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no, i can't price match our own website because the website prices account for flat rate shipping costs and are lower so that you're paying the same price as in-store. yes, i'm sure. yes, i'm 100% sure. no, you can't see a manager. they will tell you the exact same thing i'm telling you.

A budding business that is about to become an independent black clothing apparel company in the very near future. All chokers and necklaces ( exluding the rose gold backed rhinestone choker) is priced at $15.59 and a flat rate shipping price of $3 to anywhere in the United States!

To recieve the invoice to pay through PayPal , and get 3-day shipping(not including processing time),
Email us at hello@lohoie.com

In the subject line, tell us what choker( or chokers) you would like to purchase!

Instagram : @shoplohoie

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Hey! You might already be aware of this, but there's a reasonably new shop in Altona, Victoria that specialises in stimtoys! It's called "Sensory Oasis for Kids" (shame about the for kids bit but eh) The owner is really friendly. It sells spinners, chewable jewellery, weighted blankets and other cool stuff. Just thought this'd be cool knowledge for you and your Melbourne followers :)

I actually saw their site come up the other day! I was searching for something and bookmarked it in my “need to look at” folder, at which point it was promptly forgotten by everything else going on. But having a community member come forwards and say good things is so much better than my posting a link, so thank you! I really love talking about places where people have had good experiences!

Here’s the Chewables and Fidgets selection for anyone who wants to check it out. Folks should note that for things like Tangles, it’s pretty expensive ($10 AUD for everything I can get from Toyworld for $6 AUD) but prices on Chewigem pendants are the same as other online stores ($22 AUD). They also offer things that are only accessible online - Twiddles, chewables, wooden puzzles, spinners, various chain fidgets, Koosh Balls, at about the same price I’ve seen them offered elsewhere. I’d say they’re pretty fair.

(I’d love to look at the Chewigem skull pendants, Twiddles and spinners. I so want to get my hands on a Twiddle!)

They offer $9.95 AUD flat rate shipping (higher than one or two places, not as bad as some) but they’re one of the few stores that has any kind of storefront, opening hours and open invitations to come and check toys out. (Plus, they have this shipping info upfront and easy-to-access payment info. They’ve hit all my criteria for a good online seller.) Since this can save a bit or a lot of money for locals (or people who are in Mebourne on a semi-regular basis like myself) having the open storefront to check things out is pretty important. Most of the Melbourne-based OT/sensory/stim webstores I’ve looked at don’t have this option, sadly.

I’ll note that the owner lists Amaze on their links list (I hate Amaze so much) but this list has all the state autism organisations (so it may not mean that much) and she does use person-first language to refer to her sons and throws in a few occasional references to autistic adults. It’s not too terrible for a child-focused store, to be honest. I’ve seen a great deal worse.

Thank you so much for letting me know! New stimmy stores to check out in person are always the best.

( @ambiguouspieces: I can see several bus routes from Sunshine and/or Footscray stations, according to PTV. Want to get hopelessly lost going somewhere new when you’re next free? Having someone else along would stop me from having such a bad panic attack about getting off a bus at an unknown stop. Which would not be an issue if bus stops were numbered like tram stops so I didn’t have to trust the driver to tell me when to get off, so yes, I’m well aware that my panic is based solely in the system being ridiculous…)


Every item is official brand Yuri on ice Merchandises.

Shipping within states is 5 dollars flat rate.
Shipping international will be a little more expensive, I can inquire a quote.

Paypal only.
Message me if you have questions.

Items with stars are taken. 

A fair warning of this item, it’s actual plates. Meaning it’s fragile, the shipping still remains the same. 

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I feel bad that I can only afford knockoff fidget cubes-I'd love to support the actual, but I don't have that kind of money or time. Anyway I don't know which knockoff is reliable/which one to get because I don't want it to like wear down after just a couple of uses if that makes sense. Sorry for bothering I'm an idiot. /.\

Anon, you’re not bothering or an idiot. This is a really good, important question, and this is at the heart of why I say things like “it’s cool to support the creator if you can but I will never judge if you cannot”. Never. Nor will I judge if you buy Spinmaster’s Kinetic Sand or cheap, cool toys from Dollar General. Stim toys, for us, aren’t optional extras, but the thing about disability is that we’re often in situations of having less money and/or less access to the very tools that help us in a world not made for us. Sometimes we are in situations where we cannot live the philosophies we wish, and I am very much against the idea of going without something that helps us function better because we lack the access, money or both to get the better item.

(And, in all honesty, having to wait six months for an expensive toy to arrive - keeping in mind that for this community the fidget cube is not an optional extra but a disability aid - is somewhere past ridiculous and heading toward inexcusable. If it’s an item you only want, it’s not so terrible, but if it’s an item you need, like we need stim toys, it’s a problem. If I’m seriously recommending that folks who can should support the designer but buy a cheap cube for in the meantime, there is a problem!)

So, no judgement. We can talk about the ideals of supporting creators and the reality of the situation in which we live at the same time. And if this blog doesn’t discuss the knock-off options, this blog doesn’t fully support the community.

But, anon, I’m in the same boat. I’m planning to order a couple of different ebay knock-offs so that @ambiguouspieces and I can write a comparative review when hers arrives. But I don’t actually know how well made they are, and there’s so many different cheap options. But if we can’t afford to buy the real thing, we also can’t afford to spend $5 on a cube that only lasts one week. We need a middle ground. Something more affordable but reasonably well made.

(This post contains purchasing information for the Antsy Labs cube, for those who are more comfortable purchasing this one.)

If you’re Australian, Sensory Oasis for Kids sells a knock-off fidget cube for $12.95 AUD plus $9.95 AUD flat rate shipping. This is expensive, but it’s much cheaper than the $40-something AUD required to get an Antsy Labs cube here to Australia, and I can confirm both that it felt good in the hands (albeit just with many ways to click things, in my opinion), was nicely made and didn’t squeak. The sellers stock them because it’s a quality item (we discussed their spinners versus the many dollar shop spinners now available) and do take returns if needed. If you live in Melbourne and can travel there, it’s even cheaper.

I’ll also link to the recent Pat Catan’s post ($5 USD, no online listing, sadly).

Other than a few ebay links that we mods have pulled up from various places, I don’t have cubes from a specific seller or listing that have come with a recommendation of being reasonably functional. I can find very cheap listings - here’s one for $1 AUD with free shipping from China. (Note that the listing uses Antsy Labs’ stolen promotional graphics, too.)

So. I’m going to open this one up to the community. Have you bought a knock-off cube? Are you reasonably happy with the cube for the price you paid? If so, could you do us the incredible favour of commenting on this post with the link to the store or listing where you bought this cube?

Hopefully together we can help our anon out and build a resource of options that are affordable but are of reasonable quality, as buying these from ebay and other cheap sellers is a matter of pot luck!

Otherwise, anon, I’ll buy a couple of ebay cubes next week and give you updates on the user experience when they arrive. But I hope someone else can help you out long before that!

- Mod K.A.

@aestistic says,

I own a ebay knockoff cube, really love it. I don’t use it much atm since I sorta tend to cycle through stims? But it feels right, hasn’t broken either which is surprising - I bought it during year 12 last year and at one point it was coming to school with me /every day/ and getting fairly heavy use. Some of the parts are probably looser than the original would be, but personally I like that :P

Good to know that some of them are that kind of durable! (And I absolutely cycle through stims; I expect most of us do.) Thank you so much!

@syellowtails says,

I purchased mine off of Banggood.com. I have 3 (2 regular size, one mini with a wrist strap). I love, love, love them! I should have a full write up on my sideblog soon.

There’s several listings (including an imitation Prism for holding the cube) here for those who wish to check it out, with various prices and additional lanyard attachments. (They’re called “whiny cube” for some reason, which made me giggle.) We’ll look forward to your review, but thank you for the recommendation! I might get one of those and an ebay one for our review post…

If I can come up with $1500, I won’t be homeless.

That being said, would anyone be interested in buying a Nikon d5200 kit? I can message you with pictures and details. All accessories are brand new. Only used the camera a handful of times. I’m asking $550 for the whole kit. If I have to ship it, I’d ask for an extra $10 to cover the flat rate shipping.

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hey! i love ur blog a lot & i know u have some aussie mods so i was wondering if u could help me? do u know of any physical places to buy stim toys in aus? specifically tangles, squishies, chewies, & textured (bumpy/rigid) things? alternatively, do u have any good online shops/links that ship to aus?

Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes, we can absolutely help. Mod Rainbow and I (Mod K.A.) are both Aussie and invested in trying to make stim toys more accessible for Aussies - part of the reason I started this blog was because few people at the time were talking about places Aussies could buy stim toys that didn’t involve dollar conversion and international shipping costs.

We tag by country of toy origin (not countries to which toys ship) so you might wish to check out our Australia tag for locally-sourced toys. We’re now up to twenty pages of posts! Note that I am Victorian (regional Western Victoria, close to Melbourne) so that a lot of my resources tend to skew Victorian. Mod Rainbow is based in QLD, and I’ll ask them to add to the post if they have any local offline sources that I haven’t covered.

But, to answer your question more specifically, I’ll go by store and list the things they sell. Links below go to that store’s tag or a post featuring that item. Please note that it might be worth checking on the store’s tag, as all these stores stock many more stimmy things that don’t quite meet your brief for the toys you’re after - everything from bouncy balls and poppers to wooden puzzles and bubble wands.

Also note that dollar stores right now are stocking spinners and knock-off fidget cubes as well as the usual range of hedge balls/hedge creatures, bouncy balls and knock-off slinkies. There’s lots of things available in the toy, stationery and party sections, often for inexpensive prices.

First, offline (or offline and webstore) Australian stores:


(Store locations: Australia-wide, mostly on the East Coast.)

Mind Games

(Store locations: Victoria, Tasmania, QLD)

  • Tangles: $10 AUD for Tangle Jr and Tangle Jr Textured

Queen Victoria Market

(Located in the Melbourne CBD, Victoria.)


(Store locations: Melbourne and Sydney.)


(Store locations: Australia-wide. Also allows online purchasing.)

Sensory Oasis for Kids

(North Altona, Melbourne. Also allows online purchasing with flat-rate shipping in Australia for $9.95 AUD.)


(Store locations: Australia-wide. Some items for sale online.)

  • Mini Snake Puzzle: $7 AUD (often on sale at 2 for $7 AUD)
  • Large Snake Puzzle: $14 AUD (often on sale for $7 AUD
  • Serpent Puzzle: $14 AUD (often on sale for $7 AUD. Note: not available online, but I have still seen these available in offline stores).


(Store locations: Australia wide, mostly on the East Coast.)

Second, Australia-based webstores:

Sister Sensory

Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

No shipping price listed on their website, so it seems they calculate based on weight.

The Therapy Store

Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

No shipping price listed on their website, so it seems they calculate based on weight. 


Source for: Chewables, Tangles, Fidgets

Shipping is calculated based on the value of your order. $0-$25 is $8.25 AUD shipping; $25-$50 is $14 AUD. I do not recommend this as a good way of determining shipping, since it’s possible via this metric to purchase two chew pendants, which are light, and pay $14 AUD to ship both when they’d both fit in Australia Post’s under 250 gram weight bracket.

Third, international sources:


Source for: Chewables

Despite being located in the US, I really recommend Stimtastic as a source for chewables. This is because Australian stim toy/OT stores only tend to stock Chewigem and ARK Therapeutic chewables, which are usually priced around $20-$22 AUD plus shipping (usually around $10 AUD … thanks, Australia Post). Stimtastic’s chewables are $10 USD or less, so even by the time you pay dollar conversion and international shipping, you’re still often saving money. Depending on the chewable in question, sometimes you can even get two items for the same price as one purchased here in Australia.

(Because of issues of weight, there’s other items that I wouldn’t purchase from Stimtastic and would try to source here in Australia instead, but the chewables are too well priced not to purchase from this store, even with international shipping. Plus the shipping is quick!)


Source for: Squishies

Most things have free standard international shipping. Despite shipping from China, I’ve had everything I’ve purchased so far arrive in three weeks or less. There’s a range of squishies available here, from only a few dollars each to $10 AUD and more for the larger, higher quality squishies. Not paying shipping makes their offerings that much more affordable and I’ve had no problems with the items I’ve bought.


Source for: Squishies, Tangles, Spinners, Knock-off Fidget Cubes

A great many of these things also have free standard international shipping from China, Hong Kong, the Philippines. Please note that quality varies widely and most of these things (especially the cheaper free shipping options) are knock-offs. (Check out this post of mine about the knock-off eBay Tangles: they work just like a Tangle Creations-packaged Tangle, but they’re lighter, looser and clickier.) For stimmers without a lot of money, though, these things are well worth checking out, especially if you don’t mind something clickier and louder (fidget cubes particularly).

If you need more help with finding sources closer to your state, please let us know. I’ve probably forgotten something, but my wrist is starting to hurt so I’ll end this one here! Being Victorian, I have more resources than many other Australian stimmers, but availability varies so widely from state to state, at times it’s like being in another country. I know a lot of what I take for granted just isn’t available elsewhere.

- Mod K.A.


The Antidote

Straight out of a cliche horror movie I couldn’t resist combining a green Tritium tube into my version of a hypodermic syringe.  Unlike glow in the dark pigment, Tritium glows continuously without the need for “charging” from another light source.  It’s harmless to humans and used in many applications that require illumination like watches and gun sights.  I’ve been using it in designs for over a year now and I’m yet to grow another arm or mutate - damn it….

Update: Etsy in their wisdom have decided I can’t sell my Tritium designs.  I don’t agree with their decision but while I play in their sandbox I have to play by their rules.  So if you are interested in one of my Tritium pieces please contact me.  This piece is US $165 plus $7 flat rate shipping.

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I think you have likely have answered this question before, but where is the best places to print books and print small batches of art prints?

@kiriska​: “Best,” is, of course, a matter of opinion. My personal favourites are:

  • Catprint - This is a referral link. Ordering through it gets us both 10% off. I get all of my art prints printed here. They work with a lot of Alley artists and have a great variety of paper stocks, excellent customer service, flat rate shipping, and foster cats. Seriously, what else do you want. No minimum order.
  • RA Comics Direct - I get all my minicomics and sketchbooks printed here. They are crazy fast. Responsive customer service. Minimum order is 25.

Other printers, not used by me, but generally recommended by others:

Also see: #printing and #printers and  AANI>Where to Get Stuff Made

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Ah! Hello I don't know if you've answered an ask like this before (I didn't see one) but I'm some one who really loves clicks and metal tapping together but I also think a tangle will be really beneficial for me so are there any you recommend that are pretty cheap? I don't have much money but I could probably manage something $15 or cheaper thank you so much in advance I'm new to stim toys and getting an autistic screening soon so I'm feeling more self aware of my stims and sensory things

For $15, anon, we can get you a couple of different stim toys! If we go for the cheapest options, we can get you a few of them! There’s a few things I would definitely recommend for anyone after clicking and tapping (and good stimmy noises generally) and I’ll throw in a couple of DIYs at the end as well. This should get you started at the very least, and you can explore adding to this kit (be it by purchasing or by making things) over time. It’s surprising how quickly I went from having a couple of stim toys to having a couple of baskets of stim toys…

(I’ll also say that it’s really normal to have that self-aware stage when you’ve been diagnosed - be it professional or self - or discovered that autism is something with which you relate. My experience was that I’d spent my whole life suppressing so much about myself, and once I had a label for my difference, once I came online and found people both with the same experiences and the language for those experiences, I felt incredibly aware of this and how I moved for a long while. A year later, I’m back to not noticing how I’m rocking my knees while I type; stimming and touching has become more subconscious again, with the difference that I now reach for those baskets of toys more subconsciously and I’m so much less restrained in general sensory/texture seeking.)


The cheapest option, no matter where you are, is ebay. (I’ve got my review here and a series of links here, but there’s many more listings here, often for $2 USD and under with free international shipping. (Folks may want to note that there’s now several listings for the glow in the dark Tangles for under $2 USD, too!) Please note that there is no real consensus as to whether these are legitimate, knock-offs, prototypes or something else: some people have found theirs to be identical to Tangle Creations packaged Tangles, while others (including two of us mods) have found them to feel cheaper - lighter, crackier, creakier, not quite right in ways hard to articulate. My feeling is that they’re knock-offs (and that this is indicative in the price) but I don’t actually know this for sure (that they use an older version of the Tangle logo makes it hard to tell). For you, anon, this might be the better Tangle to source, because I can tell you from my own experience that they crack and creak a lot more than a regular Tangle Jr, and at this price you can get a couple of them.

If you want a packaged Tangle, your best bet if you’re in the USA is Amazon or Fat Brain Toys (under $5 USD, $3.99 USD flat rate shipping). If you’re in Australia, try Toyworld stores (around $6 AUD each).

Fidget Cubes

Later on today I’m going to try and make a post about the knock-off cube I found in a local dollar shop. I’ll say this right now: it is clicky. Not just that it has buttons and switches to click, but it makes a loud plastic clicking noise when you use them. (It’s so noisy that I’d wish murder on the person using it beside me in the classroom.) In your case, anon, I’d go for the cheap version not only from pricing concerns but also because of the clicking noises they make. There’s a score of various ebay listings running anywhere from $1 to $5 with free international shipping in anybody’s currency and a few more listings on where to buy on this post.

Klixx Fidgets

This is basically a length of interlocking links that click when you move them. Tremendously clicky. There’s brand-name and imitation versions available - the imitations tend to be a few dollars cheaper. You can hear one being clicked in this video post by @yellows-stim-toy-hoarde.

Available on Stimtastic for $3.50 USD. The knock-off versions are called “Snap and Click” toys and there’s a Squishy Mart listing for $0.98 USD and on Children’s Therapy Store for $1.50 USD.


This is less clicky, in terms of volume, than my fidget cube, but it’s plastic, it’s scrunchy and it’s wonderfully stimmy to just crunch in your hand. It’s also the most expensive fidget here at $9.50 USD from Stimtastic and $12.99 AUD from Sensory Oasis for Kids. I’d be inclined to leave this one for later, simply due to the expense, as you can get multiples of the other toys in your budget. They are fabulous, though!

Snake Puzzles

This is another case, anon, where the cheaper the puzzle, the clickier and creakier it is. My Smiggle puzzles are mostly silent (exceptions being the glow in the dark ones, for some reason: the plastic feels more brittle) but my K-Mart puzzles (both small and large) click and creak as you rotate the triangular sections.

This is one of those odd items where I don’t have a good non-Australian supplier to recommend. K-Mart sells the mini puzzles for $1 AUD each, which I recommend as a super cheap creaky toy (although some of the covers over the triangular pieces like to pop free). There’s several larger ones on Amazon, but none are especially cheap. I’ve seen them on Banggood for $2.18 AUD with free international shipping, which might be your best bet.

Electronic Bubble Wrap

This is less clicky and more pushy with the sound of bubble wrap, but it might work for you if you really like pressing buttons. There’s a range of ebay listings here starting from $5.33 USD with free shipping.

Light Switches

Check out this post Mod Rainbow wrote a while back about finding cheap, unwired switches on ebay. If you’re after a switch to flick/click and you need something bigger than the switch on a fidget cube, here’s an option for under $1 USD with free shipping!


- Clicky bottle/jar caps - think Snapple caps, jam jar lids, anything with a popper seal in the middle. You can reuse Snapple bottles for water or anything else so you’ve got a snap-cap bottle on you for stimming and drinking, making this pretty multifunctional!

- @diy-stims has posted this tutorial on making a DIY clicker toy: two bottle caps glued to the insides of a folded length of cardboard.

I think there’s enough here, anon, to get you started, and most of it is priced reasonably enough that you should be able to get a few different things on your budget. If anyone has any suggestions for cheap or DIY clicky toys that I’ve forgotten, please comment and I’ll add it to the post.

Good luck, anon, with both your assessment and your stimming adventures!

- Mod K.A.

[Preorder] - YOI Button Set 

Order Sheet here!!!

+++  Price Listing  +++
Full Set: 5$ USD
Yuuri button: 2$ USD per Button
Viktor button: 2$ USD per Button
Yurio button: 2$ USD per Button

+++  Shipping Fees  +++
Shipping to Canada:  12 USD ( 3 days to 10 days )
Shipping to USA:  9 USD ( 1 to 3 Weeks )

- Please keep in mind that these are estimation and are flat rates.
If ever your parcel cost me less then the flat rate for shipping, I will refund the excess.
- If ever your parcel costs me more, I will send you a message with the additional charge.
- All sales are final, unless one of the items is broken. Please contact me if ever this is the case. ( hiyadollz@gmail.com )

Parcels will be shipped in Early December ( Might change if there are any issues. )
Ships to Canada and United States ONLY!!!

***Preorder ends: December 5th 2016***

Today is the day! Just in time for the holidays Gold Tooth is open for business!

Our company offers one of a kind, exclusive pieces; all hand printed and designed by owners Felix Morales and Levi Fisher; with flat rate international shipping on everything in the store! 

Our launch line up consists of three T-shirt designs and three patch designs, all of which have been hand distressed to make sure each item sent out is one of a kind! 

Check out our store for items inspired by the weird, macabre, and odd!

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please sell me your faris-nyan nendo

SHE IS ONE OF MY FAVS TBH GOOD TASTE but yeah i’ll probably sell them if people are actually interested !!!
buying nendos can be really expensive and i know people sell some used ones for like $40 and i just feel too bad asking for so much lol. i don’t really wanna make money, it’s just i have too much stuff and i’m growing out of it.
THE ONLY DOWNSIDE is i can’t actually sell any right now!! i’m currently in portland for an internship until september (all my stuff is back home in nashville) and i start school again october (new york) so YEAH i’ll probably make a big old master post will stuff for sale and prices and sell stuff in September if y’all can wait that long lol. but like i said i’d probably just do a flat rate plus shipping for p much everything.

Infected Kanohi Masks For Sale!

Merry Christmas everybody! I finally finished painting the masks given to me by @ghost-mantis and now I have the original 12 masks from 2001 of Bionicle for sale! Below the cut are photos of each mask, under each photo is it’s name, and how many I have in stock! Message me on tumblr or email me at lewafan1998@gmail.com to exchange paypal info.

All masks are $2.50 each with $5 flat rate shipping in the US. If you buy 3 masks you get a dollar of your purchase! Coloration of rust may vary, some may be more reddish or more brownish.

Keep reading


I would like to very strongly stress that I 

a) haven’t got married

b) nor have any plans to marry anytime soon. 

[To explicate: this was the dress I wore on my birthday last month, and when I posted a photo from the day on Facebook, everyone thought I’d sneakily gone and got married.]


Bella Dress c/o RAUES  //  Athena Leaf Crown c/o Eclectic Eccentricity

This dress was gifted to me by RAUES, and it’s custom made. I hadn’t heard of RAUES before they contacted me, and since I’d been wanting a white maxi all summer, I thought I’d take a chance. And I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived! The dress is very well made, with yards of swishy white cotton - perfect for sticky, humid summers. 

Once I put it on, I realised that it would also be the perfect dress for an informal wedding, so obviously I had to accessorize it with my Eclectic Eccentricity crown and bare feet. (Despite my caveat about weddings earlier, they’ve certainly been on my mind, and I could never miss the opportunity to play dress up!) While both these items have been gifted to me, I think this would be a perfect ensemble for a boho wedding on a budget. Even without BHLDN or Temperley-esque price tags, the Bella Dress and the Athena Leaf Crown are both very well made, and absolutely wedding worthy. I’m pretty sure that if it turns out that I have to elope someday, this is what I’ll end up wearing!

I had to measure myself for the dress, and while I got most of it right, I think I overcompensated a little bit for the arm openings and the length. It’s generally a good idea to get yourself measured by a tailor when it comes to custom tailoring, though. Sandra at RAUES was super helpful through the entire process, and ensured that the FedEx shipment arrived without any hassles. She also gave me some info about their shipping policies and a discount coupon, should you want to get a custom made piece yourself! 

  1. We ship internationally at a flat shipping rate of $20. 
  2. If the order exceeds $200, shipping is free.
  3. We use Fedex to ship our products
  4. We accept returns within 30 days of the order receipt.

Exclusive offer for your readers :

If they like our Facebook page and register with us, they will get a 15% off coupon code. If they mention us on their Facebook page/introduce us to 5-10 friends and send us a Facebook message once they are done, and if any of their friends order from us, they will get a 20$ Gift coupon for each order. Their order can be completely free if enough of their friends order from us :-). This promotion is only valid for next 2 months.

ok since ppl expressed interest in these i decided to put them up for sale!!! pls excuse this sloppy sales post, i dont think its worth setting up an online shop for 6 stickers haha

these are laser-printed, hand-cut paper stickers, approximately 8 cm tall (theres a loonie in the photo above for reference). i sell them in groups of 3 or 6, which are 4 USD and 5.5 USD respectively. this is a flat rate and covers shipping yall

if youre interested in taking these shitty lovely brothers home, shoot me an email at flarefyre [at] gmail.com telling me which 3 or 6 you want!!!

i accept payment by paypal only!!!! i really hope you dont find these prices too steep, since after what paypal takes and printing+shipping costs, im making less than 50 cents per matsu lol