[Preorder] - YOI Button Set 

Order Sheet here!!!

+++  Price Listing  +++
Full Set: 5$ USD
Yuuri button: 2$ USD per Button
Viktor button: 2$ USD per Button
Yurio button: 2$ USD per Button

+++  Shipping Fees  +++
Shipping to Canada:  12 USD ( 3 days to 10 days )
Shipping to USA:  9 USD ( 1 to 3 Weeks )

- Please keep in mind that these are estimation and are flat rates.
If ever your parcel cost me less then the flat rate for shipping, I will refund the excess.
- If ever your parcel costs me more, I will send you a message with the additional charge.
- All sales are final, unless one of the items is broken. Please contact me if ever this is the case. ( hiyadollz@gmail.com )

Parcels will be shipped in Early December ( Might change if there are any issues. )
Ships to Canada and United States ONLY!!!

***Preorder ends: December 5th 2016***


Flip through the 2017 Yaya Han calendar with me! Available at
➡️ yayahan.bigcartel.com
Or click Link in Bio!
David Terres did a fantastic job with the layout this year, and I thank my photographer friends Brian Boling, @kamuicosplay, @afflictionphotos, @pixelettepinups and @kayhettin for the gorgeous images!!
Free US shipping, low flat rate world wide shipping. This is a limited edition, so purchase your copy before it’s gone!

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Infected Kanohi Masks For Sale!

Merry Christmas everybody! I finally finished painting the masks given to me by @ghost-mantis and now I have the original 12 masks from 2001 of Bionicle for sale! Below the cut are photos of each mask, under each photo is it’s name, and how many I have in stock! Message me on tumblr or email me at lewafan1998@gmail.com to exchange paypal info.

All masks are $2.50 each with $5 flat rate shipping in the US. If you buy 3 masks you get a dollar of your purchase! Coloration of rust may vary, some may be more reddish or more brownish.

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hey has anyone ever bought art supplies from dickblick??? I need a lot of gesso for a project and it’s a really good price on there (compared to other stores) and I’m just wondering since I’ve never bought anything from there.
is shipping expensive? do they do it based on weight or is it flat rate shipping?
I’m fairly certain it’s a good place to buy from but I just wanna be sure before I drop $30.

ok since ppl expressed interest in these i decided to put them up for sale!!! pls excuse this sloppy sales post, i dont think its worth setting up an online shop for 6 stickers haha

these are laser-printed, hand-cut paper stickers, approximately 8 cm tall (theres a loonie in the photo above for reference). i sell them in groups of 3 or 6, which are 4 USD and 5.5 USD respectively. this is a flat rate and covers shipping yall

if youre interested in taking these shitty lovely brothers home, shoot me an email at flarefyre [at] gmail.com telling me which 3 or 6 you want!!!

i accept payment by paypal only!!!! i really hope you dont find these prices too steep, since after what paypal takes and printing+shipping costs, im making less than 50 cents per matsu lol


Custom Fish Charm Sale! 

So, I am having car trouble. Boo. Need some extra money to get that fixed. In turn, I am having a sale on my custom betta charm commissions. Rather than $35-$45 a charm, I am doing a flat rate of $25 + $3 shipping (US only. $10 CA and $15 Europe)  I have 5 spots for this sale price. Please email me at themechychan@gmail.com if you’re interested!


First of all, again, thank you for your kind words, support and reception from the initial posting of the stones. I was apprehensive about how they will be received, but your emails were what kept me going. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Storenvy had confused so many people, so I’m going to simplify the process. If you are interested in these handmade babies, they are available for you.


It’s $15 a stone. 

Domestic shipping is a flat rate $5.00 (priority shipping). International shipping is available and will be assess upon order (First-class or priority available, and every country is different). If you order more than one, I will combine the shipping and put everything into one box.

They can be made into a: NECKLACE, KEYCHAIN or CELL PHONE CHARM (with a matching-colored gem to go with it).

Payments will be made through PayPal.

No returns or refunds. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I am more than willing to discuss it with you.

Please allow up to three weeks for your order to be shipped. These are handmade (individually casted, sanded, hinted, glossed, …etc.) You will get an individualized timeline upon order.

For orders and inquiries please email me at:  ASILAHC@GMAIL.COM

Please put: FFXIV soul stones in the subject line so I know! :3 Art trades are available too!

Thank you Square-E and Yoshi-P for creating a game that now takes over 75% of my time. :p 

The very best,

Cha <3