Flathead Lake

according to wikipedia:  “It is the largest natural freshwater lake in the western part of the contiguous United States, located in the northwest corner of the state of Montana. With a surface area of between 191.5 sq mi  and 197 sq mi, it is slightly larger than Lake Tahoe. The lake is a remnant of the ancient inland sea, Lake Missoula of the era of the last interglacial. Flathead Lake is 27.3 mi long and up to 15.5 mi wide. Its known maximum depth is 370.7 ft, making it deeper than the average depths of the Yellow Sea or the Persian Gulf.  It is one of the cleanest in the populated world for its size and type.”

according to me:  we didn’t spend much time here, unfortunately. the length of our stay along this beautifully serene lake lasted as long as it took to jump in the water and climb out because it was freezing. but regardless, the water is ridiculously clear and feels so crisp and soft on your skin because it’s fed from all of the nearby streams and glaciers. we drove along one of the two scenic highways that runs alongside the shoreline, which made for a very leisurely drive that led us straight to glacier national park.