magically-with-magic  asked:

Flatbear~! Okay, so. I've decided that I need to acquaint myself with the wonderfulness that is Jessica Drew. Now, I've already started looking into Avengers Assembled and the new Captain Marvel series. Is there anything else you could recommend to me that would be a good starting point for learning more about the awesome Spider-woman? :D


dannykat  asked:

Quick! Before you fall into the DC Death Sleep (that's a proper noun), would you recommend Gotham Academy? I keep hearing good things about it, but I keep forgetting to look up the details on it. Thanks in advance for your answer!

/shakes off the snow/

YES! Gotham Academy is EXCELLENT! Female leads, non-white characters, an interesting set up and my favorite kind of batbook - very little Batman!

It’s written by one of my favorite creators, Becky Cloonan, who has such a talent with the spooky genre that I am expecting great things from this book. Art is fantastic, too.

DC actually does seem to be turning a corner with a lot of books, and Gotham Academy is no exception. It’s leading the pack.