SALE! Disaster sale, my oooops is your benefit! 6 soaps for $18
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I had quite the accident in the studio this morning! Dropped a whole gallon of coconut oil which then exploded and splashed every where. Unfortunately for me it splashed all over my freshly packaged soaps….just packaged yesterday. So my accident is your benefit as I’ll be cleaning this mess up all day and don’t want to bother taking an inventory of all of the damage. Instead I’m selling them cheap $3 each. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the boxes or the soap, but the labels are all stained so I can’t sell them normally. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to try my soap now is the time :-) Stop by my Etsy shop for the listings of all of the damaged label soaps. http://etsy.com/shop/deshawnmarie

How To Order Steen’s Cookies!

UPDATE: All flavors are SOLD OUT! Thank you SO MUCH for your support. I’m overwhelmed! Verklempt, even! <3 

Today is the day! You can now place your orders. Only 40 doz cookies are available and they WILL sell out fast. 

I will have following flavors and quantities available:

-Chocolate Chunk (8 dozen available)

-Shari’s Favorite (Chocolate chunk, toffee, candied walnuts - $15/doz and only 4 doz available) SOLD OUT 

-Oatmeal (8 dozen plain, 4 dozen with cranberries)

-Peanut Butter (8 dozen available)

-Snickerdoodle (8 dozen available)

Cookies are $12.50/dozen, unless otherwise indicated above. Shipping will run anywhere from $12-$15+ depending upon how many dozen you order. For orders of 2 or more dozen, I will use a USPS flat rate box to reduce shipping costs. All cookies are shipped USPS Priority with a tracking # and will ship on Tuesday, September 6th. They should arrive within 2-3 days. If you haven’t received your tracking # from Stamps.com by 09/06, please check your spam folder or send me an email.

I’m baking 40 dozen cookies. That’s 480 cookies in 1 weekend. (Whew!) There’s a strong possibility that there may be a few extras (if my measurements are off and I have to make another batch of dough.) If this happens, I will send out an update. You can also ask to be placed on the waitlist if a flavor you’re interested in sold out. Waitlist will get first pick. 

How To Order:

1.) Email me at SteensCookies@gmail.com

2.) In your email, please include the full name & address of who I’m shipping to (don’t forget the suite or apt # if I’m shipping to a business or a friend. I am not responsible for misdirected packages due to incomplete addresses being provided.) If you live in a place where packages might disappear if placed by your front door, I recommend having these sent to another address.

3.) Include the flavors you’d like and how many dozen of each flavor. You can’t split dozens (like, you can’t get ½ dozen oatmeal & ½ dozen peanut butter.) Because I am offering limited quantities, I’ll need to confirm that a certain flavor isn’t sold out. You will be given your total and payment instructions at that time.

4.) If payment is not received within 24 hours from the time you’re sent your total & payment instructions, your order will be cancelled.

5.) Paypal is my preferred method of payment. I also accept Square Cash payments.

I will update this page as flavors sell out, or more become available.

Please email me at SteensCookies@gmail.com with any questions. Please do not DM order related inquiries.

THANK YOU so much for your support.

<3, Steen 

“RT is a small company cut them slack when it comes to shipping!” No. I pay 2-3$ flat rate shipping for a shit ton of etsy items and get it within the week/maybe 8 days later. I pay 6$ flat rate shipping on the RT store and I don’t get my items for three fu cking weeks

I was one of the first people to sign up for the god damn RT Box. I signed up for it the day it came out. I made sure I had the money to pay for it. It took it out of my account at MIDNIGHT on August 1st. 

I was okay and understanding when it was a bit late, over a week to be precise, shipping wise. But my fucking RT Box is stuck in motherfucking Texas and has been since Friday. It hasn’t even left the fucking shipping facility yet. It is still in fucking pre-shipment on USPS

Fuck this shit. Fuck this. It took a MONTH for me to get my shit back in March after paying 6$ flat rate shipping. Rooster Teeth has the WORST god damn shipping for SUCH a jacked up price and I am fucking D O N E right now.