Creating back grounds for my flat pack theatre set.

Having a break from creating character scenes and thought it would be a good idea to create a background for my theatre that will be  used for tow out of the four scenes i intend to create in total. 

After some thought and consideration i have decided to create four main scenes which will be -

1. Creepy guy giving jack the magic beans

2. Jacks mother and jack

3. Giants wife letting jack in there mansion after a long journey up the beanstalk.

4. The Giant finds out that Jack is in his house and chases after him down the beanstalk.


Toy Theatres/ Paper Theatres-

Toy theatres or otherwise known as Paper theatres or model theatres data back to the 19th century in Europe. Toy theatres were often made from paper board sheets and sold as mini theatre kits at the entrances or the concession stand of the Opera houses, Vaudeville theatres or play houses. Toy theatres were a source of entertainment for the family at home of that time period. They would be assembled at home and a play would be preformed by family members or guests. This would hold a very entertaining evening for when families came together at the end of the day or at special seasonal celebrations such as easter and christmas. It was mostly the upper class of society that had wealth and power to be able to buy such a luxury item from the opera house after an evening watching the real play. There was a decline in popularity of the toy theatres towards the end of the 19th century when realism of the European stage was introduced such as television. However the Toy Theatres have regained popularity amongst puppeteers , authors and  film makers. Also there are now international  toy theatre festivals throughout Europe and America. Highly sought after and a rare collectable item.

The Toy theatres shown above are Danish and are original 19th century toy paper card theatres. I really find the structure of the vintage theatres an excellent way to create a 3D style theatre set which is an idea and concept i can create with my own illustrations when i come to develop the structure of my own mini flat pack theatre. I can involve my illustrative drawing onto card and then cut out areas where i would involve another layer in the foreground and back ground to create a 3D effect.  I think it looks very effective but yet a traditional and simple idea. It is the best way to show my illustrations through a theatre set structure. 

Scene 4 -

After many times cilmbing the bean stalk to visit the giants wife for biscuits and tea. Jack had somehow managed to steal belongings from there elaborate 7 bedroom mansion. iPod, HD TV and cash which kept jacks mother very happy. However it was all about to end very badly when jack attempts to steal the giants Rolls Royce on the drive way. Jack goes to leave the giants house after having a lovely afternoon with the giants wife eatig cake and drinking tea. When he spots the beautiful gun metal grey rolls royce parked up on the drive way. Jack somehow hotwires the car and raws the engine. To jacks suprise the Giant smells a rat and catches Jack trying to steal his car. The Giant try’s to chase jack down. But Jack is a little to quick for him!

Scene 3-

After being sent to bed the evening before by his grumpy mother. Jack wakes up the following morning and takes a glance outside his bedroom window. To his suprise he see’s this gigantic beanstalk swirling way up into the sky until it disappears into the clouds. Jacks curiosity overwhelmes him he could not resisist temptation anymore and climbed the sky high bean stalk way up into the clouds. When he had reached the top of the beanstalk he noticed a beautiful mansion in the distance. Jack makes his way up the mansion and knocks on the big red shiny door hesitantly when he gets there. A very smart well spoken Lady opens the door who happens to be the giants Wife. The giants wife’s face lights up with joy when she sees the young boys face and without any thought at all invites him In for supper and a rest after the log journey up the beanstalk. However for jack this might not of been the best decision as he soon finds out.

Scene 2 -

Jack returns home to his mother feeling like a bag of nerves. He knows his mother won’t be pleased with what he has returned with. Jacks mum, a rather large lady looks at Jack and asks him how much money he made on her old shabby car. Jack hesitantly opened his hand slowly to reveal a small sack of what looked like large kidney Beans. Jacks mother instantly filled with rage grabbed jack by the ear and sent him to his room. In upset and anger she throws what she thought were just some old kidney beans into her back yard and sulked all evening.

Scene 1 -

Jacks mother sends jack down to the local garage with her old shabby car in the hope to sell it for cash. It’s struggling times for Jacks mum. The mobile hairdressing buisness is quiet so any spare money they can scrape up to put food on the table would be a god send. However as jack makes his way to the garage not far from the Salford council estate he has spent most of his days growing up. A very mysterious creepy guy appears from a dark alley and asks jack for directions. Jack couldn’t get away quick enough but before he has chance to speed of the creepy man pulls out of his pocket a little sack of what looked like large kidney beans. The creepy guy offers Jack a straight swap for the beans if he can have the old shabby car. Jack panics as the creepy man stairs right into his eyes with a cold haunting look. Jack grabs the beans out of his hand gets out do the drivers seat and runs all the way back home to his mother.

Structure of each scene-

The images above i have taken my self to show the construction of my flat pack theatre in a  three dimensional format and how it would work in reality. I have taken shots from the front, side and above to demonstrate how each slide of each scene would be placed and how it would look as a final scene. I feel overall the decision to construct my theatre in this way has payed off well and looking at it from the front view gives a great impact and really shows every aspect of each slide i have created for each scene. 

Experimenting with the structure of my flat pack theatre

Once i had completed all the flat pack theatre element i then moved on to test my idea of the coat hanger structure. With strong string and pins i then pin the string to either side of the wall and then experiment with hangers to see if the idea will work. The string took the weight of the hangers very well and i can easily move the hangers up and down the string like a clothing rail. This would be an excellent concept to then attach each scene with string. My next step would be to attach each scene to the hangers. moving the hangers easily up and down the make shift rail is an easy and efficient way of changing each scene.

Developing an extra background to add to the Giant and the Giants wife scene to depict the mansion in the background. 

The illustration show two very elaborate e greek pillars with a  shiny red door and a big shiny gold door handle. I wanted to keep the backgrounds simple however still set the mood and scene with clean lines and simple colour choices. I feel that this does give the feel of a grand house from the outside. This will be used for scene 3 and 4. 

Foreground development- 

This slide will be introduced at the front of each scene as a frame that will consistently be used to illustrate the beanstalk. Referring back to a flat pack theatre experimentation i felt that this worked very well in my sketch book and i would like to incorporate this in my final outcome.