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Do you have a school morning routine you can share? I'm always super stressed on school mornings and it'd be nice to have some organization ahaha 💕💖


when i first wake up i crack my back idk why but my back is super tensed then i go in the bathroom, use it, then wash my face and moisturize. sometimes if i braid my hair i unravel it before or after i get dressed and always flatiron my hair after i get dressed if i have weave in, before i get dressed tho i put on lotion on my whole body, spray perfume oil on my wrists, neck, boobs, booty, and in between my thighs. i spray my panties and bra with perfume then i get dressed and also put perfume over my clothes. i would eat, sit on my bed, clean my dog room in between time then before i leave go brush my teeth, brush my eyebrows (lol), then put on vaseline or lip gloss and go.

it usually takes me 30 mins to get ready if i dont waste time. i suggest picking an outfit the night before so u know what u wanna wear too. hopefully this helps

What was your biggest hair mistake?In middle school, it was always the flatiron. All the girls just wanted flatironed hair and didn’t even put heat protector on it or anything. So I definitely regret that, because I think that messed up my hair. Now whenever I finish a movie, I just cut all my hair off. Because when you’re doing a movie or TV show, every morning they’re blow-drying it or spraying it. So when I’m done, I just want it as low maintenance as possible. In three weeks [when Scream Queens finishes filming], you’ll see, I’m going to have a bob! I’m really excited to do that—it’s so liberating.” - Emma Roberts

He tries to do your hair (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -he just looked at the end result and when you asked how bad it was- “you shouldn’t let me try doing your hair again. I mean I think I could screw up brushing it”

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Dongwoo: -you both knew he had no skill with your hair but it always brighten his day when he could. But you knew it was bad when he broke out in laughter- “Baby I killed your hair like it looks like roadkill”

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Woohyun: -he wanted to try to braid you hair so he tried to make a fishtail braid and he managed to get it right after 3 failed attempts- “I think I did pretty good now didn’t I baby?”

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Hoya: -you had a lot of hair so when he went to comb through it. The comb broke trying to get through the curls within your hair and you let out a pained yell- “oh my gosh baby I am so sorry!”

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Sungyeol: -a simple bun turned into a little cute fight because he broke more than 5 hair ties- “you could have said no babe but you said yes I’ll buy you more then so calm down”

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L: -you really couldn’t do much with the shoulder length hair so when he asked to try to do your hair it was a sure why not moment. When he was done you had two cute little pigtails and you were shocked- “what baby did you think I wouldn’t be able to?”

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Sungjong: -you let him try to flatiron your hair and you started to worry when he actually held the device in his hands. But here you were no hair missing and it was completely straight- “love to do this again sometimes baby”

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Doc, There's a Hole Where Something Was

Pairing: Mikey Way/Pete Wentz

Warnings: alcohol, break ups, large blocks of italic text if you have trouble reading that

Rating: teen

Comments: so i know patrick has synesthesia irl but i was thinking about how some of fall out boys lyrics could relate to that and i came up with the idea that pete has synesthesia. and this angsty thing came out of it. (i took a lot of liberty with dates in this, forgive me)

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Yukina wig progress part 3

Ponytail is reinserted, flatironed and twisted for texture. Side hairs are flatironed at the root, back-combed but NOT sprayed, then combed out (to be worked on later). Fringe is thoroughly flatironed at roots and extremely back-combed and sprayed. Lightly combed out then rollers are added. (I forgot to mention I cut and layered them lol). Rollers are taken out, fringe is brushed lightly and fluffed then sprayed and lightly scrunched for texture.

This wig is STILL NOT DONE! The side locks of hair (I call them tendrils) will be back combed in a similar fashion to the pony tail to add that strange 90’s “hair ends” volume that anime seemed to sport back in the day. And yes I say back in the day cause when this anime came out I was around 2-4 years old, I am now 25 THAT WAS A LONG ASS TIME AGO GUYS LIKE SERIOUSLY FEELING OLD HERE!!!

Anyways, hopefully I’ll finish tomorrow as I have to work in the afternoon and I really need to sleep it’s like 5:00am…. Fahk…

Hope you’ve enjoyed her so far though! I am super happy with the fringe it looks just as voluminous as the actual character I AM PLEEEAAAASED!!! 😎😎😎😎

A Rant:


This type of bullshit completely infuriates me. Dreadlocks are not a racial issue. Dreadlocks are not a racial statement. Dreadlocks can form naturally in any type of hair if given the time and proper conditions. I washed my hair regularly, without combing or brushing, after a few months I tore the naturally formed sections apart, and they became further defined, over the course of eight years. I loved my dreadlocks. They were NOT a form of cultural appropriation. I am russian and hispanic, from New York. I AM AN ADVOCATE AGAINST RACISM IN ALL ITS FORMS. and this fucking post is RACIST.

There are so many true injustices to hate on. Just fishing for stupid shit like hairstyles to be angry at is a waste of time and potential energy that should be channeled towards other more serious injustices!!!!

Ain’t no body tellin’ nobody that a black chick flatironing her hair is trying to appropriate asian culture by forcing their hair to be pin straight when it naturally wouldn’t be!


While Lura knew that Josiah was coming over she just couldn’t be bothered with makeup and trying to flatiron her hair. She was in her favorite movie watching onesie that she only wore around her parents and Tammy. To make matters worse it was an Espeon onesie of all things. When the doorbell rang she immediately hopped up and answered it. “Before you say anything I just decided since you have seen me in the morning then you may as well see me in my natural habitat. Judge me all you want Josiah Li.”