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hey molly, sorry if you answered this already, i just wanted to know what your art/drawing process is like thank you

EDIT: I’m redoing this ask because I’d like to show you an actual pose rather than just a face! 

My process is basically like this:


Initially, I do thumbnails, to get an idea of the overall pose and select the one I like best. Then I use that to draw an ‘undersketch’ which is like a large thumbnail. 
I reduce the undersketch layer to around 20%, and on a new layer I sketch the actual drawing itself. 


I then add my flats aka base colours. I also add the red undertone to the face at this point because that’s where we have blood visible. Tbh it just makes everyone look like they’re blushinggg uwu


Okay this is the fun part, I go in with my brush and ‘mould’ the face and body with shadows and highlights, keeping in mind the lightsource and planes and whatnot. I also blend in the red undertone unless I want them to be blushing of course. 

Recently I’ve started adding a ‘shade’ layer with a light purple colour, I just think it looks neat. Oh, and I use Photoshop to adjust any colours I need to. 

And that’s about it! Hope this answered your question, and don’t hesitate to ask me if you’d like to know anything else! :3 

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What type of brushes do you use in sai?


under cut is coloring stuff and I’m leaving out some brushes cuz like I don’t remember where I got them I just copy the files when I switch laptops

and then for stabilizer I think 

this for sketching 

or this, but I don’t remember if I got the spray texture or if SAI came with, I use whatever I feel like at the time but I use this one for quick stuff

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Can you make the new skirt with the wedges and flats available for teens? That skirt is perfection!

Sure, here they are converted for teens & kids!

I did all three of them just because. Just remember that the polycount for the one with the socks is 23k, the polycount for the other two is about 4k.

Download Teen Skirt with 3D Socks

Download Teen Skirt with wedges

Download Teen Skirt with flats

I also converted to kids, but just the one with flats.

Download Kids Skirt with Flats


lol halloween’s almost here so don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this

Greeting Cards: S6 || RB

(the circles are there so you can make DIY hanging flatsies using string)

  • Werewolf Will: RB
  • Vampire Hannibal: RB


  • Relaxed fit: RB
  • All Over Shirt: S6

And the extreme:

  • Curtain: S6