I was honestly so, so excited to have gotten @flatpigeon as my Legumentines secret santa but with school being so crazy I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the gift here in time! ;0; But here it is!

You were actually one of the first artists that I discovered in the hatoful fandom and you’ve always been one of my favorites. Even if it’s inactive now, I always did love your the-king-said blog, and I always seem to associate the king (and the hatohouse kids!) with your name now, pfft. xD

So here’s The King being cute and happy with Pyonpyon~ ;w; Happy Legumentines! <3

well i think this is done now!

The other day I was sad about something, idk what, and decided to cheer myself up by drawing the most unnecessarily pretty picture of my bird boyfriend I could muster. Four days later and here it is, ahaha.

This is probably the first confidently print-worthy thing I’ve ever done! Unfortunately it’s just on Redbubble right now, but maybe I’ll finally get around to having a proper online shop someday soon.

Thanks to flatpigeon for the suggestion on the fish, and humblest apologies to every one of my twitter followers for having to see me post about this every two hours for four days straight.


First photo: The King being fabulous ( flatpigeon )

Second photo: Nageki being adorable ( elyuu )

Third photo: Nageki ( elyuu ) and the King ( citruscandy ) antagonizing Shuu ( unsafebet )

You were all really cool and very nice ;u;! It was a pleasure to have hung out with your guys for awhile at AN!

Thank you elyuu for the cute goodie bag (all the treats are now in my stomach) and thank you flatpigeon for the adorable mini prints  (o´ω`o)

Remind me to send you guys keychains in return!


omg omg WENDI’S LEGUMENTINES PACKAGE ARRIVED. Look at this!! Cat stickers on the box, a TON of melon gummies (I LOVE THESE HGHFGFFFF) an assortment of balloons (!!!), LICORICE CANDY, a cute papercraft card with an even cuter message inside (to quote one part, “the pure liquorice tins are quite nice, and only nearly as black as your putrid disgusting heart”) *__*

and lastly, melon gum with “FUcK U MELON BABY NERD” written over the plastic. doki doki, my heart!!!! what a cute legumentines present!!!!

I’ll make sure to have a suitable return package ready for white day, wendi dear uvu!!!!!!! (is there a bird holiday version of white day, someone consult moa)