Poema No. 6

Desierto, ¿qué haces llorando? Tú, que siempre me enseñaste a no inmutarme, a cambiar de forma como la arena con el viento y a seguir siendo arena después de todo. Qué haces llorando, después de tantísimo tiempo, humedeciéndote y formando pozos donde no hay, y ningún día hubo; abriendo y llenando cicatrices de ríos borrados de mapas, recordando lo que eras y hace tiempo intentaste pero no conseguiste esconder. Desierto, ¿qué haces llorando?, estás consiguiendo que no consiga ver, “¿qué haces llorando?” le pregunté ilusa, “¿qué haces lloviendo?” me respondió él.

Nombre/Apodo: Kay

País/Ciudad: España

Lo que cuenta: Poema

Redes Sociales: IG: @puto_desastre


Travel along with Photographer Murray Fredericks as he takes advantage of Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda in Australia, a shallow, ephemeral desert lake in a salt flat, to produce art from light reflecting off panels and objects. Amazingly little wind - seems like every wave is produced by his feet.


Please enjoy these shitty doodles I threw together when thinking about how much my Couier 6 would absolutely ADORE Victor. She is not ashamed of her robo-lust.

I’ve decided that she wears the merc charmer outfit, but with the Sheriff’s duster over it. I’ll do a full body reference sheet for her soon.

At my school there are a bunch of bees swarming because it’s swarming season and they don’t have a hive and instead of calling a beekeeper my school is calling an exterminator so my friends and I are starting a protest with the hashtag #2468LetTheBeesPolinate and I want to see how far this will spread and another one of my friends are making a petition to get a beekeeper to help the bees