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I was reading a Flatliners review that basically said it was weird to have someone that was Diego’s age going to uni/college.

It is particularly a weird thing for people in their 30’s to be at uni/college?

Because I go to uni with people who are 18 and fresh out of high school, people in their 40’s with high school aged kids and even people in their 70’s coming back to uni just for fun.

Maybe they just missed the fact that Ray mentioned that he was a firefighter for 6 years, so maybe he decided on a career change?


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This is a post meant to keep all my fic ‘verses (posted on AO3 or otherwise) corralled in one place so people can find things when they need to. XD It’ll be updated/amended every time I post something new, so keep an eye on it if you can. 

floating, sinking; Complete, posted on AO3. ~192k. …I feel like this one doesn’t need explanation.

along the back and forth, otherwise known as foster care au; WIP, posted on both Tumblr and AO3. Jyn is a foster mom to Rey and Finn, feisty and lonely kids who are–coincidentally–students of one Cassian Andor. Also coincidentally: a few years ago Jyn and Cassian met at a bar, and they’re still trying to get over each other. It’s not working out too great. Posted in chronological order.

Tumblr posts:  pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii  |  pt iv  |  pt v  |  pt vi

flatliners au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. A rewrite of the movie Flatliners (avoiding spoilers from the canon film; I change a lot) with Jyn Erso studying what it means to die and experience the afterlife. Bonus points for mutual pining, med school shenanigans, Eternal Longing™, and Leia done with everyone’s shit. Not posted in chronological order.

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii pt iii  |  pt iv  |  pt v

mass effect au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. You may know this one from the gorgeous photoset made by the supremely talented @runakvaed. ALso: heavy credit to @turiantea for helping me build at least 50% of it; they deserve credit for so many of the AUs that I’ve written for, both posted and otherwise, and saved my ass over and over during the construction of floating, sinking as well. Cassian is an Alliance Spectre, undercover with the terrorist organization Cerberus as they bring the famous Commander Ahsoka Tano back from the dead. He’s serving as her XO on her suicide mission against the reapers, and one of his biggest obstacles? Trying to hide the fact that he’s desperately in love with the biotic mercenary hiding in the engine room. Not posted in chronological order. 

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii

siren au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso is a pirate, and she’s just had her ship driven into the rocks of Jedha Island–a tiny, tropical mystery not on any map she’s ever seen, and home to a grumpy old sailor, a blind, sarcastic mermaid, and a pair of sirens–who tell her, in no uncertain terms, that the only reason she survived the wreck is that she’s asexual. Oh, and one of those sirens has pretty brown eyes. Posted in chronological order.

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii

stranger things au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Bodhi Rook has gone missing, and his foster sister, Jyn Erso–the town asshole, if you listen to the local college girls–is going to find him. Even if it kills her. Thankfully, a photography student has a shot of where Bodhi was last seen. Turns out he has a whole hell of a lot more to him than meets the eye. Not posted in chronological order. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

college au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso has anger management problems. Cassian Andor has bad PTSD. They’re both crammed into a university classroom as non-traditional students. Neither of them enjoy it too much, at first. Not posted in chronological order.  

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii

study abroad au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Cassian is a study abroad student in London, and he accidentally makes friends with Bodhi Rook and his foster sister. It’s getting harder and harder to consider going back to Mexico, honestly. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

royals au – imperial war; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso is a queen with no king. Cassian Andor is a king with no queen. Both their nations are being pressed on all sides by an Empire. They make a choice. Now they have to live with it. Heavy credit to @turiantea for building this with me, as always. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

royals au – the young victoria; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso is the one and only heir to the throne of England. She’s been kept in seclusion since she was a child, tugged this way and that by people who want to control her. Cassian Andor is the second grandson of the King of Fest, so far from the throne that people forget he exists at all. They meet almost by accident, and never forget it. Heavy credit to @runakvaed for building this one with me. :3

Tumblr posts: pt i

north & south au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Cassian Andor runs a cotton manufacturing plant in Northern England in the 1860s. Ostracized for his Mexican heritage, protective of his mother and sister, Cassian thinks he has everything under control–until a maverick southern woman with modern views and a tendency to pick fights in taverns shows up and flips his whole life upside down. @turiantea is responsible for everything and everything good about this AU. I just write things down and fail to capture its glory. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

mafia au: Cassian’s an undercover cop. Jyn’s a mafia princess. It ends as well as it could. This one in particular is @turiantea‘s baby and I want to come back to it soon for their sake. They’ve done so much for this and it’s easily 80% their child so I feel bad for not babysitting it very well.

Tumblr posts: pt i

that new flatliners movie pisses me off people die for a few seconds all the time we know what happens, the lack of oxygen to the brain gives them brain damage like whomst the fuck decided to make this