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Cherry Blossoms: Jin Scenario

Prompt: You have a baby with Jin.

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

You smoothed your hand over the small bump in your stomach, cooing soft words that you knew she couldn’t hear yet. You liked to think that your sweet nothings soothed the small life in your stomach, even if you logically knew otherwise.

The bump was still new to your changing body, and you tried your best to adjust to the strange feeling of life growing within you. You made sure to send constant update pictures of your ever growing belly to your husband Seokjin. She was due in April, the time the cherry blossoms were expected to bloom. You’d already chosen a name but had decided to keep it a secret from him.

The reason you’d had to send update pictures to Jin was because he was on tour with his band BTS. The moment you’d started dating you knew you were in for it. You understood his busy schedule and accepted that it would severely affect your dating abilities, but six years later, married with one child and another on the way, you wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

You were currently sat at the laptop, patiently awaiting a video call from your husband.

“Jaewhan, come here please! Daddy will be calling soon!” You called to your three year old. He quickly came pattering out of his room, but not without an armful of toys in tow. You chuckled to yourself and lifted him into your lap as he reached the couch.

Right on time, the laptop starting ringing and you eagerly clicked the answer button. A moment later, Jin’s face popped up, and you could hardly contain your excitement.

“Ah, hi!” He greeted. It was hard for him to keep the huge grin off his face, and he failed a moment later.

“Hi, daddy!” your son nearly yelled, and you couldn’t keep him on your lap as he clambered off to get closer to the camera. You didn’t even get a greeting in before your son was eagerly telling his father about all of the new toys he had gotten. After about ten minutes of that, you decided to save Jin.

“Jaejae, why don’t you go find your Halloween costume so you can show daddy,” you prompted. He let out a squeal before running back to his bedroom.

“Ah, my lovely wife. How are you?” his voice was filled with concern as his eyes flickered down to your stomach. You realized he was asking “you” as plural.

“We’re fine. I went to the doctor’s last week, and everything checked out. We miss you,” you pouted at your last statement. He stuck out his bottom lip along with you.

“I know, but I’ll be home soon, and you know my manager is giving us a long time off because of this.”

“I know,” you sighed. “But that’s in a few months, and I want you now,” your frown deepened as you crossed your arms like a six year old. He chuckled, but before either of you could say anything, Jaewhan came charging out of his room, this time with his costume.

After about an hour of catching up and a sleepy child dozing off in your arms, you decided that it was time to hang up.

“I love you, Seokjinnie,” you gently shook Jaewhan awake. “Say bye to daddy, Jaejae,” you fought the swell in your throat that threatened to make your voice crack. Jaewhan snuggled deeper into you chest and murmured a quiet farewell and then conked out completely.

“I’ll be home in January. I love you, jagiya,” he let out a big yawn and then smiled once more before he ended the call. Only then did you feel the slight stir in your stomach as the baby moved around.

You smoothed the hand over you tummy and hummed before hauling the sleepy kids off to bed.

“Seokjin!” You cried out. Your hands clutched at the bed sheets as pain ripped through your midsection. It only took a few moments for him to appear in the doorway, a surprised look on his face and a spatula still held in his hand. Your face contorted in pain as you looked up at him.

“It’s time?” He asked breathlessly.

“It’s time,” you replied with clenched teeth.

He nearly dropped the spatula as he ran around trying to gather everything.

“I’ve got the bag packed. I’m going to drop Jaewhan off at the neighbors. I’ll be right back, okay?” His face was full of concern.

“Please hurry,” you whimpered. You didn’t remember Jaehwan’s arrival to be so painful, and you knew that your daughter was on her way quickly.

Jin whipped around the flat, whisking a half-asleep toddler to the neighbor’s before returning to help you. He held your hand, coaxing you out of the warm covers as you tried to keep from doubling over.

“Okay, baby, come on. You just have to make it to the car,” he whispered. He’d always been good at calming you down, and you nodded, squeezing his hand tighter as another wave wracked your body.

You eventually made it down to the car garage and were able to relax a little bit as you sat back into the seat. Seokjin, being the great husband he was and attending pregnancy classes with you, guided you through different breathing patterns.

Finally, you made it to the hospital.

Seven hours later, you laid in the hospital bed cradling your new baby in your arms. The small television that hung on to the wall was tuned in to the afternoon news.

“Yes, April 4th, the first day that we’ve seen the cherry blossoms in full bloom this spring. And did you know…”

You smiled to yourself at the statement, your new baby’s name fitting perfectly into her birth date. You gazed down at her with doe eyes, her small form swaddled in the baby pink blanket. She had Jin’s plump lips and your small nose, features that her brother had inherited as well. You swore you’d never seen a living being so beautiful.

Seokjin was leaned over the bed, his index finger held tightly by her little hand.

“So,” he spoke up for the first time in ages. His gaze didn’t leave the baby’s face. “Have you thought of a name?”

After a few moments of pondering, it was time to set her name in stone.

“Gayoung,” you cooed, smoothing a small tuft of black hair from her forehead.

“Gayoung? I like it. It’s pretty,” he was full on smiling. He leaned up to you and pressed one kiss to your temple.

The baby seemed to have awoken without the two of you noticing, and she let out a soft gurgle.

“I think she likes it too,” you giggled.

A/N: For those of you who don’t know (and I’m assuming most of you don’t), Gayoung means beautiful flower, so her names serves as an important purpose to the piece. Thank you for reading!