IT’SSSSSS CRYPTIDSMAS AGAIN FOLKS. Time for a new batch of cards! Wish I’d gone a little harder on the black placement this time, and that watercolor paper scanned better, but I still had a total blast making these.

If any mutuals want to trade cryptidsmas cards, hit me up! This year, I have had the foresight to not be in the middle of fucking moving, so I can be sure not to accidentally miss anyone this time. Non-mutual followers or passersby are also totally free to inquire about a card trade, but I may have to turn you down due to time restraints.

Mothman and Friends (1988)

Produced by high school students for local TV station WVPB, this pilot for a half-hour children’s series features handcrafted puppets of Mothman, Sasquatch, and West Virginia’s own Flatwoods Monster roaming the forest and occasionally encountering cars on Interstate 35 while teaching lessons about teamwork, friendship, and nature. Andrew “Andy” Kaplan, who headed the video project, moved away to attend Ohio State University in the fall of 1988, and only one episode was ever produced.