser on a Friday but you still want to have fun and the only company you have to have a dance party with are your cats, frig it.
Do it.
You only live once, guys.
It’s time to start saying yes and having more laughs.
This life you’re living is for YOU, not anyone else.

I’m almost done, but this one is HUGE.
That body of yours.
You’ll try to cram it into the latest jeans, pump it up with protein powders and weights, test it with tattoo needles and piercings, force it into too small shoes, criticize it for not being able to accommodate labels such as 'xxs’. 
Whatever it is you’re doing it for, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons – do it for you, and not because you don’t like yourself, or wish someone else did. Be exactly who you want to be, and don’t apologize for it.
Clothes rip and fall apart, or they end up at the Salvation Army.
Beauty has a time limit. LIMITED TIME ONLY, FOLKS.
Those models who flaunt their naturally God given features and their airbrushed bodies and power to them for doing it but some days just seeing them makes you want to fucking scream because your own boobs are two different sizes and you’re gap-toothed and the damn muffin top is a constant and no matter what you do your hair is always. Frizzy. 

Well, if it’s any comfort about the models, gravity will get them, too.
Their boobs will fall, crows feet, gray hair, varicose veins …
Yes, even the models.
No matter what amount of plastic a person fills themselves with, THEY ARE GOING TO GET OLD.
They WILL be wrinkled, toothless, but happy grandma’s and grandpa’s.
And I mean, lets think about grandma’s and grandpa’s for a second.
Those motherfuckers are BOSS. They’re basically the best people on the planet.
And when you’re old you get away with whatever the fuck you want because you’ve seen it all and done it all and who the hell doesn’t love a granny or grampy? We all know they are the ones that know everything.
Is that really that scary? Because that sounds awesome to me. 
So why not start making friends with your poor body? Treat it better!
Make friends with it.
You’ve got ONE, that’s it. No matter what experiment you unleash on it,
it’ll still be there when Angie & Brad start looking like California Raisins.
Now be reasonable, people.
Get some good mileage out of that body, instead of just staring at it already.

For my grand finale … let me be frank.
Friends may certainly come and go. Your boyfriend/girlfriend may become a fiancee and later a wife or hubby, but they may also become the reason for your next tantrum, breakdown, or smashing rampage. This goes for all kinds of love – friends, family, lovers, what have you. 
My biggest slice of heaping advice to offer you … 
Please. I’m BEGGING you now, PLEASE.
Never lose sight of who you really are.
Only YOU know all of your shames, your hopes, your needs, what you take on your burger-
See?! You might be vegan. You might hate burgers. (I find that hard to believe.)
It’s best left to you to list what does and doesn’t count to you.
All I can tell you is, YOU, are the most important asset you can possess, and for a limited time only.
Life is short, so strike while the iron is hot!

You are timeless, you are going to see things unique to where you are, who you know, what you want - wherever your mind wants to take you.
Nobody will ever see the world the way you do. 
Even when you don’t feel valuable yourself, I am guaranteeing you now, there is one person who would cry like a bitch at your funeral.
So don’t take it for granted, don’t take YOU for granted, not for anything, not for ANYONE.
I’ll finish it off with my favorite quote from Mr. John Lennon:
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”
Now get out of here and start giving yourself a bit of credit.