YOU HAVE COME IN AT THE RIGHT TIME! Hawkeye’s solo title is currently three books in, the third coming out this week! I would say it’s quite close to the movie Clint you’re used to, in terms of sass-levels and smartassery. 

If you can’t find the single issues in stores (they’re selling quick!), you can find them here on ComiXology!

More than that, I would recommend picking up Hawkeye: Blindspot, which is now out in a collected trade. It delves a lot into Clint’s backstory and history, while at the same time showing (imo) the most interesting part of him - that he’s a regular joe fighting alongside superhumans.

After that, look into Marvel Now! The re-tooling of the majority of Marvel’s books launched last week, so you’re here just in time to start on brand new books, new story arcs, new creative teams, new everything! I would recommend the new Incredible Hulk series, the new Deadpool series, Uncanny Avengers, and the new Secret Avengers which will feature Coulson, Clint, Natasha, Hulk, and a whole swag of others.

Aside from all of that, I will give you the same advice I give everyone: Find a character you love, and stick to them like glue! You like Hawkeye?  Read books about Hawkeye! See him on the cover of something? Pick it up! You might be confused at first, but at least you will know one character. I’m currently doing that with Guardians of the Galaxy, and although it’s confusing at first, Rocket Raccoon is getting me through.

Enjoy! Welcome to the rabbit-hole of comics!


First of all, welcome to the Carol Corps! Here is your badge, your lucky hat, your irritable cat, and we have crepes every thursday.

HERE IS A QUICK INTRO TO CAROL. Please ignore anything relating to ‘the rape of Ms Marvel’ as that never happened la la la fingers in ears strong women don’t need sexual violence in order to be motivated to be strong la la la…

HERE is the most current run on Captain Marvel, which will also fill you in on everything you need to know about what’s going on in Enemy Within! I also recommend reading up on Avengers Assemble if you enjoy Carol and Jess, especially issues 9, 10 and 11!

It has the added bonus of naked Tony Stark.

Yeah. You're welcome.

Enjoy yourself, Carol is just the fucking best! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have like, 40 batches of crepe batter to mix up for tomorrow.

Not stupid at all, please never hesitate to come to me for help! A pull list is like a subscription list at your comic store. You tell them what new books you want, and the store (or one overworked new zealand artist…) ‘pulls’ them for you every tuesday, and puts them in a folder with your name on it, ready to be sold on wednesday!

That way, your books always count towards pre-orders (which are the sales figured that count towards a book’s success, VERY IMPORTANT), and a title you’re reading won’t sell out before you get to the store! If you build up a good relationship with your local comic store, they will get to know the kind of books you like, and will pull stuff for you that you might be interested in, and otherwise would have missed! 

A couple of notes about pull lists:

  • Some stores require a minimum amount of books in order to set up a folder, say three, in order to make it worth their time.
  • Some stores require that you buy books consistently for a couple of weeks, before setting up a pull list. Kind of like being on pull-list probation! This is to ensure we’re not going to the trouble of setting up a folder and a list, and ordering more books, only to have someone ditch the store after a week.
  • Some stores will give you a discount, based on how many books are on your pull list!
  • If you can’t make it to your store every week, that’s fine, but PLEASE try to come and empty out your folder whenever you can! It gets very, very frustrating to see a folder with 50 books in it. Those are books we could be selling to someone else, and it makes it that much harder to fit books into other folders!
  • Maintain your list. Drop books, pick up new books. Order collected trades, and add them to your list! Your pull list is a living organism, and it is happiest when you pay attention to it! And so is your local comic store!

You are SO welcome for anything I’ve helped with, and I do in fact have some words of encouragement!

Ignore the internet. Ignore The Big Bang Theory, and ignore every other show that’s supposed to represent ‘Nerd Culture’*

Ignore every horror store you have heard about new nerds being chased out of comic stores with flaming torches and copies of the comic book price guide.

Yes, some of those stories are true, but here is the thing. If you walk into a clothing store for the first time - there is a chance you will have a bad experience. Same with a Sporting goods store. A Gaming store. Any kind of store. The only difference with Comic Book stores is that, because of the popular influence of shows like The Big Bang Theory, these stores have garnered a mostly false reputation for being a hostile environment for fledgling nerds, newbs, and most of all, women.

Yes, sometimes these horror stories are true. But they’re also a relic of the past. The attitude of the comic book community is changing - just look at the outrage caused by the hiring of Orson Scott Card, whose Homophobia would have been happily overlooked just a few years ago. These horrible, judgmental stories keeping fans out of comic book stories are a thing of the past, and they’re getting increasingly rarer.

More than that, these are businesses that want to make money! You know what makes me HAPPIEST at work? When someone comes in and says to me ‘I have NEVER been into a comic book store before, I saw the movies and liked them, and I want to know more!’

That makes me happy because there are more people to support the books I love, more people to talk comics with, and more people entering the community that I have devoted my life to. But more than that? IT MEANS I CAN SELL A LOT OF BOOKS AND MAKE MY BOSS REALLY HAPPY. So be honest! Walk into that store and say HEY. I AM NEW AND I WANT TO THROW MONEY AT YOU. SUGGEST SOME BOOKS FOR ME!

Anyone that would ridicule you for that is a fucking idiot, not worth your time, and doesn’t know how to run a business.

So good luck, anon, and sorry for my novel of a reply. This is obviously something very close to my heart, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes :)

*Except Community. Last week’s episode was what The Big Bang Theory should be.

anonymous asked:

Is Secret Avengers worth picking up?


Here’s the thing with Secret Avengers - I feel like it is suffering from circumstances beyond its control. It was the…10th or 11th Avengers book to come out of MARVEL NOW and readers, at least the one’s I’ve talked to, are suffering from some Avengers burnout. 

More than that, the run that preceeded it was…not good. I don’t like to bash comics or story arcs in public, so I won’t be naming names, but if a book is falling in quality so badly that I WILL STOP READING A TEAM LED BY HAWKEYE, then yes, it’s bad. I feel like a lot of people aren’t reading the new SA because of the previous run.

That having been said? The book is fucking fantastic. It’s a concept for a team like I have never seen before (Most of the team members don’t even know they’re on the team….) and it’s got PHIL FUCKING COULSON, who has too much sass for even Taskmaster.

Plus it’s only two issues in. SO HELL YEAH PICK IT UP!

The best place to sell them is a comic book store, and the VERY best thing to do is to call first! Here are some things to do before and while you call.

1) Get a good idea of how old the comics are. Generally the editorial babble on the inside cover or first few pages will have a publication date. When I appraise comics over the phone, I will usually ask how much the cover price is. 15, 20, 35 and 40 cents are very good! $1.25 to $3.99 are less desirable because usually, that means the comic is newer (80s, 90s, etc) and we will already have those in stock.

2) Try to have a good estimation as to the condition of the comic. Are the staples pulling away from the spine? Has the cover been water damaged or drawn on? Are the corners torn and blunted, or have stamps and/or panels been cut from inside the book? These are useful things to mention if you are asked as to the condition of the books.

3) Just because a comic says Number 1 on the cover doesn’t mean you have made your fortune! If you have earlier books in a series, mention this, but don’t expect to have found a goldmine. Also bear in mind that, with the popularity of comic book movies, first appearances of characters showing up in said movies (for example, Malekith in the next Thor movie) will temporarily raise the price of a book. It’s important to know WHAT you have, and WHEN to sell it!

As far as price goes, you can look at the book on ebay.com to get a good idea of how much it is currently selling for (look for prices in green, that means the books have actually sold for that price), or you can set up a free account at comicpriceguide.com. They price books by CGC grading, so if you are familiar with the system, you can get a ball-park idea for what your books will sell for. Retail.



Any Comic Store that buys your comics from you will then in turn sell them to other people, which means they need to make money off of it! Just because your book is selling for $100 online or at other stores, that doesn’t mean you will be able to sell it to a store for that. Personally, we offer 25%-40% of what we will sell a book for. We have bills to pay as well!

As far as knowing you are getting a good price, I recommend doing your research online first (WITHOUT GETTING YOUR HOPES UP!) and then taking your books to a local store with a good reputation.

The last piece of advice I can give you is to repeat what I just said - DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP! Every saturday we have at least half a dozen people coming through our door with boxes of comics they have purchased at the flea market that morning, convinced that they have stumbled upon a gold mine thanks to the popularity of shows like Pawn Stars. The comic book industry is a living, breathing organism that fluctuates and changes daily, and the prices of yesterday will not always be the prices of today.

So in short….know what you have, call first, and don’t expect a financial windfall! And I definitely suggest turning around and spending at least some of that cash/trade credit right there in the store ;)

I love Happy and Pepper together because they support eachother, they don’t take advantage of eachother, and they’ve basically raised a child together. Don’t tell me Tony Stark isn’t a giant-sized man-child.

I ship them mostly because I love Pepper, and life needed to cut her a break. She got that break in Happy, someone that not only loved her, but understood the importance of Tony in her life. It couldn’t work with anyone else. I also ship them because I cannot, in good conscience, ship her with Tony. She’d too good for him. She has to deal with his shit on a daily basis in both a professional context, and as a dear friend…why the hell would she want to bring that into her romantic life?

Although Pepper and Happy eventually divorced, they remain one of my canon OTPs. They were always present in eachother’s life, especially when Happy died. I miss them :(

lamentforboromir  asked:

So I was wondering: could I ask you for comic book recs? Specifically Hawkeye comics, because I just. I dunno. I feel like I relate to him, but that I don't understand him as much as I should. The natural thing to do is ask for more. I already have the beginning of "The High, Hard Shaft", which I'll just order more of off the interwebz. But do you have any other suggestions, other ways for me to get to know Clint? It'd mean the world to me. Thanks so much! <3


(Sorry it took me a few days, I had to go through my collection!)

I’ll start with some of my favorites, which is when Hawkeye wasn’t even Hawkeye at all! My absolute favorite stories featuring Clint are from when he was Ronin, in the aftermath of Civil War and Secret Invasion, during Dark Reign. Although he’s not using the bow and arrow, you really get to see a great character come into his own, show emotional range, and make mistakes. He’s piecing his fractured past with Mockingbird back together, as well as trying to live in a world without Captain America, and without the old Avengers he used to know. When I started reading comics, I latched on to Clint and followed him from book to book throughout Dark Reign, and read some amazing stories as a result.

(This arc concludes in the New Avengers Annual, which we all know and love as the Naked Clint Issue. Nakedness aside, Clint’s actions in this book really define him as a character, and you get to see some kick ass girls kicking ass. You’ll love it!)

As far as Clint’s backstory goes, and as much as I am loath to admit it, the best ‘modern’ comic you can get is Hawkeye: Blindspot. I didn’t particularly like the series, the 'surprise villain’ was, for me, completely over-used and a huge let-down, smacking of lazy writing. The comic’s one redeeming feature, for me, is that it’s a really fantastic recap of Clint’s past and relationship with his family, as well as getting to see something see very often, which is a superhero dealing with a disability, and being confronted with his humanity (Which happens to him a lot.)

Interested in Mockingbird? Hawkeye and Mockingbird: The Reunion is where it’s at. Jim McCann is the world’s biggest Hawkeye fan, and his love for the character really shows. Unfortunately his follow up, Widowmaker, while a good comic for some Clint and Natasha interaction, didn’t really compare to The Reunion.

If you’re looking for some old-school Hawkeye, West Coast Avengers is where it’s at. Clint took a team to LA and once he gets out of the shadow of Tony, Steve and Thor, you get to see a great character flourish.

Out of the regular Marvel continuity, you have a few good options. Avoid everything Ultimates like the plague…except for the newest Ultimate Hawkeye miniseries. I will probably get some shit for this, but I thought it was a fantastic little mini. Ultimates Clint is much closer in a lot of ways to the movie interpretation, but a lot of what makes him so great is still present.

Marvel Adventures: Avengers is just fun. Great, GREAT fun. The Hawkeye origin issue is one of my prize possessions, and it’s so nice to strip away all of the drama of the regular comics verse and just have fun once in a while. Add to that: Mini Marvels. MM Hawkeye is the star of the book, and in addition to being cut and hilarious, Mini Marvels actually does a really good job of running parallel to the regular Marvel U.

To wrap up, and walk away from comics for a moment? Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Although EMH Clint is a little different from most other incarnations, the EMH creative team love the character, and it really shows. If you want to take away the decades of comics canon, the deaths and resurrection, the love life drama and whatnot, and just get back to who and what Hawkeye is, deep down? EMH all the way.

I really hope this helped! It’s such an amazing time to be a Hawkeye fan, his own ongoing series (from Matt Fraction and David Aja, the amazing creative team that brought us Immortal Iron Fist) is starting soon, so you can get in from issue one and flip out with the rest of the Hawkfans. If you can’t get to a local comic store to pick it up, and get other issues that interest you, Comixology is where you need to be. I also recommend Comicvine as an excellent resource to fact-check and track down character appearances. 

Have fun!!

magically-with-magic  asked:

Flatbear~! Okay, so. I've decided that I need to acquaint myself with the wonderfulness that is Jessica Drew. Now, I've already started looking into Avengers Assembled and the new Captain Marvel series. Is there anything else you could recommend to me that would be a good starting point for learning more about the awesome Spider-woman? :D


anonymous asked:

Hey! Immortal Iron Fist. Looks good. Is it? How should I start reading it if it's good? Sorry if it's been asked - I didn't see it in the archive!


Here are my more coherent  less confrontational feelings on Immortal Iron Fist, with some handy-dandy links. And if you love and adore that creative team, might I also suggest Hawkeye, Casanova and Fatale? I may? Well I just did!

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Awesome-and-wonderful-all-knowing-comic-book-oracle-but-not-that-Oracle Flatbear. How does one know what comics should be sold or traded in?? I don't know and have many stacks of comics in my house that I never read any more....

There are really no rules for this, but here are a few pointers I follow:

  • Early Nineties is a dirty word. You can take your Liefeldian Xtreme shit in, but don’t expect to leave them there!
  • If you haven’t read it in a year, and aren’t holding on to it for any sentimental or financial reasons, let it go.
  • Comic Book Stores love full sets! If you collected an entire run on something (Say, Ex Machina) and the ending of the series ripped out your heart and stomped on it so brutally that you can never even look at the book again (Say, Ex Machina), take in the whole collection. It makes our lives much easier!
  • Save yourself some time and don’t bother with anything that has been water damaged. Some sun fading is okay, but if the book is wrinkly and stained, it won’t even make it to the .25c bin.
  • If you can, make a list of what you have, sorted by company, and take or email it in to your local store! That way they can tell you what you want, and you’re both saved a lot of time and schlepping. I did this yesterday, and it was a huge timesaver. So long, DC’s New 52!

Hope that helped!

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Quick! Before you fall into the DC Death Sleep (that's a proper noun), would you recommend Gotham Academy? I keep hearing good things about it, but I keep forgetting to look up the details on it. Thanks in advance for your answer!

/shakes off the snow/

YES! Gotham Academy is EXCELLENT! Female leads, non-white characters, an interesting set up and my favorite kind of batbook - very little Batman!

It’s written by one of my favorite creators, Becky Cloonan, who has such a talent with the spooky genre that I am expecting great things from this book. Art is fantastic, too.

DC actually does seem to be turning a corner with a lot of books, and Gotham Academy is no exception. It’s leading the pack.

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I'm trying to get into comics but I live in a country that has four, count 'em, *four* comic book shops in the entire place. And all are ridiculously expensive (€30 for one trade paperback? No thanks) because they're seen as being so niche. I kind of prefer to have a physical book in my hand, so is there anywhere online you like to order from that's reliable and has a good selection?

I think Midtown Comics is probably your best bet! For ordering physical comics, that is. As far as digital goes, ComiXology is the way to go, in my opinion!

Of course!

First prints of an issue are indeed limited, but often a high-selling book will have second and third prints (Captain Marvel and Hawkeye, for example).

If you missed out the first time, talk to your local comic store and see if they can get in more issues, or if a re-print is in the future of the book. Also talk to your store about starting a subscription list, so they will know to put aside the books you want every week. This is also the best to support the books you love - the more your store pre-orders, the higher the sales numbers, and the more likely the book is to continue!

(And if that fails, you can always get the books in digital format! I recommend ComiXology.com.)

urgirlmontana  asked:

Hey I was wondering about your thoughts on the new FF run? (Future Foundation, not Fantastic Four) I love the art, and Matt Fraction, and so I'm tempted - but I have a deep dislike of Ant Man in all his forms. So I thought I'd defer to the Comic Goddess (aka you)

I haven’t been actively buying it, but don’t let that be a reflection on the quality of the book. I’m not a Fantastic Four fan in any way, including FF. A lot of people I talk to are heralding it as the best Marvel Now book, and from what I’ve seen it’s definitely a quality read, and the art is fantastic. It’s the perfect marriage of writing and art style for the tone of the book.

I am not a Scott Lang fan. I would take Hank Pym and Eric O’Grady over him any day. But, from what I have seen, Fraction is making me like him more than I have before, so that’s a definite sign of a very good, engaging read.

I say pick it up! A great cast of awesome female characters, art that pops, and Moloids helping She-Hulk get ready for a date. What more could you want?

hippychick83  asked:

So after going to NYCC, and reading a bunch of you comic asks, I have taken the plunge and jumped into comics! Holy Moly it is awesome! I started with the Hawkeye rec you told someone else and I also got the whole Battle Scars series becuase of Pheels. So first I just want to say thank you for helping me find such amazing stories! I can't wait to read more! Do you have any tips on how to keep track of when new comics are coming out?

I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! Battlescars is a good way to delve into the new books that are coming out, I recommend Point One that comes out this week, and the new Secret Avengers that will be starting soon.

I use ComicList.com to keep track of what is coming out and when! It will tell you what is out this week, and next week as well :)