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What is this, Omega actually posting art ? Someone look outside to make sure the sky isn’t falling down.

I absolutely LOVE Breath of the Wild. It has definitely found its way into my favorite games of all time list, and while I’m not first in line, I wanted to draw something for it. Lynels especially are super fun to fight, so here’s some unfinished fan art of a White-maned Lynel, my favorite variant ! 

Oooohhhkayyy i know i haven’t posted here in a loNGGG time but i wanted to show off my new obsession and what I’ve gotten myself into 😂😂. I’m almost done with my fem! Yuuri Katsuki cosplay for katsucon and its coming out soo nicely! Also dont worry the skates definitely have covers on! ⛸ oh! And guys seriously don’t worry, i will not be wearing skates at the convention! That’s seriously such a dumb idea based on how dangerous it is. I will be wearing white flats and have my ice skates on my shoulder. Alsoo these are my own skates that I’ve had for years haha.


caught by the fuzz in the stupidest ways (takes him back to the infinitentiary days)


Two of my favorite gals tagged me to post 6 selfies from 2017. @iamnotsebastianstan and @punkpeqqy are gorgeous so go check out their selfies too!

I tag: @homosevual @lovinglaurens @buchanan-jamesb @thebuttplug @rogersxbarnesx @hamilbucks + anyone else. Sorry if you’re double tagged!

M*A*S*H fan art:

And here it is: Hawkeye, Margaret and Trapper, Showtime, Season 1.

Pencil and ballpoint.