Just One Week until my Show at Markham Theatre and just got word that it’s ONLY $5.00 for high school students and $20.00 for college and University students!!!

This theatre is beautiful and the show is special so I’m asking all of you to help us sell out this Venue so they will continue to book other RnB acts and have the genre be one that is respected and adored Til the end of time right here in Canada!

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“Why do you like trees so much?” Foxface questioned as Cato looked at the tall plants.
He shrugged his shoulders, “I think they look cool,” he answered.
“That’s it?” she asked, rolling her blue eyes.
“Yep,” he said, smirking,“ but I like other things, too.”
She looked around for answers, “Like what?”
He didn’t answer, he looked away. Foxface suddenly felt bad for asking, even though she didn’t know why he was doing this. “You,” Cato mumbled quietly. On that note, the girl jumped into his arms and kissed him, hoping for him never to doubt her again.

This stunning Paul Flato Flower Bracelet is part of the “Hollywood Glamour” exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition centers on the dazzling jewels from the personal collection of L.A.-based jeweler Neil Lane. #neillane #hollywoodglamour #bmfa #flato

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