flattering selfie


Help me with my hair???? I straightened it today just so I could see how damaged and long it really was, and it’s really frizzy and just blah. My natural texture is coarse and curly, and I already have 2/3 of it shaved (like a mohawk, sort of) but it’s kinda long on the sides and back right now because my head gets cold in the winter. Please remind me that my nose is too big to pull off a **edit: fully** shaved head, ‘cause big mood.


I got called “Blondie”, “Cutie” and “Sweet Cheeks” by almost every commanding officer I ever had. And when I was the youngest head of NATO counterterrorism force, I still got my butt pinched by five prime ministers and a president.

who has two thumbs and helped organise a successful gay ceilidh (gaylidh) last night
this guy!!!!


How could this possibly become that?