(Even More) Unrelated Conversations of a Domestic Nature

Title: (Even More) Unrelated Conversations of a Domestic Nature
Rating: light R
Summary: Five (even more) unremarkable conversations in the daily life of Dan and Phil. The first two completely unrelated parts: I / II 

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“Remember that time we were going to film a video?” Dan asks.

He’s poking his big toe at the pair of Phil’s pants that never made it off the bed. Phil is scratching his own stomach lazily.

“Uh,” Phil says.

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You get your belly button pierced (5sos preference)

Ashton: A few days ago you had gotten your belly button pierced with a group of friends. It was spontaneous, and you quite liked the look. You lived in Australia, so being on the beach most of the time it was nice to be able to show it when you wore your bathing suit. The only thing, your boyfriend Ashton, was unaware of the recent addition to your body. It was a simple day, lounging on the couch with a good book, one of your few days off. You heard Ashton come home, his keys hitting the counter as he searched for you. “There you are,” He said smiling as he walked over to kiss you. You kissed him back, putting your book on the table. “Enjoying your day off?” He asked, sitting down beside you. “Its nice, just been relaxing all day to be honest.” You said smiling at him. You couldn’t help but smile when he was around you, his mere presence bringing you happiness. He hummed as he leaned in to kiss you. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He asked, moving down to kiss your jaw. “You may have,” You said tangling your fingers in his silky locks. “Let me refresh your memory though.” He said kissing down your neck. You groaned as he nipped and sucked at your flesh, making you writher. He pushed you down so you were flat on your back, as he began to tug at your shirt, lifting it up. He stopped, as you realized that he saw your new piercing. “You like?” You asked, wiggling your frame at him. “You’re so fucking hot,” He said coming back up to kiss you. You smiled into the kiss, laughing a bit at his reaction. “You don’t mind it?” You said breaking away from the kiss. “Hell no, it looks really good. Just something else to tease you with…” He said kissing his way down between the valley of your breasts, and towards your navel. He gently licked around the piercing, sending small shivers up your spine, your legs wrapping on instinct, around his torso. “This is going to be fun,” He said grinning up at you as you moaned, both in response to his kisses, and his appreciation to your belly button piercing.

Calum: You were currently sitting on the beach, a large t shirt hanging over your frame, covering your bikini clad body. You were waiting to meet your boyfriend for a beach day. He had been away on tour for a bit, and you were really excited to see him again. He had told you to meet him on the beach, he had said that he missed it so much and he really wanted to see you and enjoy the Aussie sun. You had obliged, setting up the umbrella, the towels and sitting in the shade you kept a look out for him. Soon enough you saw him walking towards you, a pair of dark sunglasses hiding his eyes, a big sunhat that you knew he had stolen from Ashton was perched on his head. When he saw you, he jogged a bit. You stood up, waiting expectantly for him, before he finally came close enough to tackling you into a hug so tight it knocked the breath out of you. “I missed you so much,” He said, kissing you repeatedly on the lips and cheeks. “I missed you too, oh god Calum.” You said, kissing and holding him against your body. After some talking, lots of kissing, and catching up, he smiled at you. “Want to go for a swim?” He asked. “Yes!” You said, shrugging off the shirt you were wearing, which was his. You forgot about the glistening diamond dangling from your belly button and you saw Calum’s eyes zero in on it. “What is that?” He asked, biting his lip to suppress a moan. “A belly button piercing, I didn’t tell you,” You said smiling at him. “That looks so good on you,” He said, before sauntering over to you. “I’d like to feel it pressed up against me when I shove you against a wall.” He said into your ear making you whimper. It had been a long time since he had been home. “Patience, love.” You said, winking at him. He growled before picking you up in his arms effortlessly, your legs wrapping around his waist. “I think I need to cool off.” He said, you squealed as he began to walk towards the water, a smirk on his eyes, and a glint in his eyes that surely told you that he was impressed.

Luke: “Hey Luke,” You said sitting at the dining room table. He hummed in response, looking up from his phone. “What do you think of belly button piercings?” You asked, biting your lip. “What do you mean?” He said, laughing a bit. “Like what’s your opinion on them?” You said, coming to sit beside him. “I don’t know, I think they’re cool. They look nice if they’re tasteful. But they look like they really hurt, why?” He said, staring at you. “I’ve always wanted to get one, you know. Its something cool, I was just wondering.” You said, subconsciously putting your hand on your stomach. “Why don’t you?” He asked, smiling encouragingly. “I don’t have the body for it, thats the only thing holding me back.” You said, patting your stomach. You weren’t bit, but you weren’t completely flat stomached with pecks. Luke had always told you that he loved you, and that you had nothing to worry about. He liked your gentle curves, it was something feminine about you that he adored. “Babe,” He said sighing. “I don’t know why you hate your stomach. You don’t need to be embarrassed, it would look great on you. Besides, it only matters if you like it. Who cares what other people think.” He said leaning over to kiss you on the cheek. “You don’t think I’m too fat to get one?” You said in a small voice, keeping your attention focused on your hands. “No (Y/N), why would I ever think that?” He said. “It would be gorgeous, like you. I think you should get it. I’ve always wanted my lip pierced, how about we go and get it pierced together.” He said, biting the spot that would soon have a metal ring. “Really? That’s so hot,” You said, before laughing at your own words. “So you see what I’m saying, it would be so hot if you got it done.” He said, kissing you slowly. “Lets get it done.” You said in between kisses, excited for the both of you.

Michael:  “Michael, this isn’t going to be bad.” You said as you were lying on the table at the piercing shop. “But they’re going to stick a needle through your belly button, feed a ring through it and then let it heal. That’s kind of creepy.” He said, laughing at his own explanation. “How many piercings do I have in my ears. I have my cartilage done, it can’t hurt more than that.” You said laughing as he grimaced. “That was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.” He said, staring at your ear. “The sound alone…” He trailed off. “Do you not want me to get it?” You asked, propping yourself up on the table. “No, its not that. I just don’t get how you want another hole in your body.” He said. You shrugged your shoulders. “Why do you want another tattoo?” You smiled even wider at you. “Touché.” The piercer came in moments later, preparing your stomach. “You’ll feel a pinch with the clamp, and then the needle. It’s not too bad.” The heavily pierced and tattooed woman said. Michael grabbed your hand, smiling down at you. “I think you’re more scared than I am.” You joked, as she clamped your stomach. You winced, the clamp was really tight, pinching your skin and holding it intact. You winced again when you felt the prick of the needle, but it wasn’t bad at all. “Oh god, that is so gross.” Michael said looking away. “Grow a set,” You said as she fed the ring through your belly button. The piercer laughed at your banter before taking the clamp off. “You’re done!” She said helping you sit up. “See not so bad!” You said standing up and pulling your shirt down. You hissed as the fabric touched the fresh wound. “Oh yeah, not that bad.” He said wrapping his hand around your waist and walking out of the parlour. “Hey!” You said, nudging his hip with yours. You laughed as he hugged you walking towards the car. “You were pretty brave back there (Y/N), I’m proud of you.” He said winking at you, before revving the car to life. You rolled your eyes, pleased with your new piercing.

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7, 21, 23, and 37

#7 - Taehyung

#21 - Hickies

#23 - Orgasm denial

#37 -  “Give me one reason why I should keep my hands off you?”

Drabble Game

Taehyung caresses the back of your head, hips moving in perfect harmony with his, hands tangled and intertwined in hair. His mouth drops to your neck, teeth sinking into the delicate skin, moans and groans escaping your agape mouth.

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