Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside Pickup, 1961. A forward-control truck based on the mechanicals of the rear-engined Corvair. The Rampside pickup with a fold-down ramp on the passenger side to make loading easier. The Rampside provided a solution to the issue posed by the Corvair’s rear-engine design and resulting dual-height floor – how to access the lower floor section in the center of the pickup

  • Me: hey yipee this piece looks so easy -- this'll be a great sight reading session:) I'm so accomplished :):):):):)
  • Key signature: 6 flats
  • Tempo: quarter note=150
  • Me: well that escalated quickly

I don’t think I ever shared this process gif I made of my Azura tarot card!
1. VERY basic pencil sketch (oh god)
2. Digital sketch over
3. Lineart
4. God that face is bad, gotta fix it (this took me so long)
5. Flat color
6. Shading
7. Coloring lineart
8. Make the background slightly less boring
9. Slap a texture on it
10. Fix the details i didn’t notice until now (backwards foot, sleeves, shading on the frills).

Wanna start getting back into this, but not in order… so who knows who’ll be next! (i do)
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