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"Dude" actually has gender-neutral origins dating back to the 1870's. It didn't become associated with men until the 1960's. That's ninety years of gender neutrality! It's kinda neat.

WHAT THAT’S AWESOME! Thank you, etymology side of tumblr!

petition to reclaim dude from the dudely masses.

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Why do lesbians have the prettiest hair of anyone, as a general rule? Is it magic? It's magic, isn't it? Anyway, what I really want to say is: You and your lady are just so wonderful, talented, and beautiful. I love that you (singular and plural) exist, and that your shenanigans are something that always makes me feel better. I am so happy to have you on my dash! BIG FAT HEART <3

It’s gay magic, so I can’t tell you how it works…….

Also AWWWWWW THANK YOU!!!! <3 <3 You’re a sweetheart!!

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Diana and Carol would end up besties. They both love to fly, they both have military training (albeit differing traditions), they both deal with ridiculous men with super-powers. I think they'd have a flying race, spar a bit and then go out for beers and trade stories about Wonder Girl and Ms. Marvel.

Agreed :)

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How about they all play Doctor Strange. I mean, he's magic, he can change the way he looks.

I am so into this.


And then at the end of the day he kills Dormammu and hires Godzilla to wail on Foom and goes ‘WHEW FINALLY I CAN BE MYSELF’ and changes into Gina Torres and goes home to her beautiful wife Clea, played by Lucy Liu, and we’re all happy forever thx.

hire me marvel i work for comics about archers.

Oh god honey, it’s like asking me to pick which of my cats I love best!

(It’s the fat one.)

Okay, out of the books released so far, here are the ones I would recommend the most:

Captain Marvel and Hawkeye, obviously. Not Marvel Now!, but if they’re not on your list, you’re missing out.

Avengers Assemble. Where a lot of books, especially group books, can get too weighed down and heavy-handed by epic plot, so far on Kelly Sue’s run this book has been nothing but FUN. Either start with issue #9, or pick up the next one out (#12), which is the start of a new story arc. WITH HAWKEYE AND WIDOW. CALLED BUDAPEST.

All New X-Men. I do not like X-men. I do not like them, Sam I Am. Never in my life have I enjoyed an X-Men book. The fact that this new Bendis-penned X-book is being shipped twice monthly IS NOT ENOUGH. I NEED IT EVERY WEEK. IT IS SO GOOD.

Avengers and New Avengers. I can’t say enough about Hickman’s work on Avengers so far. Five issues in, he’s already blown my mind, AND left money on the dresser. His stab at New Avengers is turning out to be one of the most epic stories I’ve read in a long time.

Young Avengers. Okay. I’m going to fib a little on this one. I was not COMPLETELY sold on the first issue, but at the same time, I strongly dislike a lot of the characters that have showed up in YA over the years. So I think any problems I had with the first issue of this are all because of my own hangups, because I am literally the only person I know that wasn’t 100% thrilled with it.

Deadpool and Hulk. Long story short, I have never picked up an ongoing book about either character, and they have quickly turned into two of the best books out there.


And the best for last….THOR, GOD OF THUNDER. It deserves the capslock, kids. It is the single best book being put out right now. The sheer scale of the book makes me feel small, the story is engaging, the threats feel real and the art is…I just…I’m sobbing. Esad Ribic was born to draw Thor.


And coming soon, Secret Avengers and Fearless Defenders, which I am SO EXCITED FOR. Secret Avengers. Black Widow. Bucky. Hawkeye. Coulson. Rhodey. It was literally written just for me…


Wow. Sorry. I know you asked for just the essentials, but I would buy any of these books before I bought food…!

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That Bucky and Clint post has me wanting fic of Bucky taking care of Lucky when Clint and Nat are on assignment. and they're overdue. But Bucky's not worried. He's just making sure the dog's not stressed. Yeah, cause Clint'll kill him if anything happens to Lucky. So he hangs out at Clint's apartment all the time, drinking beer and bitching about Clint to the dog.


Clint comes back and Bucky tosses him his keys all ‘I killed  your ficus but the dog is okay see you tomorrow’ And Clint’s all 'Dude what is up with Lucky he keeps giving me this weird look…’

And Buck’s all 'Yeah he hates you now. Also I got you a cat. And the cat hates you too. See ya.’

Oh my darling, this is one of the most inspirational things anyone has ever said to me. I am so sorry that you had to go through anything so horrible, but I am SO PROUD that you reclaimed a part of your life, for your own means, and under your own terms.

I don’t talk about my own post traumatic stress. Not often, not ever. I don’t like to acknowledge my own weaknesses, or that my brain can betray me so easily. All of my shit is related to horrible repeat injuries that I sustained over a period of about ten years, and all it takes to send me down a path of flashbacks and obsessive thoughts is the smallest thing. 

And comics help me too. Captain America helps me, if he can be more than his past, if he can keep going despite the insurmountable odds, so can I. If Carol Danvers can overcome her own injuries and face down everything that stands in her way, so can I. And Hawkeye…if a regular, breakable dude can play with the big boys, if he can stand shoulder to shoulder with Thor and the Hulk, then why should my problems hold me back from being who I want to be?

I am so proud of you. I know how hard it is, but reclaiming something that has been broken inside of you is one of the strongest, most incredible things you can do. You’re my hero, and I hope that I can exhibit personal strength like yours.

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I have this little headcanon that you are, in fact, our universe's female Clint Barton.

  • Ditched out on school in order to run away and do something odd.
  • Leave behind everything I ever knew in the hopes of a better life.
  • Stupid middle name.
  • Adopts strays.
  • In love with someone considerable more capable and well-dressed than myself.
  • Insane list of injuries sustained over a lifetime.
  • Fall down a lot.
  • Love of purple.
  • Fond of bronze-age weaponry.
  • Sloshed coffee everywhere thismorning.
  • Incapable of using technology.
  • All around bad life choices.
  • Currently wearing purple chucks.
  • Eating pasta out of a mixing bowl because there are no clean dishes.
  • Great at boats (not really).
  • Too enthusiastic about most things.
…I worked really hard on this cover, guys. Mary Coulson is going to be so mad at me.

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So, I lent my big collection of Captain Marvel comics to one of my nursing home residents. She is 102, and she wants to know if Cap is considered too young for her, with the 70 year sleep. Thoughts? (She also said that she loves Ms. DeConnick's writing and Carol's costume and said how 'no airforce captain would wear one of them peek-a-boo suits to begin with'. Is she the newest/oldest member of the corp?)

Yo kellysue, you see this awesome?

I don’t know if she’s the newest or oldest, but she’s definitely the coolest! And hey look at that, she has a deeper understanding of Carol Danvers then half the douchebag nerdbros I meet!

As for Cap, I think he should be worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her! I imagine she has a few tricks up her sleeve ;)

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Hey, trying to do an art piece, and was wondering if you could help me with some things. In the Maori culture, where are the usual applications of tattoos on women? The few pics I see... they don't seem to have the full face jobs like men do. And what is their traditional garb?

So first up, thank you for asking and researching your subject :) I’m by no means an expert, but I can pass on what I know, and what I’ve learned.

Traditional tattoos on Maori and part Maori women are called moko kauae, which is tattooed on the chin only. The lips are also often completely tattooed, which is called ngutu pūrua. Here are some examples:

Kateia Burrows, who is wearing a temporary moko. Kateia died much too young in 2012, and was one of the leaders of the Maori community in London.

Te Aroha Tai-Rakena, who is one of many leading a revival of Maori women receiving moko tattoos. Te Aroha Tai-Rakena is a member of the Kingitanga, a movement that began in the 1850s with the intent of establishing a Maori monarch. From what I’ve read on her, Te Aroha Tai-Rakena was close with Dame Te Atairangikaahu, who was the first Maori Queen, and was fucking boss and you should learn more about her.

And lastly is Judge Caren Fox, deputy chief judge of the Waitangi Tribunal. Also REALLY PRETTY. She reminds me a lot of my Aunt, who passed away last year.

As for traditional clothing, you can see some examples here, here, and here. The cloaks were traditionally made from feathers (kiwi and tui, usually), and dried flax fibres. Skirts of dried and rolled flax beads were also worn, and textiles made from woven flax threads. You can read more about them here, and here.


I hope that helps! And now you can help me. I don’t know your relation to Maori culture, due to the whole anon/internet buddies thing. If you have some kind of connection, however you define that, I trust that you will treat this respectfully. My culture, my whanau (family) and my iwi (tribe) are very important to me, and I wish I had cared to learn more about it when I was young. I hope it is important to you too, and to everyone else interested in it.

Maori tattooing represents family, and is intensely personal. The little curls, at least with my iwi and my aunts that have their own moko, represent different members of their family, showing when they entered their lives, and how important each person is. It breaks my heart to see someone walking around with Maori flash art they saw on someone’s example wall - that’s not their family. They’re wearing someone else’s family on their skin.

So give your design meaning, give your piece history, and love it as much as I do :)