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Skater skirts different styles

I’m loving skater skirts. 

skater skirts can be used in so many different ways to achieve different looks 

for example:  ( you can skipped to the style you like so you don’t have to read everything ) :D 


you can look very girly in a skater skirt, all you have to do is pick a nice colour (it can be plain) like pink, Because pink is girly and fab! and then you add a vest, a crop top, or a top with lace on it. If you want you could even wear a floral crown. To make you feel like a princess of nature ;) Or if that’s over the top you could just wear a bow. 


This look is so easy to achieve. All you have to do is grab a plain skater skirt the colour doesn’t really matter and some trainers (converses/ vans/whatever you want ).  For the top, it can be anything, I think a plain one would be good and just tuck it in but leave it a bit loose, this makes you look laid back. If you want to have some pi-zaz (as i call it :P) you could accessorise and wear something like a chunky gold chain. This is really nice if you are wearing a plain t-shirt.  

badass/ rebel:

If you’re super cool and you look badass so you directly assume that skirts aren’t for you then you are wrong. Skirts can be used without looking totally girly. You can get a leather skater skirt, they look so cool. Or even a denim one. They look good with boots especially if you are going for a badass look. If you wear with a plain top (black or white) that would work but you can also wear band t-shirts (I love wearing skater skirts with my nirvana top, it looks awesome. trust me). To add to the look you can wear bracelets, a studded headband, necklaces…  

You see, skirts can be cool and hardcore ;P 

Pastel goth/ creepy: 

This one isn’t as simple as the other looks but it’s totally rad.  The skirt could be one with those eyeball motifs one them or something creepy like that. Or if you are super cool you could have a holographic one (I know it’s cool). Chunky shoes would work, flatforms (trainer type shoes) or creepers. The top can be plain but if you really want to get into the look i advise you a pastel t-shirt (maybe tie-dyed a light shade) or a top with something random on it like a unicorn, some cats or some zombies. For a final touch you can add something like a skeleton hand hair clip.


We are at the start of summer and skater skirts are still in. Summer is all about colours. So you could wear a colourful skater skirt. (like vibrant green, lime green or orange… ). Sandals or flip-flops would be good for summer and for the top: a crop top, a cami, a hanky top ….

I hope this helped or inspired you for your future outfits :) if it didn’t then I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Bye xx