Little Battleborn Things #804

Realizing you’re irreversibly screwed so your entire team stays in spawn but there’s no surrender because you’re all stubborn little shits.

*another pffft submission from the most stubborn Battleborn baconator137. 

nijiirooujisama  asked:

Hello there! I have owned my large Rainbow Alpacasso for almost a year now. Lately his fur isn't fluffy anymore, it's really flat... And I spotted a small stain on his fur too T.T ... Any tips on how I can fix it?

It might be time to give him a wash! You can handwash or use your washer ( on the gentle/handwash setting!) and air dry afterward! They tend to lose volume with age/cuddling, so you can buy some stuffing from a craft store and make a small hole and restuff your alpacasso.

A Guide to Black Hair #2 - Natural Styles

Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are as varied as textures of hair.  For simplicity’s sake I’m not going to include styles that use fake hair or additional hair, such as weaves, lace fronts, box braids, and the like.

Natural hairstyles feature hair that is not relaxed or texturized (a kind of super mild relaxer) and worn in its natural state or styled.

The Afro: This is probably the most iconic natural hairstyle and most readily recognizable natural hairstyle for those outside of the black community.  It is usually a haircut without taper and a pick comb is used to “pick out” or lift hair, causing a nice amount of poof.  After the hair is picked out it is patted back into place.  Any kind of pressure on the hair results in flat spots, which is why people who wear Afros often have an afro pick nearby.

The Natural:  This is kind of an old-fashioned term for a close-cropped hairstyle.  The hair can be tapered or a single length, but it is usually NOT picked out.  A Good example of a natural is Poussey from Orange is the New Black.

Tapered Natural/Afro: Similar to the Afro, but this is a haircut that is longer at the crown and shorter against the neck.  It can by picked out or left as is to curl.

Fades: these are cuts worn by (usually) men and done in a barber shop.  They aren’t longer than an inch at the top, and go to the skin near the neck.  Similar to a tapered cut, but much shorter all around and against the skin around the back.  Kanye wears a fade.  Fades can have lines or designs cut in along the temple.  Butch lesbians in the black community sometimes wear fades.

Dred locs or Locs:  Hair is tangled to create a rope, size dependent on personal choice.  Sister locks are tiny dred locs created with an instrument similar to a crochet hook.  Once put in dred locs are incredibly difficult to remove.  Hair can also knot naturally to create a large matted clump of hair, but these are not dred locs.  I was taught that dred locs were named after Dred Scott, but I have no idea if that is true.  Still, I like the idea of this historical tie in.

Kinky Twists:  Twists on natural hair.  If done while the hair is damp the can be removed to create smooth waves.  Usually require a special leave in conditioner.

Cornrows: a hairstyle favored by rappers and historical films.  The cornrow is created by parting hair in sections and braiding it in a pattern similar to a French braid only in reverse (where a French braid picks up hair on the top and goes over the existing strands, a corn row picks up hair underneath and deposits it below the existing strands).  Most hair-storians (if this isn’t a thing I want it to be) attribute corn rowing to tribal styles worn in Western Africa, and knowledge that was brought over with blacks during slavery.

Quick braids: Braids that are done quickly but are not box braids (the generic braids that most people recognize as long braids) or cornrows and are usually a little messy and unkempt.  These can also be called Celie braids after Whoopi Goldberg’s character in the Color Purple.  Celie braids could also be braids that form a sort of crown (depends on area, speaker).  When I was a kid my mom (who is white) used to call these unkempt braids pickaninny braids, but this is racist as fuck, so don’t use that.  Still, if folks recognize the pickaninny character from old advertisements (Google!) then they will recognize quick braids.

Straight: Yes! Some black people have straight hair (the black experience is not a monolith!).  Often you will hear people refer to someone as having Indian hair, but this isn’t people from India, this is based on the belief that Cherokee and blacks intermarried in the early 1700s (the jury is out on whether this is true or not).  Either way, these are black people with very little curl in their hair, and they can usually get away with blow drying their hair with a paddle brush and then flat ironing.

There are also folks with kinky curly hair who go to the salon every few days to get their hair straightened in what is called a press and curl.  The hair is washed, dried, and straightened by a beautician, usually using a hot comb or a Kentucky oven (a device that heats cast iron rollers to high temperatures).  It used to be difficult to straighten hair with store bought electric flat irons, but now that commercial brands have very high temps (such as the Chi and Sedu flat irons) natural hair can be straightened at home and straightened very well.

Little Girls:  Most little girls will wear a combination of cornrows and quick braids, but usually neater than quick braids. The hair will be sectioned, combed and braided, and this is a huge ritual between mother and daughter.  Little girls will sometimes have beads threaded onto the end or use decorative hair ties.  If you have a young character and refer to her as wearing braids you won’t need to go into any great detail.  In fact, the day most little girls get to go get their first relaxer is a BIG DEAL.  And the ritual of a mother combing a daughter’s hair, and the daughter complaining about the pulling, is a big one and a cultural memory for most black women. 

Red flag words

Here is a list of words that have very negative connotations when used about natural hair, especially if used by a white person:




Comparing black hair to sheep’s wool or cotton (this is up for debate, but I find it’s usually done on a very gross and othering way).

Kinky (this one depends greatly on context, but as above it’s usually done in a very gross and othering way)

Any excessive amount of description that focuses on how different natural hair is.


So, that is the basic info on natural hair.  Next up: Weaves, Wigs, and Other Styles that Use Artificial Hair etc.

Aderyn slipped around the side of the house, blending in easily with the black brickwork and cloaked in the darkness of a moonless night. His mark slept on the third floor of the manor, according to his information, and as the assassin tilted his gaze up he smirked. He’d even left a window open for him, how nice. 

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As much as I do love Barbie Fashionistas Curvy Zig & Zag*, she does have QC issues–bits of paint missing from her eyebrows, oily spots on her face (they don’t rub off–I’ll try wiping them with…something…), either many small scrapes or bad plastic injection marks on her upper arms, odd flat spots on her legs, a weird catch when moving her left arm from straight out to back by her body, and, of course, issued with glue head.

Given that her MSRP is $10 and she sells for $8 in Walmart, I suppose problems are to be expected, especially since her dress and shoes and necklace are so nice, easily comparing to an outfit pack that sells for $5.

I hope every one else’s Curvy Zig & Zag has fewer issues!

* The package says she’s #50, but everywhere online is calling her #57.

Tactile Caryl Things
  • Daryl sitting on the porch steps and Carol sitting between his legs one step down using his knees as arm rests.
  • Carol coming up behind Daryl sitting on the couch, putting her arms around his shoulders and nuzzling against the side of his head.
  • When they go to bed, Daryl is the big spoon and Carol is little. By morning, without fail, Daryl is the little spoon, and Carol is wrapped all around him like lights on a Christmas tree.
  • Daryl giving Carol a soap Mohawk in the shower.
  • Daryl lounging on the couch and Carol casually smacking his ass as she walks by.
  • Daryl coming up behind Carol and kissing her shoulder.
  • Carol playing with Daryl’s hair, and he relaxes so much that it puts him to sleep.
  • Carol waking up to Daryl blowing a raspberry on her stomach.
  • Carol coming out of the shower and flopping her naked, wet body on top of a sleepy Daryl in bed.
  • Cuddling in bed, Daryl breaks wind and then traps Carol with a blanket and dutch ovens her.
  • Carol using Daryl’s back as a flat spot to write on some paper.
  • Daryl scratching the unreachable spot on Carol’s back for her.
  • Sitting so close that their shoulders touch, even when there is no reason to.

these are not going in be included in my upcoming set, but will maybe be released before. I love jute rugs, and I found these on West Elm and had to have them in my game. Now that a TS4 update allows rug enlargement, i get even more use out of it. Now to fix those flat spots………………….

Our son Micah developed positional plagiocephaly at a few months old.
Plagiocephaly is the malformation of the skull usually characterized by a flat spot. Babies skulls are very soft during their first year and because of safe sleeping practices, most tend to only lay on one part of their head, which can cause a flat spot. Normally that can correct itself with time and everything is fine. However if it doesn’t correct itself and it proceeds to get worse, it can cause facial misalignment which can misalign the jaw and cause speech issues down the road in the future. Micah’s got a pretty GOOD case of Plagiocephaly and the plastic surgeon who we saw to see if insurance would cover a helmet, said he’s noticing bulging in the front of his face now. 

TRICARE refuses to cover a cranial helmet because they see it as “purely cosmetic” so we decided to try and cut out all bouncers/swings/etc and keep him off his head as much as possible to see if that would help on its own. During the day it’s strict “sitting up and off his head” policy but It’s only gotten worse, as now he’s rolling into his side in his sleep and no matter how many times I put him on the other side, he rolls right back to the flat side. No matter how many times we put him on his tummy for tummy time he will roll back onto his flat spot. 

My husband is ETSing from the army in a few months so we are going to be putting a lot of money into moving us and two children under the age of 3 to a new state, we need money for a new place, money to survive until we both have secure jobs, money to continue to pay our bills and insurance, and I also do not qualify for wic so I do in fact pay for his formula out of pocket which is a huge expense in and of itself. 

This is very difficult and awkward for me to do as somebody who prefers to take care of my own affairs but I was told by multiple people to just “suck it up” and ask for help. It is extremely humiliating to me to have to ask for help, and it’s taken me a couple months to even do this. I’ve been trying to figure this out all on my own up until this point. But his head (and pictures don’t do it justice) is starting to scare me so much that I just listened and decided to “suck it up” and ask for help. 


If not a physical donation, even prayers help a bunch. Thank you!

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Since people seem to be enamored by how deep my voice is I’ll throw you through another loop.  It’s far from very good, but I like the way my voice sounds in some spots.  Also ignore the beeping in the background, I was at work when I recorded this.

Bah! I accidentally deleted a post I just made…

Someone just asked me why Blake’s eyes had discolourations:

I don’t know WHY exactly, but after a couple of years Blake started developing little brown spots in his eyes, like a freckle almost. When I had the impression that they seemed to grow larger I took him to the vet to have them checked out. The vet couldn’t find anything alarming and said it looks just like harmless pigmentation, but urged me to see an eye specialist just to be on the safe side, since apparently discolourations like these could be a sign of a tumor.

The eye specialist came to the same conclusion, since the brown spots look “flat” and the pupils are dilating normally (with a tumor they can “bend” out of shape, cause the spots would be sort of blocking the pupil from expanding).

So far everything seems to be fine, apart from the colour change. I’m just supposed to keep track of them and remember the signs of potential tumors.

The brown parts are growing definitely larger and getting more numerous. Here’s a photo I took just now with my phone.