After the opening of the second cloth hall cloth hall, the building became an assembly hall, then a place of worship and education. The building was flater subdivided for retail and domestic premises.

First White Cloth Hall. A long term photographic survey of a long neglected historic building in the centre of Leeds. Photography by rachelminshull and philopenshaw For more go to: http://white-cloth-hall.tumblr.com

“I made a piece about a certain Gaston (or, as we call him in Holland ‘Guust Flater’) episode. […] In one episode it is because of a redecoration of the main office Guust had done over the weekend. When De Mesmaeker is (once again) ready to sign, he’s too distracted about the mural Guust had done and he once again takes an anxious hike without leaving his highly anticipated signature. I guess, the whole idea of a mural making a business deal not happen appealed to me.“ Rufus Ketting

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Hey what's a good diffuser for thing curly hair I want to keep lots of volume Cus the longer it gets the flater it looks. Thanks guys!! 💖

try not to use heat on your hair! I used to have the same problem so the best tip is to put in a leave-in conditioner (avoid mousses because they dry out the hair) while your hair is damp, flip over your hair and shake out your hair with your fingers to separate the curls a little; when you flip your hair back leave it the way it is and let it air dry!!


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What are your feelings on all of the hate against us gems, everyone thinks we're like piper fucking chappman -_- she needs to gfto because people are getting the wrong ideas of us gems </3

We obviously love Geminis (Brianna is one) and any sign hate is bad. 
But I wouldn’t go as far as saying Piper is the face of Gemini hate. Plus people need to keep in mind that Piper is suppose to have flaws and have bad qualities so she can overcome that in the show. Its called character development so of course she isn’t going to be perfect or else her character will fall even flater. 


The only flatering picture you can find from me of the BBQ we did with our class, the day after it. We ate cake in the morning wich was just a bomb of chocolate, the tea was grrreat. Even then it was 9 am so bleb